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7S5 USERís FLIER - April 1, 2004


Gary Brown, Chair "garymail at"

Robert English, Recording Secretary "drakcap at"

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
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DATE: Wednesday, May 12 , 2004
Time: 7 pm.
Place: Rod & Carole Gabel's Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda:

+ Introductions, Minutes, Correspondence and Treasurer's Report.

+ Report of By-Laws review and suggestions from 7S5 User Organization Representatives.

+ Board synthesize recommendations into final DRAFT of By-Laws to be sent to all Voting Members and posted on new Website.

+ Discuss and set Annual Meeting in June to allow 30 days notice. Suggest Wednesday, June 16, 2004 at Gabel's Hangar to vote on By-Laws Changes and Election of Officers.

+ Discuss and determine method of voting. According to current By-Laws, all members on membership list eligible to vote that are present at the meeting. (about 170 persons).

+ Report by Robert English, interim Web Master on new Website:

+ Report on organization of 7S5 Airport Lessee’s Association (7S5 ALA) by Greg Guy, Chair.

+ Report on 7S5 Pilot Memorial Day Event Planning Committee by Andy Andersen.

+ Report on meeting with ODA on May 10, 2004.

+ Reports from User Groups, Organizations and individuals: IAHA, INPAAHA, 7S5 ALA, FBO, PCOPA, EAA Ch 292, Oregon Pines Ch. 99s, OFF, CAP and Individuals.

+ Old Business.

Discuss and decide whether to publish or post DRAFT Meeting Minutes. Most of Board members poled by e-mail indicated they preferred waiting until minutes have final approval before publishing or posting on Website.

+ New Business

Annual Meeting: Date____________Time_______________Place______________________


NEW 7S5 LESSEE’S ASSOCIATION: Gail Hill, Lesse's Co-Chair, invited all 7S5 Lessees to meet on April 21, 2004, to organize an Association to provide representation on the ISAS Group Board of Directors as proposed in the new ISAS Group By-Laws. The 7S5 Airport Lessee's Association (7S5 ALA) was chosen as the name. By-Laws were discussed and approved. The By-Laws call for an "Executive Committee" of three (3) Lessees to serve as the administrative unit, with a Chair elected from within the Executive Committee. Greg Guy was elected Chair, Carole Gabel as Vice Chair and Dick Thomas was elected as third member of the Executive Committee. Robert English was elected as non-voting Recorder.

The Executive Committee elected Greg Guy as the 7S5 ALA Representative to serve for two (2) years on the ISAS Group Board of Directors. The Annual meeting was set as April of each year. Other meetings will be called as needed by the Executive Committee. Copies of the Minutes and By-Laws are available on request.

Greg Guy, 7S5 ALA Chair


NOTICE: Robert English, Interim Web Master for ISAS Group Website, has reorganized the Website which is now accessible as: Note the only change is adding the "g" to the address. He has posted the #4 DRAFT of the ISAS Group proposed By-Laws changes, Minutes and other information will be posted as it becomes available, so keep in touch by logging on. This will make the work of the Corresponding Secretary much easier and less expensive for printing and postage. Congratulations to Robert for his expert volunteer work and THANKS to John Conley for donating the space on his Ash Creek Wireless system.




Andy; please forward this to e-mail tree.

1. I was contacted by Mr. Steven Addams of Marquis spa. He wants feedback regarding a proposed project to lower emissions detectable to the airpark by raising the exhaust stack an additional ten feet. I checked, it is not against any known obstruction clearance plain (FAA).

If you have feelings on the matter, please call him at (503) 838-0888.

2. I will be here for the ISAS meeting May 12. I hope to keep the agenda short, vote on the by-law proposal and hear about the recent Dept. of Aviation meeting, table most of the other stuff for the next board to entertain.

it's good to be back!!!

Gary Brown

ISAS Chair


DRAFT: Minutes of ISAS Board Meeting, Gabel's Hanger

April 7, 2004

The meeting was called to order by 1st Vice Chair, Bill Francke at 7:07 PM. Board members present were: Ed Hannevig, 2nd Vice Chair; Robert English, Recording Secretary, Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary/Treasurer; John Conley, Director; Carole Gabel, Director; Gary Van Horn, Director; Al Cleveland, EAA Ch 292 President, substituting for Mike Pongracz, Director; and Joey Connell, Director. Individual Members and Guests were: John Sedey; Pete Weber; Connie Andersen; Jon & Marilyn Husser; Dave Martin, President of PCOPA; Norm Rainey; Gary McCormick; Neil Warrick; Greg & Margaret Smith; Gene Connell; and Joe & Jean Zink.

While we were waiting for the meeting to start, Andy gave a short dissertation about the Eugene Airport pilot's meeting where the crosswind runway might be closed and removed due to lack of GA traffic at that airport. AOPA President Phil Boyer, has been requested by EUG GA Pilots to ask for a court injunction to suspend that decision to close 3/21 and construct a new 16/34 runway. The order would be for time to acquire more data to support keeping the 3/21 cross-wind runway for GA pilots, who account for 78% of the operations at EUG. Keeping the crosswind runway is a good thing when the west wind blows. EUG Pilots contend a new parallel 16/34 runway for commercial traffic is not needed at this time and should wait to be built until demand warrants.

Before the minutes of the previous meeting were discussed, there was some discussion about the possible fence to the south, which is to keep foot traffic off the main runway. Carole Gabel made the motion to approve the minutes as sent out, and Gary Van Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote. The Treasurer's report shows the organization to be $4.89 in the red due to increased printing and postage costs for changes in By-Laws and extra meetings. Andy gave a short history of the group's method of raising money (donations at OPA meetings chiefly) and said that we needed to secure some more fundage.

