Independence, Oregon

7S5 USERís FLIER - September 22, 2003


Gary Brown, Chair "garymail at"

Robert English, Recording Secretary

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
503-838-4231 e-mail: "andyconnie1 at"


DATE: Thursday, December 4, 2003
TIME: 3 pm
PLACE: Gabelís Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda Items are:
- Introductions, Minutes and Treasurer's Report;
Old Business:
- Copy of letter discussed at last meeting as follow up to survey;
- Discussion of four voting issue motions tabled at last Board meeting (Copy Attached);
- Report on OAB meeting on ODA Hangar Lease Rates;
New Business:
- Suggested reorganization of ISAS Group - Presentation by Chairman;
- Suggested Changes in By-Laws - Presentation by Chairman; (Both of these topics are available on the ISASG Web Site:
- Discussion and appointment of Nominating Committee by Board for Annual Membership Meeting in January;
- Report on OAB Task Force on future State Ownership of airports;
- Reports by representatives of 7S5 User Organizations: IAHA; NPAHA; 7S5 Lessees; POLK OPA; EAA Ch 292; Pines Ch 99s; OFF; and FBO.
- Set date _____, place ______,and time ______for Annual Membership Board Mtg.

Copy of Revised By-Laws available on ISASG web site:


DRAFT: Minutes of ISAS Group Board Meeting, September 4, 2003 in Gabel's Hangar.

The meeting was called to order by chairman Gary Brown at 3:00 pm. Present were: Gene Connell, John Sedey, Andy and Connie Andersen, Dick Paridee, Ed Hannevig, Phyllis Upright, Betty Anglin, Mike and Patsy Billiar, John Conley, Denny Jackson, Jim Hubele, Betty Koch, Robert English, Neal Warrick, and Monte Webster. Erin Burns, Harry Bladow, Myron Buswell, Carole Gabel, and Gail Hill arrived while the meeting was in progress.

Andy Andersen passed out minutes of two meetings - one was ISAS Group Board meeting held on June 5, and the other a Special ISAS Group Electronic Board meeting held from June 17 to 23, 2003. This started a discussion about the survey process which was addressed in both of those meetings. Gary delineated his position on these points, which included a strong denouncement of the Special ISAS Group Electronic Board meeting because it did not include the chairman. Andy countered that the meeting was called as part of the standard operating practice of ISAS Group, stated in the by-laws, that any member of the Board can call a Special Meeting of the Board if three other Board members concur, and moreover, the chairman was included in the e-mail list for this meeting. Gary countered again by saying that the agreed-upon procedure, as delineated in the June 5 meeting, was not followed, and that the Sub Committee who were appointed by the Special ISAS Group Electronic Board were outside the parameters that had been agreed upon. Andy countered that the motion approved by the Board on June 5th was specific for a Sub Committee to be appointed by the Board to develop the survey.

Gary stated 62 completed survey forms were returned of the approximately 200 distributed. The survey itself was summarized, with the consensus being that any kind of development to the west of the airpark was not welcome, with some exception for the ODA proposed expansion of the airport itself on about 42 acres in the next 20 years. The ISAS group was given the "green light" to represent the residents of the airpark in the event that any development was proposed for this sector of land. Harry Bladow made the motion that the results of the survey be adopted as the complete answer to the points which were addressed at the June 5 meeting. Mike Billiar seconded that motion. In discussing this motion, Ed Hannevig asked about what happened to the golf course, and Gary explained that this issue got changed somewhat in the process. Andy suggested an amendment to the motion, that the results of this survey be brought before the committee for further analysis before being approved as final. There was no second to Andy's amendment. Gary called the motion, and though the motion was not unanimous it did pass by voice vote.

Andy had a motion pre-prepared, which he handed out and read, which stipulated that the results of the survey were advisory only and needed to be analyzed as such by the ISAS Land Use committee. He further explained that this was a new motion. Erin Burns seconded the motion. Mike Billiar asked for clarification, since the motion that had just been passed conflicted with Andy's motion. Harry asked which points were not clarified in the survey, and Andy explained: the golf course option on 110 acres north; and the Conservancy Foundation proposal on all area west and north of airport, excluding the 42 acres for airport expansion, was not included.

