Independence, Oregon

7S5 USERís FLIER - November 17, 2003


Gary Brown, Chair "garymail at"

Robert English, Recording Secretary

Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary - 803 Cessna St., Independence, OR 97351
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The pilots, neighbors and USERS of 7S5 are in mourning for the tragic loss of Chief Warrant Officer Eric. C. Kesterson, son of Clay and M. J. Kesterson, who live here in the Airpark. Eric died on November 15th as one of 17 soldiers in the crash of two Black Hawk helicopters in the northern Iraq city of Mosul. Kesterson was a member of the 101st Airborne Division and had been in Iraq only 10 days prior to the crash. Eric had served 8 years in the Marines and then reenlisted in the Army to pilot helicopters after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Eric had lived with his folks for a time before enlisting and worked with Clay as a part of the EAA Ch 292 "Noon Patrol" project to build 14 WW-I Replica Nieuport 11 fighter planes. Our deepest sympathy is extended for the Kesterson family during this time of tragic and untimely loss.



DATE: Thursday, December 4, 2003
TIME: 3 pm
PLACE: Gabelís Hangar, 831 Stinson St.

Suggested Agenda Items are:
- Introductions, Minutes and Treasurer's Report;
Old Business:
- Discussion of four voting issue motions tabled at last Board meeting;
- Report on OAB meeting on ODA Hangar Lease Rates;
- Report on OAB Task Force on future State Ownership of airports;
New Business:
- Suggested reorganization of ISAS Group - Chairman's Proposed Changes;
- Suggested Changes in By-Laws - Report by By-Laws Committee;
- Discussion and appointment of Nominating Committee by Board for Annual Membership Meeting in January;
- Reports by representatives of 7S5 User Organizations: IAHA; NPAHA; 7S5 Lessees; Polk Ch OPA; EAA Ch 292; Pines Ch 99s; OFF; Annie's and FBO.
- Set date _____, place ______,and time ______for Annual Membership Board Mtg.

Copy of Revised By-Laws available on ISASG web site:


NOTICE: New owners of Annie's-at-the-Airport are Erik Diehmer and Rita Lee. There plans are to change the name to Diehmer's Diner. The restaurant will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. They are planning to change the menu to include a variety of choices. Lets continue to support this "Fly-In" "Drive In" restaurant here at Independence State Airport (7S5).


NOTICE:Oregon Department of Aviation has designated a new Fixed Base Operator (FBO) for 7S5. Harry Malette and associates have formed the Independence Flyers, Inc. and is now the FBO, offering additional services The objective is to: Promote and Support Independence State Airport (7S5). Service will include:
- Aircraft rental;
- Training room to support our 5 on field instructors;
- 24/7 online weather, flight plan access;
- 24 hour oil, air & fuel at competitive prices;
- Public facility access;
- A/I Jim Conklin on staff to support all your needs;
Additional services are being planned.

Located in Malette's Hangar near Annie's.

Mailing Address: 4709 Airport Rd., Independence, OR 97351

Phone: 503.606.0903


DRAFT: Minutes of ISAS By-Laws Committee Meeting, Gabel's Hangar, October 29, 2003

Andy Andersen called the meeting to order at 7:04 PM. Gail Hill was nominated by Andy to Chair the meeting this evening, and Denny Jackson seconded. All approved by voice vote. Present were: Andy Andersen, Harry and Suzanne Bladow, Suzanne Milton, Molly and Charlie Kinyon, Betty and Emile Plude, Greg and Margaret Smith, Scott Green, Ron and Sue Salvo, Joey and Gene Connell, Monte Webster, Ross and Twyla Poppleton, Barbara and Kip Hanson, Ken and Regina Pabo, Pamela Domick, Norm Rainey, Denny Jackson, Mike Pongracz, Gail Hill, Frank and Marcia Noell, Alan Wright, Jake Thiessen, Gary Van Horn, Jon and Marilyn Husser, Betty Anglin, Betty Koch, and Randy and Roxie Stockberger.

Gail began with a statement of intention, that being that all in attendance to treat all others with respect during these proceedings. There was a question as to who exactly was on the by-laws committee, and Gail referred to a seven-page document of the By-Laws which had the full listing of this committee: John Sedey (who has since resigned), Gary Brown, Carole Gabel and Andy Andersen. The concern expressed was that this meeting had only one member and two substitutes for the committee, and that moreover this meeting might be a substitute for a November meeting. There was a clarification necessary here - the November 6th meeting, a Special ISAS Board meeting, was postponed to December 4th , when Gary Brown could attend. This evenings meeting was planned as only a "working meeting" for the by-laws committee, and scheduled to allow for Gary Van Horn to attend as consultant on By-Laws and for the IAHA board (which meets tomorrow night) to know where ISAS stands on the change in By-Laws issue.

A concern was raised by member of audience that there were only three people who were making decisions for this group and how other members will have an opportunity to participate. There were other points that others brought up that echoed that: the phrase "this is not a democratic organization" has got some people's passions stirred up, and that the current problems can be boiled down to abrasive relations between two current board members. Gail rejoined that concern by focusing on the function of ISAS to represent the airport users, and the current problem is the communication between the ISAS Directors, member organizations and members.

The question was raised as to who are members of ISAS. Some history from Andy followed going back to 1996 when ISAS was organized as a volunteer advisory group and designated by ODA as the primary advisory group for 7S5. Basically, members are the Board of Directors representing User Organizations and Individuals with interest in 7S5 who asked to be Individual members and are approved by the Board. Our mailing list of such members is now about 200 which will be those who are privileged to vote at the Annual Meeting on January 12th at 7 pm.

