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7S5 USERís FLIER - March 20, 2003


Gary Brown, Chair - Robert English, Recording Secretary
Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary
803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 98351 - Phone: 503.838.4231 - FAX: 503.838.9659
TO: Airpark Residents, Hangar Lessees, FBO/HB Aviation, HALH Aviation & HLM Aircraft Services. Presidents of: Polk Chapter OPA; EAA Chapter 292; and Oregon Pines Chapter 99s. Leaders for Aviation Explorer Post 202-BSA., CAP Cadets, and interested persons.

FROM: Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary,

NOTICE: The next ISAS Group Board meeting will be on Thursday, June 5, 2003 at 3 pm in Gabelís Hangar, 834 Stinson St. Independence, OR. Suggested Agenda will be sent with reminder of next meeting. All members are urged to mark your calendar and plan to attend.

NOTICE: The revised By-Laws are available on our ISASG Web Site. Printed copies for those without e-mail are available on request from Corresponding Secretary.

NOTICE: OFF/APT Biannual Flight Review FAR Seminar at 2 to 3 pm in Gabelís hangar (free), and CFI flight review will be held on Saturday, April 19th. Call Andy for flight with CFI. ($25).



Gary Brown, Chair, - Robert English, Recording Secretary
Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
Phone (503) 838-4231 - E-mail:

March 20, 2003
Mike Danko, Planning Director
City of Independence,
P.O. Box 7
Independence, OR 97351

Dear Mr. Danko,

At our March 6, 2003 Board Meeting, the motion was passed to request the parcels, east of Stryker Road and north of the Forest Product Packing Co., be re-zoned from "Heavy Industrial" to "Light Industrial". We understand the present Comprehensive Plan and Zoning was developed before the Residential Airparks were established on the west side of Stryker Road. The ISAS Group and the two Airpark Homeowners Assn. are concerned Heavy Industrial permitted uses would be detrimental to the livability for the 300 plus residents in the Airparks.

Discussion to recommend changing part of the parcels east of Stryker to "Commercial", which would be much more compatible with the residential Airparks than "Heavy Industry", was postponed as the Board did not want to consider more than one issue at a time. There was some concern a commercial development might cause increased traffic on Stryker Road if not planned properly.

The ISAS Group Board understands from our meeting with Mark Fancey in January, this is the appropriate time to make this request during the review of the Independence Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Documents associated with the Independence Airport Development District.

Please advise if there is any further action required from our ISAS Group Board or from the Independence Airpark Homeowners Assn. or the North Park Annex Homeowners Assn.


Gary Brown, Chair

cc: Mark Fancey, MWVCofG
Alan Wright, IAHA President
John Conley, NPAHA President
Mayor John McArdle
Daren Griffin, ODA Airports Manager

ISASG MEMBERS: Please express your opinions and ideas about subject of this letter to the City. Send comments to Gary Brown: , Chair; or to Andy Andersen: , Corresponding Secretary, no later than April 20, 2003.
Posted: ISAS Group Web Site: and mailed to members without e-mail on March 20, 2003.


Summary of ISAS Group Board Meeting Minutes, March 6, 2003

President Gary Brown called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM. Present were Gary & Mary Brown, Bill Francke, Ed & Evelyn Hannevig, Andy Andersen, Ted Boer, John & Sally Conley, Carole Gabel, Denny Jackson, Gary McCormick, Ken Pabo, Bill & Suzie Wallace, Neil Warrick, Pete Weber, Monte & Roberta Webster, David Altman, and Mark Prince (Fire Chief District #1). Guest Paul Pfinister arrived later.

Secretary's report: Minutes of January 13th meeting were approved, as distributed, by voice vote on MOTION by Bill Francke and second by Ed Hannevig.

Treasurer's report: Andy Andersen, Treasurer, reported ending balance of $71.23. Expenses since January meeting were $45.76. Bill Wallace MOVED to accept report, seconded by Mary Brown and passed by voice vote.

Gary Brown suggested that the ISAS group adopt their own web site. Pete Weber made MOTION to acquire a unique URL for the ISAS group, second by Ed Hannevig and approved by voice vote. Andy added that there were approximately 70 members without computer and information will be continued by mail and hand delivery. Bill Wallace added further money could be saved by posting on a bulletin board at Annie's. Ed reminded that many didn't go to Annie's, thus it was important to continue providing copy directly to members without computers. Gary asked if ISAS has list of who have computers and who do not. Andy replied he has list for everyone, including Lessees, except those who had just moved in to the Airparks.

Gary reviewed the suggested By-Laws changes that had been provided all members within the 30 day requirement. Bill Wallace MOVED the changes be approved, seconded by Suzie Wallace and passed by voice vote. Discussion ensued how long the deadline needed to be for replies to issues and it was agreed that 30 days was provided in the By-Laws.

