Independence, Oregon

7S5 USERís FLIER - June 24, 2004 -

Gary Van Horn, Director, Independence Airpark Homeowners Assn. (IAHA)

John Conley, Director, Independence North Park Annex Airpark Homeowner's Assn. (INPAAHA)

Greg Guy, 7S5 Airport Lessee's Assn. (7S5 ALA)

Harry Malette, 7S5 Commercial Operators (7S5 CO)

Ed Hannevig, Polk Chapter Oregon Pilot's Assn. (PCOPA)

Mike Pongracz, EAA Chapter 292 Inc. (EAA Ch 292)

Robert English, Recording Secretary "drakcap at"

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
503-838-4231 e-mail: "andyconnie1 at"

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DATE: Thursday, July 15, 2004
Time: 7 pm.
Place: Rod & Carole Gabel's Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda:

1. Introductions, Minutes, Correspondence and Treasurer's Report.

2. Discussion of ISAS Board policies relating to officers.

3. ISAS Board of Directors election of officers.

4. Discuss and DRAFT operational Policies called for in new By-Laws. Submit DRAFT to Representative Boards for review.

5. Reports from Organization Directors on 7S5 Issues and Concerns.

6. Old Business

7. New Business

8. Set date, time and place for next ISAS Board Meeting:


NOTICE: A Public Workshop by Polk Co. Fire District #1 Board last Monday, June 21st, announced possible reduction or loss of local Ambulance Service, because of reduction of revenue and increased cost of operation. Most of the reduction is from reduced federal Medicaid/Medicare support.

There are several options being considered by the Fire Board: one is establishing an Ambulance District, funded by a tax levy and an operating budget for a five year period, starting in 2005 or 2006. It is purposed this would keep the Ambulance Service at the current level of two (2) Paramedics and two (2) Ambulances available 24/7.

A Special Polk Co. Fire District #1 Board meeting , open to the public, has been set for next Monday, June 28th at 7 pm in the Fire Hall to determine the process in establishing the Ambulance District or some other option to keep Ambulance Service available locally.

Both Fire protection and Emergency Medical service, is vital to the 7S5 Airport and to the greater aviation community of the Airparks. Your participation is encouraged to attend the meeting Monday evening and be pro-active in planning for the future level and cost of effective Emergency Medical services.


NOTICE: It has been reported that a daylight theft occurred at one of the Airpark homes adjacent to the N/S sidewalk. Small expensive easy to conceal items, including a Garmin 295 GPS Map and a small film camera, were taken. The neighborhood watch failed in that the possible perpetrators of the theft action were observed in the vicinity, were unknown, and not asked, "who are you and where do you live". It must be remembered that only the streets in front of the homes are public property. No one who is on any other area in the Airpark should feel "put upon" if they are not known by a resident, and are asked who they are and where they live. The Airport Watch program requires similar diligence. It is advisable to make sure our airplanes are locked if possible, the keys removed from the Mag Switch, and the hangar doors are locked. In the present security climate, it is not inappropriate to courteously ask anyone who comes on the airport, "Can I help you?" In many instances, a person unfamiliar with the airport or the area or who may be looking for a person or business, is grateful for the offer of assistance. If the person is suspicious, it is appropriate to report that fact to the appropriate authorities.


NOTICE: The Polk Chapter OPA will serve Pancake Breakfast on July 3rd and 4th in EAA Chapter 292 Hangar, 8 am to 12 noon. Pancakes, Eggs, Ham, Applesauce, Juice and Coffee. Adults $5 - Kids under 10 $2. Drawings for free flight.


DRAFT: ISAS Group Annual Board Meeting Minutes.

June 16, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm by Gary Brown, Chair, in Gabel's hangar. Board members present were: Carole Gabel, 7S5 Lessee Assn. Rep.; Harry Malette, 7S5 Commercial Rep; John Conley, INPAAHA Rep; Al Cleveland, EAA Ch 292 Rep; Gary Van Horn, IAHA Rep.; Joey Connell, Oregon Pines Ch 99s Rep.; Dave Martin, PCOPA Rep.; and Andy Andersen, Corresponding Sec. and AOPA/ASN Rep. Board members absent were: Bill Francke, 1st Vice Chair; Ed Hannevig, 2nd Vice Chair; Mike Pongracz, EAA Ch 292; Greg Guy, 7S5 Lessee's Assn.; and Robert English, Recording Secretary.

Other Individual Members present were: Harry and Suzanne Bladow, Gene Connell, Connie Andersen, Jim Ashford, Mary Brown, Sally Conley, Dan and Carol DeLano, Andy Duncan, Kathy Cheval, Rod Gabel, Lorraine Gabel, Frank Kummerfeldt, Jim and Katherine Hubele, Denny and Amy Jackson, Ken and Regina Pabo, Emile and Betty Plude, Bill and Suzie Wallace, Monte and Roberta Webster, Joe and Jean Zink, Mike Billiar, Neil Warrick, Richard and Jeanne Wildman, and John and Shirley Horn.