Harry further asserted that these points were generally covered by the survey even though they were not specifically listed as questions. Gary called the motion, and there were only a few "ayes" with the majority being "nay". The motion failed to pass.

Andy had a further motion pre-written which he handed out, and read, which appointed members for a special committee to redraft the letter written by the ISAS Chair to planners on results of the survey. There was no second on this motion.

Andy then passed out four separate motions that would clarify which members had voting rights at ISAS Group Board meetings. The motions would clarify those eligible to vote and expand voting rights to include: Standing Committee Chair persons on the ISAS Group Committee list; Presidents of 7S5 User Organizations; and Individual Members that have been approved by the Board. Andy asked to read all four motions and then have each voted on separately. The Chair denied Andy's request so he MOVED the first be adopted which was to limit motions and voting at ISAS Group Board meetings to only ISAS Group Members. Mike Billiar suggested an amendment to the motion that the resulting resolutions from ISAS Group committees be up to a vote by the general membership. There was no second to Mike's amendment. Erin Burns seconded Andy's original motion. After some discussion it was determined that this point was already in the by-laws and whether it needed clarification was up for debate. Betty Anglin expressed a concern about decisions being made by an ISAS committee on her behalf, without consulting her as an individual. Andy stated that the fourth motion was to include Individual Members as voting members on the ISAS Group Board. Harry suggested an amendment to that motion, that anyone who showed up to a meeting had a right to vote at that meeting. There was no second to Harry's suggested amendment. Gail Hill expressed some concern that the number of 7S5 Users has grown a lot in the last two years and that full representation has become more difficult as a result.

Andy sought to clarify this group of motions by reading all four. Motion two was to allow Chair persons for ISAS Group Standing Committees be voting members. The third Motion was to allow the User Organization Presidents be included as voting members. These are: Denny Jackson, Polk OPA Chapter; Jerry Medlock, EAA Chapter 292; Tricia Hanna, Pines Chapter99s; Lorraine Gabel, OFF; Alan Wright, IAHA; and John Conley, NPAHA. The fourth motion was to allow Individual Members that have been approved by the Board to have voting rights.

Mike Billiar re-stressed that the people must have the final say, rather than the executive committee making an arbitrary decision. Andy said that the ISAS group was not by nature a democratic organization but a Group of Representatives of all the 7S5 User organizations, Lessees and Individuals. Gary restated the mission of ISAS, that while he's chair that the interests of the airpark residents be represented in whatever matters the board discusses and votes upon. After further discussion, and further confusion expressed, it was suggested that these motions be tabled and studied more. Andy amended his motion to table his previous motion to give time for further explanation and study. Ed Hannevig seconded. All approved by voice vote.

Next in old business: the draft of the recommendation letter had been posted on the web site for elucidation, and Gary made the motion that the letter be sent out in 30 days. The motion was seconded by Buzz. All approved by voice vote.

Treasurer's report: Andy referred to his printed report which showed a bottom-line of $58.53. This left enough to cover expenses until the end of the year. Mike Billiar made the motion to approve the report as printed, Harry Bladow seconded. All approved by voice vote.

In new business: It was reported the rates for lessees in the ODA hangars are due to increase soon, and negotiations are set to be held at the Klamath Falls OAB meeting on September 17th. The lessees who were in attendance at this meeting all said they would be there.

There had been some kind of movement on the part of the City of Independence to annex the area around the junkyard, basically to gain control over the zoning in that area so that it will not be a junkyard. Further details to follow.

A new OAB Task Force is to meet every other month to discuss future State of Oregon policy on state ownership of airports and what criteria will be used to transfer ownership. Andy will notify the membership and suggested it would be a great idea for ISAS Group to have representation at these meetings.