Industrial zoning for the area east of Stryker: Gary showed the map that revealed the indicated zoning for this area, is currently "heavy industrial", and that the City had expressed willingness to hear from Airpark Residents and Airport Users about change. The "Heavy Industrial Zone was established in the Independence Comprehensive Plan about 30 years ago, before the Airparks were established. The Comprehensive Plan and Zoning documents are presently being reviewed as a part and thus it is timely to make suggested changes to permitted development compatible with Airport and Airparks. There is other land in the city zoned for heavy industrial use. Pete Weber asked if there was anyone who had invested in this land east of Stryker for heavy industrial use, who might have a problem with rezoning. Gary replied that the current owner has leased the land to a farmer for grass seed production, and is the current use. Andy suggested a mix of commercial and light industrial. Paul Pfinister, a marketing consultant representing Coastal Supplies (retail outlet for farm supplies), stated they are looking for a new site since they are closing their West Salem store and need something in this area. They have also looked at a parcel on Highway 51 and parcel on south side of Hoffman Rd.

Gary entertained a motion to send a letter to the City about the requested zoning change. Pete Weber asked about increased traffic on Stryker, and all agreed that this would be a problem if it is not managed properly. Gail Hill reiterated that it should not be heavy industrial, and all agreed, but the exact wording of what to propose was in question. Bill Wallace made the MOTION that request should be for "commercial/"light industrial", seconded Denny Jackson and passed by voice vote. (Later motion changed to "light industrial"only) The proposal will be put on the web site for 30 days for further discussion.

Ed Hannevig asked when the issue might be finally decided, as we will not be having another meeting until June. Gail asked about the mechanism regarding how someone would go about having the matter re-voted. The decision was reached to go-ahead if there was no negative feedback, but to have more discussion and perhaps a re-vote if there was objection. Some suggested re-wording of the proposed zone change since light industrial zoning would have less impact on traffic and livability in general. Bill reworded his MOTION to "light industrial" only, seconded by Gail and approved by voice vote. Andy said he would draft the letter with Gary Brownís help and post it on Web Site for 30 comment period.

Andy MOVED to send recommendation to the City regarding the option 2 of the Independence Airport Development District, which is more restrictive than option 1. The exception would be to include in option 2, an allowance for City to expand sewage pond to area south of Hoffman Rd., and west of Medallion Cabinet factory, including Clear Zone for runway 34. This would help reduce problem of geese feeding in that area and reducing the possibility of bird strikes. His observation is geese prefer grass to Sewage Ponds. Approved by consensus for Andy to write the letter and post it on ISASG Web Site for 30 days.

Gary showed a map of the area west of the airport, saying ODA plans to develop about 41 acres as an expansion of the airport. Bill Wallace suggested this should remain as farm land until it was necessary to change it. Andy said he understood it would be necessary to change the Urban Growth Boundary in order to expand the airport and believed it would be best to change the zoning, on the remaining 60 acres on west sided, to a land use compatible with the airport. Gail said it could be a problem if some developer buys the land before restrictive zoning is made and people move in who hate airport noise. Gary mentioned ODA is not considering ingress /egress agreement for any more Airpark developments. Andy suggested putting safety lights on the new street light poles on Hoffman Rd. near clear zone for runway 34. Gary stated this is ODA responsibility and will be discussed with Daren Griffin, ODA Airports Manager. John Conley volunteered to measure the distance and height to determine how close the poles are to the runway.

Security Watch: Bill Francke gave a brief report on his communications with Polk Emergency Management and City Police for assistance in training our Airport Security Watch volunteers. He has video tape from AOPA and Denny Suggested this would be a good program for Polk Chapter OPA program.

General announcements and reports:

IAHA: Carole Gabel said that there would be three houses going up soon, and Bill Wallace said we had 149 houses currently in IAHA. Carole also mentioned that there were three houses for sale and one going up for auction on April 10th at 1 PM at County Courthouse.

EAA: Bill McMichael, Past President of the local chapter, gave a dissertation on the current activities and plans, specifically getting more involved in recruiting young people into aviation.

Gary mentioned there had been newspaper articles about recent airplane mishaps here so it would be great to write something positive about the airport. Gail suggested that a reporter be invited to the next Young Eagles meeting to take pictures and write an article. John Conley mentioned that there was a reporter from the I/O who would be willing.

Oregon Flying Farmers: April 19th would be the Annual Proficiency Training Day for those who need their biennial flight reviews. Dewey Erlwein will have FAR Seminar at 2 pm in Gabelís hangar. One hour Flight Reviews will be scheduled with CFI. Pete Weber said he would assist.

There would be no Oregon Air Fair in Albany for 2003, as there is not sufficient commercial support, but the possibility remains for a 2004 OAF. Albany definitely wants it back when it is financially feasible to support it.

Unauthorized vehicle access to the Airport and Airpark taxiways continues to be a problem. Some suggested posting more signs. One idea was to plant shrubs or berry vines on property line with Airpark and along Hoffman Rd. The ditch on Airport Rd. is not a sufficient deterrent, but fencing is not recommended.

Mark Prince, Chief of the Polk County Fire Department District #1, discussed need to use runways by vehicles to respond to emergencies on the airport to carry emergency and survival gear to the airport in the event of a crash on the runway. He also asked for help in determining proper place to call to report Aircraft accidents to close the runway. His present call is to the Control Tower at Salem. Comment was that ODA has control of 7S5, not the Salem Tower. It was suggested call be made to ODA and to the FBO. Discussion ensued about the proper way to handle emergencies, and the consensus was that there were concerned people in the Airparks to help in notifying for an emergency.

The meeting adjourned at 5:13 PM. Next meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 5th at 3 pm.

Summary prepared by Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary, from Minutes written by Robert English, Recording Secretary.

Updated 04-27-03