Independence, Oregon


Dear fellow users of 7S5; the topic of land use and possible development of the property West of the airport was discussed at the June 5 ISAS meeting. As chairman of ISAS, I have insisted that all airport users have an opportunity to let their desires on this issue be known. It was decided by the ISAS board that a questionnaire developed by the Long Range Planning Committee on land use, be offered to the airport users for their response, which will guide the ISAS board on how to respond to the City of Independence Planning Department; Polk County Planning Department; Mid Willamette Valley council of Governments, and other governing bodies.

Please take a minute to read and respond to let us know your desires on this topic. Please respond as: “strongly favor”, “favor”, “neutral”, “oppose”, or “strongly oppose”.

Please send your completed survey to me no late than August 10, 2003 via mail to 915 Skyraider Drive; leave on my doorstep, or respond via e-mail to

Click here to see the survey. Then print it and send it to me, or copy it into e-mail and send it to me.

Thank you for your interest in our airport,

Gary D. Brown
Chairman, ISAS

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Updated 07-20-03