The Chairman’s Corner
January 17,2003

As the newly elected chairman of ISAS, I would like to indulge you in reading and commenting on the following, as it involves several changes to ISAS and items of concern to all airport users.

I would like to thank Harry Bladow for his leadership in the past, and as I assume his position, I will strive to chair this committee in a manner beneficial to all the users of or beloved 7S5. It is my intent to “leave no airport user behind” by implementing by-law changes that will allow all users an opportunity for input prior to any representations by ISAS to any agency.

A special meeting was called on 1/17/03 , the following 6 items were discussed:
    1. Discussion and setting of meeting dates for 2003
    2. Web site posting and e-mail links of ISAS activity
    3. Legal ramifications
    4. Bi-Law changes
    5. Developmental issues
    6. Zoning East of airport

Item 1:
We have agreed to the meeting dates to be the first Thursday of March, June, September, and November 2003 at 3 pm in Gabel’s hangar, next meeting March 6, 2003.

Item 2:
By the time you read this, hopefully it will be on the ISAS web site, with a link to my e-mail for response   I will endeavor to respond to all e-mails. Subject to the later discussed amendment to the by-laws, items of concern for airport users will be posted for at least 30 days for comment prior to any action from ISAS.

Item 3:
I was a past president of the Dietz Airpark Homeowners Association, and experienced the board being engulfed in a needless and expensive lawsuit brought about by a disgruntled homeowner who did not feel he was being properly represented by the board. Therefore, since all serving on ISAS have no indemnification from a similar cause of action, it is imperative that ISAS represents the airport users in as responsible a fashion as possible, hence the following are recommended changes to the bi-laws.

Item 4: By-Law Changes:

1.   ISAS will represent the desires of the airport users to the Oregon Dept. of Aeronautics or any other agency that may impact development or livability, and serve as a point of contact for dissemination of information from outside agencies on proposals that may impact the airport and the airport users.

2.   ISAS will, to the best of their ability, investigate any developmental proposal with regard to its impact upon the airport and the airport users, and post in a timely manner information that may have impact on the users.

3.   Prior to any pro-active or re-active espousals to any agency above, the proposals shall be posted on an agreed to web site for not less than 30 days, notify all airport users with a known e-mail address of such posting, and offer an e-mail address for comment and/or a person or persons to contact with feedback.

4.   ISAS will not, as a representative entity, promote proactively any project or express any desire for development without the notification to airport users, and the allowance of the stated time for feedback.

We will vote on the by-law changes at the next scheduled meeting.

Item 5: Developmental issues:
With reference to the land to the immediate west of the runway, Aeronautics is interested in purchasing the land parallel to the runway and extending west about 200 feet. Aeronautics states that this is land to be used as a buffer from any other development, and would be used for aviation oriented activity, such as FBO, hangars, etc.

In addition, there is interest from some parties to purchase additional land to the west of the aforementioned buffer zone, for the construction of an assisted living center, perhaps similar to and administered by Capitol Manner. Some parties have expressed interest in the feasibility of a golf course on the north end of the airport.

Currently, the northern Urban Growth Boundary for Independence ends along Hoffman road, placing the property in question outside the Urban Growth boundary, and in Polk County. Efforts to achieve the retirement home or other development would require the changing of the Urban Growth Boundary, possible annexation by the City of Independence, re-zoning of the land, and construction of the project.

While there may be those who would like to see this project meet fruition, there may be those who feel that such changes may facilitate other developers using the land for projects that may not be compatible with airport activity and viability, such as multiple family housing or high density residential. We would like as much feedback as possible on this subject to best represent your desires to the appropriate government agency. It seems that historical data suggests that the more buffer an airport has from the surrounding community, the more it is likely to survive.

Item 6: Zoning East of the airport:
During the last ISAS meeting, I believe that the representative from the City of Independence indicated that the land to the East of Stryker road along the railroad tracks was zoned for Light Industrial. However, looking at the plot map, it appears to me that this is actually Heavy Industrial. This zoning was effected prior to the Airpark becoming as large a physical and economic entity as it is now, so be thinking about what type of land use you would like to see there and let us know your feelings.

I am gone for several days at a time, but be assured that I will respond to your comments and forward recommendations to the ISAS committee as soon as possible.


Gary Brown

Updated 01-18-03