Independence, Oregon

7S5 USERís FLIER - August 20, 2003


Gary Brown, Chair,

Robert English, Recording Secretary

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351


DATE: Thursday, September 4, 2003
TIME: 3 pm
PLACE: Gabelís Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda Items are:
- Introductions, Minutes and Treasurerís Report;
- Revue of the Survey;
- Draft of letter of recommendation to development agencies reference the survey results;
- Discussion by Andy Andersen on making 7S5 a Historic Site as "The End of the Old Oregon Trail Airport";
- Reports from User Groups, Organizations and Individuals.
- Old Business:
- New Business:
- Set date _____, place ______,and time ______for next Board Meeting

Copy of revised By-Laws available from Corresponding Secretary: or phone 503 838-4231 or FAX: 503 838 0659.



Letter From: Gary Brown, ISAS Group Chair,

Subject: Survey results, Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003

Dear fellow users; I wish to thank all of you who responded to the survey; while it did not address all the issues in the foreseeable future, it did give us an idea of the users desires to aid us in making appropriate responses and representations to developmental agencies.

Survey Results

1. The property west of the airport is currently under "80-acre exclusive farm use"status. For development to occur, the State legislature must change the current land use zoning. Local planners indicate the most likely scenario will be status quo, unless there is sponsorship and passage of a bill to change the zoning through the State Legislature, which has recently been attempted.

Do you favor or do you oppose change to the existing 80-acre zoning.


2. Some individuals have expressed interest in developing the property west of the airport into an assisted living center administered by Capitol Manner, as well as condos, and a golf course. Are you in favor or do you oppose development west of the airport?


3. Looking 20 years to the future, the Oregon Department of Aviation is considering a purchase of approximately 42 acres west of the airport, for potential airport growth, including taxiway, hangar sites, tie down area, and aviation related businesses. The purchase might require a variance to existing zoning, which could potentially allow a release from "80-acre exclusive farm use" for the remaining property.

Are you in favor or do you oppose the Department of Aviation acquiring the 42 acres west of the airport?


4. Should eventual land use and zoning be changed to allow development west of the airport, do you favor or oppose ISAS becoming proactive in recommending to regulatory agencies that only aviation related development be considered?


5. Do you favor or oppose efforts to make Independence State Airport a Class II commercial airport in the future? (Class II would allow lengthening of the runway to accommodate larger corporate aircraft.)



DRAFT: ISAS Group Board Meeting Minutes, June 5, 2003, Gabelís Hangar

The meeting was called to order by President Gary Brown at 3:00 pm. Present were Gary Brown, Andy and Connie Andersen, Craig and Eleanor Cowles, Jon and Marilyn Husser, Denny Jackson, Ken Pabo, Bill Wallace, Phyllis Upright, Gail Hill, John Sedey, Cliff Hanson, Harry Bladow, Gene Connell, Carole Gabel, Mary Brown, Darren Griffin, David Altman, and Ed Hannevig. Robert English arrived later.

Before getting to the main business of the meeting, Andy passed out the Treasurer's Report which indicated we had $ 96.99 in the bank. Gail Hill made the Motion to approve the report, and Ed Hannevig seconded.

Andy Andersen, before starting his presentation, stated that the Airport Development District Document had been completed by Mark Fancey and submitted to the City Council by the Planning Commission last Monday. Final Hearing by City Council will be on Tuesday, June 10th at 7:30 pm. The major focus of this document was keeping the airport as an airport in perpetuity, cementing the political status of this community as a residential Airpark community.

Andy then gave his presentation on his and Connieís Vision for development of the airport and area surrounding the airpark, with the year 2020 being the target year for these proposals. The main idea was to be pro-active in these development plans, rather than letting someone buy the surrounding land for development that might endanger the status of the Airport and Livability in the Airparks. There was also a reference to a current HB 2689, which was an indicator of the current Oregon Governorís and Legislatureís attitude toward promoting industrial development on farm land, which might eventually change the rules for EFU Zoning.

One possibility that was open to discussion was the building of an Assisted Care facility on the west side of the proposed 41 acre Airport expansion, to be a 45 acre Planned Unit Development for Assisted Living, Airpark/Golf Condominiums, developed and managed by Capitol Manor. (So that current residents who need these services do not have to leave the Airpark community). Idea for an 18 hole golf course to the north and west, is also part of the proposed Planned Unit Development by Capitol Manor, a local non-profit Corporation, owned and managed by the residents. The result of this development would be to surround the airport with aviation-friendly development in order to keep it as a Class IV General Aviation Airport with service for Commercial and Residential operations. This would forestall any possible future lengthening of 16/34 runway to accommodate Industry related jet aircraft operations, like Aurora State Airport.

Andy Moved the ISAS Group Board adopt the Resolution for action which Andy handed out to all present. Much discussion ensued around the 10 points in the Resolution, mostly having to do with clarification. Gary Brown made the point that there were several golf courses in the area that were only a short drive away. He also mentioned that he had conversations with Tom Ritchey, Mike Danko, and other city planners, and each of them gave assurances that the farmland west and north of the airpark would stay that way for the foreseeable future.

