Independence, Oregon

January 31, 2003
Draft of Suggested List of Officers and Committees for 2003:

Board of Directors: (* Executive Committee)
Chair, * Gary Brown, North Park Annex Homeowners
1st Vice Chair,* Bill Francke, OPA Representative
2nd Vice Chair, * Ed Hannevig, OPA Representative
Recording Secretary,* Robert English, IAHA Secretary
Corresponding Secretary/Treas* Andy Andersen, AOPA/ASN Representative
Director, 2001-2002* Carole Gabel, Past President, IAHA
Director, 2001-2002 Harry Malette, Commercial Rep. /HLM Air Services, Inc.
Director, 2002-2003 Mary Brown, North Park Annex Representative
Director, 2002-2003* Mike Pongracz, EAA Chapter 292
Director, 2002-2003 Dick Paridee, IAHA Representative
Director, 2002-2003 Joey Connell, 99s Representative
Web Master John Ousterhout, EAA Chapter 292 Web Master
FBO John Hsu/Erin Burns, FBO & Annie’s at the Airport
Lessee Representative, Harry Bladow/Gail Hill


Oregon Department of Aviation 7S5 Advisory Committee:
Gary Brown,
Carole Gabel,
Joey Connell,
Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary,
John Hsu/Erin Burns, FBO
Robert English, Recording Secretary

Long Range Airport Planning & Related Land Use Committee:
FBO, John Hsu & Erin Burns
Tom Ritchey, Polk Co. Commissioner,
Current Board of Directors
Greg Ellis, Independence City Manager,
Don Woodley
Pete Weber

Public Relations Committee:
John Sedey
Joey & Gene Connell,
Gary Brown
Andy Andersen

Web Page Committee:
Gary Brown, Editor,
John Ousterhout, Webmaster & Technical Advisor

7S5 Airport Security Watch Committee:
Bill Francke, Chair
Scott Green, Vice Chair
Sgt. Bob Mason, Independence Police
Burton Barrett, Airparks Neighborhood Watch Liaison
Laureen Paulsen, Polk County Emergency Management Director

7S5 Memorial Day Fly-BY:
Andy Andersen, ISASG Co-Chair,
Erin Burns, Co-Chair,
Ron Salvo, EAA Warbirds Ch 13,
Denny Jackson, OPA,
Bill McMichael, EAA Noon Patrol,
Al Cleveland, Av. Explorer Scouts,
Gene Connell, North Park Annex
Ron Hanna, Unicom advisor,
Patsy Billiar, IAHA.
Paul Gilman, CAP,
Denny Jackson, RV Pilots

Airport History Committee:
John Lorence
Joey Connell
Anita Wilson,
John Pfaff
Pam Domick,
John Sedey,
Tom Ritchey,
Lorraine Gabel,
and Andy Andersen

Appointed by Board as Needed

By-Laws Committee
Gary Brown,
Andy Andersen,
John Sedey
Carole Gabel.

Updated 04-27-03