Independence, Oregon

7S5 USER’s FLIER - April 1, 2004


Gary Brown, Chair "garymail at"

Robert English, Recording Secretary

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
503-838-4231 e-mail: "andyconnie1 at"


DATE: Wednesday, April 7, 2004
Time: 7 pm.
Place: Rod & Carole Gabel's Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda:
-Introductions, Minutes, Correspondence and Treasurer's Report
-Report by By-Laws Committee Chair, Gary VanHorn on proposed changes in By-Laws.
-Set date and time for Annual Meeting to vote on By-Laws Changes and Officers.
-Discuss Web Site & appoint Webmaster to replace John Ousterhout.
-Report by 7S5 Airport Watch Committee Chair, Bill Francke.
-Report on 7S5 Pilot Memorial Day Event Planning Committee.
-Discuss meeting with ODA on priorities for 7S5 development this year.
-Reports from User Groups, Organizations and individuals: IAHA, INPAAHA, 7S5 Lessees, FBO, Polk County OPA, EAA 292, Oregon Pines 99s, OFF, CAP and Individuals.
-Old Business
-New Business


NOTICE:OFF Annual Pilot Proficiency Training (APT) will be held at 7S5 on April 17th. Keith Crimin, Safety Officer for Flight Standards District Office in Hillsboro, will be instructor for FAR Seminar from 2 to 3:15 pm, in Rod & Carole Gabel's Hangar. The hangar will also be headquarters all day for coffee, tea, milk, cookies and "Hangar Flying" while pilots are taking0 check flights.

One hour proficiency flights will be available all day except during Seminar. Please let Andy Andersen, (503) 838 4231, andyconnie1 at or Bob Severance, (503) 838-5387, know if you want to reserve time for proficiency flight, starting at 8:20 am. CFIs are Pete Weber, Denton Honbeck, Tiffany Hennigan and Frank Kummerfeldt. Participation in the Seminar and Proficiency Flight count for the BFR. Recommended donation to CFI for flight is $25 but the Seminar is FREE. All pilots are welcome, whether or not you are OFF member.



NOTICE: Robby & Shelly Muis, owners of the Speakeasy Steak House in downtown Independence have purchased the restaurant building at 7S5 (formerly "Annie's"), renaming it "Starduster Café". They are aircraft owners and are restoring a Starduster II, thus the name of the new restaurant. They plan to have the restaurant open in May with new menu and ideas. 7S5 Users welcome Robert & Shelly and their new enterprise.


NOTICE: The 3rd DRAFT of the proposed ISAS Group By-Laws changes that will be discussed at April 7th Board Meeting was sent to Board members in the March 4th 7S5 USER'S FLIER. Please read and bring to the Board meeting. If you do not have a copy, please let me know and I will provide a hard copy. andyconnie1 at or 503.838.4231.

Recommended Approval Steps:

1. ISAS Group Board to discuss and approve Revised DRAFT, April 7th.

2. Revised DRAFT sent to each of the Representative Organization Boards and membership for review. Recommendations sent to ISAS Group Board within 30days of receipt.

3. ISAS Group Board meets probably in May to Synthesizes recommendations from all Organization Boards into Final DRAFT and set date for vote by ISAS Membership.

4. The present ISAS Board and Individual Members of ISAS Group will vote on the Final Draft of the new By-Laws at the Annual or Special Board meeting, set by the ISAS Group board, with 30 days notice, as provided in the current By-Laws. This will probably be in June.

When the new By-Laws are approved, the new ISAS Group Board will vote on officers as provided in the new By-Laws.

This process provides opportunity for all 7S5 Users to participate in DRAFTING the new By-Laws. The best opportunity, for all interested persons to a participate, is through their Representative Organization Boards. It is recommended all persons, interested in helping DRAFT the By-Laws, join a Representative Organization if not already a member. These are: Independence Airpark Homeowners Assn. (IAHA), Independence North Park Annex Airpark Homeowners Assn. (INPAAHA), Polk Co. Ch. OPA (PCOPA), EAA Ch. 292, Oregon Pines 99s, or 7S5 Lessees.


