Independence State Airport (7S5), Independence, OR

Mt. Hood (70 NM ENE) overlooks the Willamette Valley. Independence State Airport is near the bottom center of of this photo. Look for the group of white hangar roofs.
Closeup of the FBO, Restaurant, Ramp and the EAA Chapter 292 hangar (the large building just right of the ramp).
The city of Independence from the South. The airport is just about center of the photo.
Long Final, 34. The Airport is just north of the sewage treatment ponds. Obviously, landing short of the runway is not advised.
The City from Southeast. The Willamette River is at the right of this photo. Note plenty of emergency landing areas to the North and West of the airport.
From the Southeast -- entering left downwind for 16.
From the East -- on left downwind 16. Here you can clearly see the Residential Airpark on the east side of the airport. Notice how the streets are cul-de-sacs from the East and the taxiways in the backyards are cul-de-sacs from the west. Aircraft and autos do not compete for right of way.
From the Northeast -- still on downwind.
From the North - turning final for 16.
From the West -- on left downwind 34.
Local landmark Mt. Hood (11,239') is 70 nm ENE. If 11,000 feet doesn't sound very high, remember that the airport is only 176 feet above sea level.
Another landmark -- Mt. Jefferson (10,497') is 62 nm ESE.
Mt. Ranier (14,410'), 140 nm NNE and Mt. St. Helens, (8,365'), 90 nm NNE.

Updated 05-02-04