Andy's crusade to have 7S5 dedicated as a National Historic Site, called "The End of the Old Oregon Trail Airport", was also discussed. The idea was to have it dedicated as such so that it could remain an airport in perpetuity. This could not happen until the year 2009, at which time the site will be 50 years old. The criteria and legal documents are being studied for this to occur when the time is right.

Mike Billiar made the motion to adjourn, and Betty Anglin seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM. Next meeting is to be held on December 4th at 3 PM, at Gabel's Hangar.

Respectfully submitted by Robert English, Recording Secretary.

Explanation of Four MOTIONS Tabled at 9-04-03 Board Meeting

At the September 4th ISAS Group Board meeting, I introduced four MOTIONS that were tabled for further study. The MOTIONS were to clarify who has the privilege to make motions and vote on business during Board meetings. Several members have asked this question.

My 1st MOTION was to clarify that only Board members have the privilege to make motions and to vote, according to the By-Laws. Practice has been to allow any one who attends the meeting to vote.

My 2nd motion was to expand the voting privilege at Board meetings to include current Chairs of Standing Committees. There are presently 7 StandingCommittees. The reason being that those Chairs are there to report on activity of that Standing Committee and should have the privilege to vote on issues they introduce.

The 3rd MOTION was to add the current Presidents of 7S5 User Organizations to those eligible to vote when attending Board meetings. These include: Alan Wright, IAHA; John Conley, NPAHA; Denny Jackson, Polk OPA; Jerry Medlock, EAA Ch. 292; Tricia Hanna, 99s; and Lorraine Gabel, OFF. Some members of the Board have said it is important to have more than one person representing the User Organization at Board meeting when their Director is unable to attend.

My 4th MOTION was to include all Individual Members as voting members, who attend the Board meeting and have been approved by the Board. These persons are listed in the current mailing and attendance list as Individual Members.

If approved by the Board, these changes should be considered by the By-Laws Committee for change. The purpose is to expand the voting privilege to as many 7S5 User members as possible and still keep the ISAS Group Board meetings at a reasonable level of participation to conduct business. In the past, when the ISAS Group was getting organized in 1997, improvements were being planned for 7S5 Airport Layout Plan, and Policy Issues were being formulated by the new ODA, the Board met every month to be timely with recommendations on these important issues. Now the Board meets quarterly as there are fewer issues to be resolved. Issues continue to be introduced and need to be monitored for action by the ISAS Group Board to maintain the responsibility to represent 7S5 Users. Quarterly meetings are still practical if most of the work on these issues is done by Standing or Special Committees work out details for Board action.

HAPPY LANDINGS! Andy Andersen, ISASG By-Laws Committee member.

Houses Creep Closer To Busy GA Field

(Reprinted from Rocky Mountain News, September 8, 2003)

Airports and housing developments don't mix, but try telling that to the community of Greenwood Village, near Centennial Airport in Colorado.

The community recently approved a 387-lot subdivision less than 1.5 miles from the north end of the airport's main runway. Centennial is the closest airport to downtown Denver and the second-busiest GA field in the U.S. In 1998, the airport released land-use zoning guidelines that urged local governments to prohibit new homes in areas less than 1.5 miles from the runway ends. Now, Centennial officials are worried that other tax-hungry jurisdictions will do the same and noise complaints will put the airport out of business.

But it's not like the new residents of Greenwood Village haven't been warned. Anyone buying a house in the new development is told about the airport and must sign document saying they understand that airplanes will be flying overhead. The houses also have extra noise-proofing. The land in question used to be part of Arapahoe County and it denied a similar application a few years ago. Greenwood Village annexed the land a year ago and promptly permitted the development. Colorado Counties Inc. spokesman Larry Kallenberger said these types of issues are inevitable, given the circumstances. "You have competing interests here with a second-busiest general aviation airport bordering on the fastest-growing county [Douglas] in the country, next to another one of the fastest-growing counties in the country," he said.

Could this happen to 7S5? Please be assured that many of the ISAS committee members are working hard to protect the wonderful residential aviation lifestyle that we enjoy. Please forward your comments to me at "garymail at". Thank you for your interest!

Gary Brown, Chairman - ISAS