DRAFT:Minutes ISAS Group Board Meeting, December 4, 2003, Gabel's Hangar

The meeting was called to order at 7:08 PM by Gary Brown, Chair. ISAS Group Board present were: Gary Brown; Chair; Bill Francke, 1st Vice Chair; Ed Hannevig, 2nd Vice Chair; Robert English, Recording Secretary; Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary; Carole Gabel, Director for IAHA; Gary Van Horn, Director for IAHA; Mike Pongracz, Director for EAA Ch 292; and Gail Hill, Co-Director for Lessees. Absent Board members were: Harry Malette, Director for Commercial & FBO; Norm Rainey, Director for NPAHA; John Ousterhout, Web Master; Harry Bladow, Co-Director for Lessees and Tricia Hanna, Director for Oregon Pines Ch 99s.

Guests were: Darren Griffin, ODA Airports Manager; Alan Wright, IAHA President; Denny Jackson, Polk OPA President; John Conley, NPAHA President; Connie Andersen; Phyllis Upright; Emile and Betty Plude; Mike & Patsy Billiar; Jon & Marilyn Husser; Paul & Gloria Beecroft; Greg & Margaret Smith; Betty Anglin; Betty Koch; Cliff Hanson; and Myron Buswell.

Gary Brown introduced Darren Griffin, ODA Airports Manager, who gave a presentation about the lease rate analysis that was made in order to come up with the proposed 7S5 Leasing fee increase. Most of this was for the benefit of lessees, of whom there were very few at this meeting, so he made the presentation brief. ODA currently owns 28 airports, including emergency strips, and the full process of finding the best rate for all airports will be completed in approximately six months.

He also stated that the negotiations are ongoing with IAHA for the new Ingress/Egress contract which expires in 2004 and he sees no difficulties with that process. The restaurant is a different story: It is currently closed indefinitely, and the struggle now is to maintain the availability of this building as a restaurant. The situation with this is changing on a day-to-day basis. The FBO is currently being negotiated by Harry Malette with Independence Flyers, Inc. who is very capable commercial operator.

Daren said the local fire marshal has threatened to impose a moratorium on new construction unless fire hydrants are put in near all of the hangars, and the plan is to have all of these new hydrants in by next summer. There are going to be two new taxiways to the south, for accessibility to new hangars there, and then construction will stop until the west side is opened for new development. There is a long list of people waiting to lease space for a hangar here. There is also a movement to put in some fencing to the south to keep wandering pedestrians off of the runways, which is becoming a problem. There was a question about the OAB Task Force on State Airport Ownership Policy, and Darren said that these meetings are open for attendance of concerned parties and discussion of the issues before the Task Force. The next meeting is on the 20th of January, with the OAB Board Meeting being on the following day.

Andy asked about the new people on board at ODA, and Darren said that there are new faces but no new positions - one of the issue before them now is economic impact and development around the airports in the ODA jurisdiction. One of the new staff will head this program. There was a question about what kind of development might occur on the west side, and Darren said that the growth plan originally called for airport expansion on 42 acres on the west side in the future when funds and zoning permits. That growth plan has proven to be too conservative, however, as the homebuilding in the airparks has outstripped the anticipated growth.

More acres might be required when the 2007 ALP is up-dated. The ODA is specifically concerned with airport development, runways and hangars specifically, and no residential buildings would be included in the new area for airport expansion on the west side.

Andy asked if the precedent set in 1974, when the Airpark Developer paved the east taxiway in exchange for Ingress/Egress for 30 years, if this scheme could be used to build the new taxiway on the west side for possible Airpark residents on west side. Darren responded that the FAA's attitude has changed over the last 30 years and that manner of doing business would no longer work. A concern was also mentioned from the floor about parking for cars, as space is getting short during some high-attendance airport functions, and Darren said that they'd work on it. A concern about zoning around the airport was also voiced, and Darren said that the ODA had guidelines about what zoning would be best around an airport - any municipality with an airport in its jurisdiction is introduced to this. Some discussion ensued about this issue, as the old way of dealing with this (the "noise disclosure statement") does not work and results in encroachment of non-aviation development and eventual airport closure.