There was a concern voiced that certain board members had personal vendettas at heart, and that the Airpark's best interest would be served by disbanding the current board and starting all over again. Harry Bladow, representing the lessees and former Chair of ISAS, rebutted by saying that those who laid the ground work for ISAS did not have vendettas at heart at all, and Gail agreed by saying that it was not good to impugn negative motivations on people - controversy can help identify where the "machine" is broken but it can be fixed when approached positively.

Mike Pongracz stated that there seemed to be a fundamental misunderstanding about the function of ISAS. This organization is an organization of groups, not of individuals, and is/was governed by consensus. A question arose as to whether there was adequate representation from this group of volunteers, and that there should be an opportunity to vote. To answer that concern for communication, Mike stated, he is Director for EAA Ch 292 and has always discussed issues at all EAA meetings and reported back to the ISAS Board. He suggested this should be done by all Director Representatives, if it is not being done, to improve communications. Suzann Milton said their should be representation based on the numbers of persons in each sub group and opportunity for a vote in each sub group for representative on ISAS Board.

Another issue was raised from the floor that the issue of development west of the airpark did not have adequate discussion before being presented as a motion at the previous meeting. Some further discussion ensued, and there was a risk at this point of anger dominating the discussion. Harry Bladow made a statement to further clarify the issue at hand, that being the streamlined by-laws that Gary Brown had written up. Gail thanked him for that, and also clarified about the land-use issue which was settled at the last Board meeting and no longer an issue.

Denny Jackson spoke up, as Gary Brown's advocate, to explain further about Gary's position around the new by-laws - fundamentally, Gary's concern is that the old way of doing things is not good enough. He would like to streamline the By-Laws to have the ISAS Group more responsive to more people. He reorganized the Web Site to make information more available. Gary wants the By-Laws to include ideas from everyone that cares. Denny spoke about the basic function of ISAS, explaining that ISAS is not a governing body as such but does serve as a liaison between various government and social agencies that might make decisions that affect this airport.

Andy further explained the current process, and process is the fundamental disagreement between Gary and himself as he believes process is important to get product. The old by-laws were put together in 1996, when there were only 20 people organizing the ISAS Group and should in fact require revision now with this much larger constituency. This "working session" was planned to work up a new By-Laws draft, including Gary's proposal, to go to the Boards of all user organizations for their input to come back to the By-Laws Committee and/or to the ISAS Board. The Board will then post the proposed changes for 30 days and have a vote of all members. Gail made a point following this, that process IS product (as evidenced by both industry and her own experience on school boards) and a good product is evident in the improvements that have been made to 7S5 as a result of a good process. This particular meeting is not going to settle all the issues but will add to the process of drafting new By-Laws. She stated we need to slow down and be sure the user groups and all the members are included in improving communication. Concern was expressed that this meeting should be rescheduled at a time when all of the people on the committee could be there, and that there may have been some ignorance about what the ISAS Group was doing but there was no rancor involved in that ignorance. Some discussion followed about the existing ISAS Web Site, and that some proposed changes (which we're supposed to discuss tonight) have been posted on this Web Site. Andy rejoined that the current by-laws were never posted for comparison on that website despite his requests to that effect. Comment was that all relevant information should be posted.

Further concern was discussed that the current by-laws were not followed when presenting these new changes, and that these posted suggested changes (since they had not been approved by the By-Laws committee) were simply a "letter from Gary Brown" rather than an official statement from ISAS. Gail agreed, in that the current by-laws should be followed to go through the process of discussing the changes in the by-laws since the current By-Laws are the ones in effect at this time. During the discussion that followed, it was suggested that a replacement be found for John Sedey so that the committee could be four people again. A call for a volunteer was put forward, and the silence was deafening. Gary Van Horn did raise his hand, and he was accepted and voted in unanimously. The committee is now officially four people once more.

Denny Jackson, at this point, made the motion to present Gary Brown's proposed changes in the by-laws to the By-Laws Committee. Andy Andersen seconded and was passed by voice vote. Officially, discussion of Gary's proposed changes began. Mike Pongracz spoke up at this point to comment on Gary's preamble, emphasizing product over process, and that he was not in agreement with it - that he completely agreed with Gail's position that process is product. Denny responded, saying that a balance between process and product was vital. Some discussion ensued at this point, some of it potentially inflammatory, but it all came back to which exact changes the members wanted to see in the by-laws. A suggestion came from Greg Smith to define specifically what constitutes a "board member" and what constituency they represent. Further discussion ensued about representation, both adequate and inadequate. Greg also suggested definitions need to be added to define words and acronyms so all have an understanding of intended meaning. Some news came out of this discussion, in that John Hsu and Erin Burns are moving to Colorado and we are losing our FBO as the result, and that ODA has had to put gas in the tanks twice since the FBO contract was lost.

Norm Rainey voiced a concern about afternoon meetings for ISAS, he is Director representing North Park Annex Homeowner Association but can not attend afternoon meetings because of his work. There was lively discussion on both sides of this issue - mostly that evening meetings have been held before and nobody showed up to them. Gail stopped the brewing cacophony by taking an informal vote of how many people would like to attend evening meetings, if they were held, and a large number of people raised their hands. Those in attendance were happy with that.

Gail suggested at this point that the meeting be adjourned as it was getting late. Denny made the official motion, and Andy seconded. The meeting was adjourned at 8:34 PM. The date to continue the "work session" of By-Laws Committee was not set, pending availability of all members to attend an evening meeting. The next ISAS Group Board Meeting is scheduled to be Thursday, December 4th at 3 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Robert English, Recording Secretary.

NOTE: Because of concern expressed at the Oct. 29th meeting, time of December 4th Board meeting has been changed by Gary Brown, ISAS Chair, to 7 pm, in Gabel's Hangar.