Rather than take time for everyone to introduce themselves, Gary Brown asked if there were some present for the first time at an ISAS Group Board meeting. A sign-in roster was provided to record attendance. Gary then explained the purpose of the ISAS Group as an advisory group to keep the airport as an airport. The method is to keep communication open with City of Independence, Polk County, Willamette Council of Governments and Oregon Department of Aviation to express our needs and to keep all 7S5 users aware of pending issues affecting the airport.

Gary explained the purpose of this meeting is to vote on the proposed new By-Laws developed over the passed 6 months with the leadership assistance of Gary Van Horn, Chair of the By-Laws Committee. The Adopted By-laws establish the number of Board members as 6 Representatives chosen by the designated 7S5 user's organizations. Which are:

Harry Malette made the motion to accept the minutes of the May 12th Board meeting as presented. Gary Van Horn seconded. All approved by voice vote. Copies of the Treasurer's report were distributed, indicating the "Pass-the-Hat" donation at the May PCOPA Potluck of $77 which brought total revenue since 1996 to $1008.86. Postage and Printing for May was $33.34 which brought total expenses since 1996 to $931.59, leaving a balance of cash on hand of $43.93. Andy said he would provide the new Board with a detailed account to help in planning the next budget. Gary Van Horn moved to accept the treasurer's report, seconded by Harry Malette and passed by voice vote.

Gary Van Horn, Chair of the By-Laws Committee, suggested there might be questions from those present before voting. He briefly explained the major changes proposed in the 5th DRAFT, which were to boil down a lengthy set of By-Laws and to reduce them to the basic authority of the Board, the general organization of the Board and to provide authority for the Board to write it's own operating policies, job description for officers, method of review, and to make changes as needed over time.

This allows changes to be made without the necessity to change the basic By-Laws. The Board is given authority to establish policies, such as Robert's Rules in conducting meetings, the process to be followed in gathering information from 7S5 users and distributing information to the external authorities, who may make decisions affecting 7S5, such as the City of Independence, Polk County and the ODA. The Board, for example may choose to provide for both a majority and minority opinions to be expressed on issues to allow all 7S5 user organizations to be heard on specific issues where there are alternative views.

The new By-Laws also provide for the Board to expand the six (6) member Board to other 7S5 user organizations that become qualified users as defined in the By-Laws. An example would be for the 99s to be a Board member should they re-establish the Palms to Pines Women's Air Race to terminate again at 7S5.

The revised By-Laws will also allow the Board to appoint non-voting members of the Board to provide liaison and communication with organizations who have an interest in 7S5 but do not otherwise qualify as voting Board members. Example would be for the 99s to be non-voting members until qualifying as voting members. The Board may eliminate a Board position when the organization being represented no longer qualifies as voting members. An example would be if the organization is disbanded.

As there were no further questions or discussion, the Chair asked for a show of hands for all those in favor of the MOTION, made by Bill Wallace and seconded by Mike Billiar, to adopt the 5th DRAFT of the proposed By-Laws Changes distributed, with 30 days notice, to all representative organization Boards and Individual Members. The vote by raised hands was unanimous.

This action also changed the name of the Independence State Airport Support Group, to Independence State Airport Support Board. The Chair introduced the new ISAS Board representatives selected by the various organizations:

All these Board members were previously selected by their parent organizations in anticipation the proposed new By-Laws would be adopted.

Rather than for the new ISAS Board to elect officers at this meeting and after some discussion, Gary Van Horn suggested a meeting be scheduled for Thursday, July 15, 2004 at 7 pm in Gabel's hangar. This is the regular monthly meeting date for PCOPA, but because of the PCOPA Pancake Breakfasts on July 3rd and 4th, no PCOPA meeting will be held in July. Gary also suggested this delay in organizing the Board would allow time for the members to become acquainted with each other's concerns and interests in being on the Board and their aspirations for leadership. He handed each new Board member a set of policies he borrowed from one of his Auto Racing organizations to study in preparation for developing policies for the ISAS Board as required in the By-Laws.

Those present applauded Gary Brown for his service to the ISAS Group as Chair and Gary Van Horn was applauded for his exceptional work in the process of developing new By-Laws for the ISAS Group as Chair of the By-Laws Committee. The group also applauded Andy Andersen in recognition of his dedication and hard work in organizing the ISAS Group in 1996 and his service since.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 pm

Minutes written from tape recording, by Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary, in the absence of Recording Secretary, Robert English.