Carole asked about the land further west of the 42 acre section that ODA is already looking at. Darren said that the ODA's primary concern is to keep incompatible development (churches, schools, homes, etc.) out of such areas. Another concern was expressed from the floor about whether the bias of the FAA was toward or away from Airparks like this one. Darren said that the FAA has given many discretionary grants toward development of this airport because of the Airpark, so there can be no negative bias read into their demeanor - it is commercial "through the fence" use that the FAA doesn't like, and airparks such as this are considered a good thing.

Mike Pongracz expressed the concern about what would happen if the Exclusive Farm Use Zone (EFU) regulations were to disappear tomorrow. Darren responded that it wasn't likely to happen as farm land has been politically a high priority in this state.

Gary Van Horn asked whether the ODA had first rights of refusal on the west side property, and Darren said they hadn't got to that point yet - the immediate concern was the remaining development to the south of the taxiways. This led to the question about whether the EFU zoning would disappear if part of that land were to be re-zoned for airport development. Darren said he didn't think it would.

Secretary and Treasurer: Andy made the motion that the minutes of the September 19th meeting, which were sent out with the 7S5 USER'S FLYER be approved as written. Carole Gabel seconded. All approved by voice vote. The treasurer's report showed a balance on hand of only $19.95. This generated discussion, and there was some concern about an expense on here that went above and beyond the basic mailing fees. With this in mind, Gary Van Horn made a motion that any expenditure that went beyond normal mailing and printing had to be approved by the ISAS Board. Bill Francke seconded. There was some discussion, but all did approve by voice vote.

Before nominations were discussed, Andy spoke about the four motions that he had made at the last meeting that were tabled. He made an official motion to take those old motions off of the table as they were being considered in the new By-Laws proposal and no longer needed.

After some discussion about the appropriateness of making a motion to take a motion off the table, Gary Van Horn seconded the motion and all approved by voice vote.

Nominations: there was some discussion about whether to use the current by-laws or put the new ones in place before putting the nominations on the table. Gary Brown said that the current constituency has not felt represented under the current arrangement, and that it might be better to put off the nominations until the new by-laws are in place.

Gary Van Horn, Chair for the By-Laws Committee, said that he was looking at a couple of months worth of "wordsmithing" before the new by-laws would be ready. The discussion after this had to do with the possible vacant position of the Webmaster for ISAS. It expanded from that into a discussion about the representation scope of ISAS, i.e. what it should be relative to and what it is. Gail Hill voiced the concern that the talk of limiting the scope of ISAS representation (in the name of being nimble to respond to membership concerns) would not include some important constituents. The discussion that followed this point centered around the representation of certain groups that use this airport.

As this was treading over concerns that were discussed in full the previous night, and we were drifting away from the original point, Gary Brown asked again for a motion to table the nominations until the new by-laws are in place. Gail made the motion, and Mike Pongracz seconded. All approved by voice vote.

The new timeline for having the by-laws in place was next on the agenda. The January 12th or a February meeting didn't look good, as two members (both Garys) cannot be in attendance. March 8th will be the next official meeting of the Board, and there will probably be a meeting between now and then to further hash out the next draft of the reworded by-laws.

Suggestions for the good of the order: Ed Hannevig suggested that an information sheet ISAS and the airport be handed out to all new homeowners that includes all of the various user groups here at the airport. There was some positive discussion about this one. Gary Brown suggested a positive-spin news article about the airport that would run in the local Itemizer/Observer. Some positive comments about this one, including one from Andy about the ISASG Public Relations Committee that had been formed for this purpose several years ago, developed and distributed a brochure about 7S5 and the Airparks. Gary said that, in his view, the best way to get something taken care of was to assign a particular task to a certain person or a group. A suggestion was made from the floor that the OPA was the better organization to handle the positive-spin article. Gary Brown said he agreed with that.

As there were no reports from Representative Organizations and no further new business, Gary Brown asked for the motion to adjourn. Ed Hannevig made the motion and Gary Van Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm. Next meeting is to be on March 8, 2004 at 7:20 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Robert English, Recording Secretary.

NOTE: The March 8th Board meeting was postponed by e-mail vote by majority of the Board in February. The next Board meeting to be on April 7th , at 7 pm in Gabel's Hangar.