Gary Van Horn passed around some copies of the revised by-laws and described how he made the revisions during the process, briefly showing the accumulated e-mails between several people and himself during the revision effort. He gave a thumbnail sketch of each of the points of the new revision as people were reading the copy that he passed around. During this, Andy chimed in that there has been some misunderstanding of the focus of ISAS Group. It is for recommendations for the airport itself and not for any of the airpark neighborhoods around it. That is responsibility of those Airpark Boards who have a seat on the ISAS Group Board. Gary continued going over the highlights of the document, spending a fair amount of time on the membership portion as this was the point that was the most polarized. He also stressed where the major changes were between the older and the newer bylaws.

There was a question about the difference between a voting member and an ordinary member, and Gary responded by saying the original intent of the word "member"in the current By-Laws was for Individual Members who were approved by the Board. The new draft says that only the board of directors can vote. Ordinary "associate" members (those who attend the meetings and request to be members) do not vote under the new By-Laws.

Andy and Carole chimed in with various points of support of that position - Andy said the new "associate" member of the board of directors would be a part of the information loop and as liaison with their parent organization and would be non-voting members. Carole said that there have been chaotic meetings where ordinary attendees were making motions and this was counter-productive. To finally clarify, Gary said that the consensus during the drafting process was that the board of directors needed to be made up of people who have a clear vested economic interest in the airport's ongoing business. There was further discussion on this subject, comparing this proposed structure with the way other groups were set up. Bill reminded all present that this organization serves as an advisory for various government agencies, and is not the one that makes the decisions.

Al stated that it looked as though the Airpark Homeowners Associations have a greater voice than the lessees, and Bill responded by saying that the homeowners had a great deal to lose if anything were to happen to the airport - the resale value of their homes here would be affected. Gary clarified by explaining that there would be six voting members on the board and each of the areas would be represented by one Director. Various associated organizations, such as the 99s, can certainly attend meetings but can only be voting members if and when they have an economic interest (such as when the 99s air race starts up again). Further discussion brought up the momentum for a motion to include the PCOPA and the EAA Chapter 292 representatives as voting members. Andy made the motion, and Al seconded. All approved by voice vote.

There was an official request from Joey to make the 99s associate members, and this decision was "in waiting" for the new board. The AOPA/ASN (Airport Support Network) and the Civil Air Patrol were also submitted as names to be consider for associate membership by the new ISAS Group Board.

Gary went over some changes that he was considering: Article IV Directors, Section 1., Members, the last two paragraphs in Section 1, paragraphs 3 and 4 - add -"if a group is no longer active, the position shall be removed". The idea was to allow the board the flexibility to do that. A suggestion from the floor was to substitute the word "shall" with the word "may" so that it is not a mandatory removal. There was agreement that this was a good idea. Andy made the motion to add this language to the draft (with the word "may"), and Al seconded. All approved by voice vote.

Bill pointed out that the language pertaining to "Robert's Rules of Order" also be changed from "shall" to "may" (or "guided by"). Gary seconded that motion for discussion purposes. Those around the table re-read the part that this pertained to, and there was some thought that the current language would force the board to make a timely decision. There were only two "aye" votes, so the motion failed.

Gary went on about Article IV, Section 2, about the treasurer and secretary - stating that the new board may want to make a decision about whether there would be "corresponding secretary" and "recording secretary" positions. The language, "and other officers as may be deemed necessary", was suggested by John and this language was acceptable by others. John made the motion, and Carole seconded the motion. All approved by voice vote.

Andy made the motion that the current bylaws draft be forwarded to the other organization boards for their input, with 30 days notice. Gary seconded that. John asked if this meant we were finished going over the details, and Gary's answer was yes. All approved the motion by voice vote.

The next meeting was the new point of discussion. The 12th of May (a Wednesday) was suggested, and was considered by all present as a good date. This would allow for both the 30 day notices, to the Organization Boards and to members for vote on the Final Draft at the Annual Meeting set tentatively for Wednesday, June 16, 2004. There was a question from the floor about whether Gary Brown would have enough warning about the meeting date, and the response was that he would be notified by email this evening.

John Conley has volunteered to host the website for the ISAS documents, and Robert (recording secretary) said that he would serve as interim Webmaster until a permanent position is found. This arrangement was made as a motion by Andy and seconded by Carole. All approved by voice vote.

Bill discussed the "Airport Security Watch", which he said was very much like and partnered with the Airparks Neighborhood Watch, that was set up with the full blessing of ODA, the city, the Polk County Sheriff and AOPA Airport Watch. He went over what happened at the last training session, which now has about 80 names on the current list of people who were interested in helping watch around the airport and Airparks. The main issue is what to do when something does happen - to call 911 or the local police rather than to take matters into one's own hands or to do nothing.

Andy went over the plans for the Memorial Day Fly-By, skimming the details he handed out, and made the motion to accept the report of the Joint Committee. Carole seconded. Gary brought up a point about permits, to make sure that all of the proper paperwork was filed, and Andy said that he didn't have it with him but it was in the process. All approved the motion by voice vote.

Andy proposed that the ISAS Group set up a meeting with the ODA to discuss ongoing issues with them, such as the new hangars, fire hydrants as well as the fencing to the south to keep kids off the runway. There was no motion necessary for this, so Bill told Andy to get to work.

User group reports: Carole spoke about the current state of the neighborhood, who was moving in and who was going to be selling. Bill spoke about Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and their efforts to get a plane assigned here at 7S5 (California got three of them recently), and he asked for some more local pilots to join CAP to help in non-combat air searches in the area.

There was no old business. New business: Andy made the suggestion that the new ISAS Group board be the nominating committee for new officers, which was greeted pleasantly.

Chairman Bill entertained the motion to adjourn the meeting. John made the motion, Carole seconded, and all approved by voice vote. The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Robert English, recording secretary.