Darren Griffin chimed in with the observation that imposing a residential zoning on this area would effectively hamstring local governments from making land use decisions for industrial development. He also said that the Oregon Department of Aviation would work closely with local governments to make sure that any development that takes place is airport-friendly.

There was a second Motion made by John Sedey, to only implement points eight, nine, and ten of Andy's proposed resolution. Those points were discussed, but no vote was taken.

Andy said he was amenable to amending what he'd written in his Motion for the Board to adopt the proposed resolution. The original Motion was officially withdrawn by Andy, and he proposed a new Motion which was for the ISAS Board to instruct the Long Range Planning and Land Use Committee to continue study of the development issues around 7S5. To assist them, a subcommittee be appointed by the ISAS Board to develop a ballot, distribute it to all the members, tabulate the results and make it available to the Long Range Planning & Land Use Committee which would then make recommendations to the ISASG Board for action. Harry Bladow seconded that motion. The voice vote was not unanimous, but it passed.

Bill Wallace made a Motion to communicate to City and County Planning Commissions that the ISAS Group and Airpark residents be notified of applications for any change in current zoning or planning. Mary Brown seconded. Discussion ensued as to how to word the letter to make it legally binding, but there was general agreement that this was sufficiently pro-active to keep any unwanted development from happening west of the airport. It was asked whether this would constitute a replacement of Andy's motions, and it was clarified that these were two separate issues. A voice vote was taken, and it was approved unanimously.

Andy read a list of questions that the Opinion Ballot Subcommittee could use as a base for a ballot to be prepared and send to all 7S5 users asking for "Yes-or-No" votes on each of the proposals in the "2020" plan or any other plan for development in the future. These separate points were read aloud:

1) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To keep 7S5 as a Class IV General Aviation Airport with emphasis on service for Residential and Commercial operations;

2) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To develop 7S5 as a Class-II Commercial / Industrial airport with limited residential access. (Extending the 16/34 runway to accommodate Jet Aircraft)

3)[ ] Yes or [ ] No ... For City to adopt proposed Periodic Review changes in Comprehensive Plan and Zoning documents for the Independence Airport Development District.

4) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... For ISAS group and ODA to be proactive in land use planning to keep 7S5 as an Airport in perpetuity.

5) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To expand 7S5 on about 41 acres west, as called for in the 1997 ALP, to include additional area for Commercial and Private hangars. This also to include a west side parallel taxiway, move the Agricultural Operations to the west side, and addition of navigational aides, such as AWAS.

6) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To include a temporary 1800-foot stabilized grass runway on the west side to accommodate Antique / Classical, / Ultralight / Experimental / Glider and other similar operations. (Temporary runway to be closed when demand for hangars, in that same area, dictates.)

7) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... For proactive planning to change the present Urban Growth Boundary and Zoning to annex 45 acres for Capitol Manor, Inc. Assisted Care, Airpark/Golf Condominiums west and north of expanded airport as a Planned Unit Development.

8) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To encourage Capitol Manor to establish a Planned Unit Development on about 45 acres, west of expanded 7S5, as an Assisted Living, Airpark/Golf condominiums which require purchasers to sign contract to agree to proximity of airport and agree not to cause activities or complaints that would jeopardize airport operations.

9) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ... To develop a golf course north and west of 7S5 on approximately 125 acres. This would preserve the rural, open space view for Airpark residents and prevent other development that could be detrimental to continue operation of the airport and reduce livability for the Airpark Residents.

10) [ ] Yes or [ ] No ...For the ISAS Group Long Range Planning and Land Use Committee to continue study of all development proposals that impact 7S5 and the Airparks. The committee to analyze 7S5 user opinion surveys and make recommendations for action by ISAS Group Board. This will allow all ISAS Group members a chance to be heard before recommendations for development are made by ISAS Group to City, County and ODA.

Craig Cowles and others expressed doubt that the majority of the airport users and Airpark residents would understand what the impact of these questions were. It was suggested the Ballot Committee provide explanation of positive and negative impact of each question.

Darren Griffin then described what the ODA's plans were for the land for which it is negotiating. The current plan is for another parallel taxiway and more hangars on the west side. There is a lengthy list of people who want to rent hangar space so this is where the push for development will be going. He said any development that would be potentially hostile to the airport operations is not desired. Purchase of the land is probably several years away, and building the new taxiway would be further into the future.

Gary Brown summed it up by saying that there were two Motions passed and he would draft a letter to planners on the Wallace motion and that there would be a questionnaire assembled to pass out to all 7S5 Users.

The next ISAS Board meeting was set for Thursday, September 4th at 3 pm in Gabelís hangar. The meeting was adjourned at 4:25 pm.

Written by Robert English, Recording Secretary, from tape recording and handouts.

Updated 08-21-03