ISAS Meeting

DRAFT: Minutes of 7S5 Pilot Memorial Planning Committee, January 2, 2006.

Meeting called to order by Tom Ritchey at 7:15 pm in Gabel’s hangar on January 2, 2006. Those present : Tom Ritchey, Chair; Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary; Dennis Krummel, RV Pilots; Louise Parsons, Oregon Pines Ch. 99s; Dave Martin, IAHA VP; Rod Gabel, PCOPA; and John Horn, IAHA President.

Minutes of planning meeting November 14, 2005 were briefly discussed as published on ISASB Web Site. Emphasis was on early request to OANG F-15 Fly-Over and possible participation by Blackhawk helicopter. Andy presented draft of request to OANG for F-15 Fly-Over between 10 to 11 am on May 29th that he will present to ODA for approval and mail to PDX on Wednesday. Larry Kruljac will be asked to contact Oregon National Guard for helicopter for static display and fly-by. The Fly-Overs are a way of drawing attention to the Pilot Memorial Event at the airport.

It was agreed the Flag Ceremony should start at 11 am and be limited to about 30 minutes, followed by food concession sponsored by PCOPA. This will be a bratwurst or hot-dog on a bun with the trimmings and a soft drink, instead of BBQ hamburger. Price estimated at about $5. Pines Ch. 99s will have ice cream and bottled water for sale. Colin & June Powers have made their hangar available for the food, bulletin boards and other static displays.

It was confirmed that the Flag Ceremony will be on the grass area, instead of the parking lot, and to modify the beacon tower to use as the flag pole, which was approved by Tom Franklin at the last meeting. Tom has since resigned and Larry Weber will probably replace him as ODA Airports Manager. Chairs will be requested from EAA Ch. 292. Rod Gable is negotiating with Steven Springer for use of the PA system. Steve would like to be included in the program with his medley of patriotic songs but is waiting for commitment until later. Steven is also proposing bringing a youth chorus. His medley and chorus could be included after the Flag Ceremony and during the noon food concession. Rod will keep in touch with Steven and made arrangements for a PA system.

The Flag Ceremony was discussed and decided the Addessi flag be raised to full staff at 8 am by Explorer Scouts and lowered to half staff by AMVETS at 11 am They would then lead in the pledge of allegiance, followed by raising flag to full staff during singing of National Anthem. Suzanne Bladow will be asked to lead the singing. Question was raised who would provide the Invocation. There is possibility Jane Roach will be honored with presentation of a U.S. Flag so might be more appropriate to ask Pastor Mike of Baptist Church for the Invocation.

Tom will visit with Mayor McArdle and John Brunning on who will to give the Pilot Memorial Address. (At the last planning meeting, Phyllis Upright suggested Dr. Steven LaTullipe as possible speaker.) All agreed the speech should not exceed 15 minutes. Much of the time last year was reading of the names of KIA and MIA pilots. An improved bulletin board or easel could be used to post the names. Louise Parsons said the two Pines Ch 99s kiosks are available again this year for pictures provided by John Brunning and Jack Cook. Rod said the written captions for the pictures will need to be rewritten by John and Jack.

The Fly-By and Missing Man formation was discussed. Dennis Krummel suggested the RV Missing Man formation be at the conclusion when Buswell family and others are honored by presentation of U.S. Flags by Representative Darlene Hooley’s aide, Bill Ward. Andy will contact Bill to order at least 3 flags to include flags for Myron Buswell and possibly Jane Roach and Art Ptacek families. John Horn, IAHA President, will contact the IAHA Social Chair to make arrangements for families of flag recipients to attend and have a special place for seating.

The OANG F-15s are being requested as Fly-Over between 10 and 11 am which will be to alert the general public about the Memorial Day activities at the airport. Larry Kruljac will be asked to arrange a static display of a National Guard Blackhawk helicopter as a static display, which could also be involved as a part of the Fly-Over following the F-15s. If the Blackhawk is not available, to see if the U.S. Coast Guard helicopter would be available.

It was suggested the Fly-By of other aircraft, such as the PT-17s, L-4, L-17, motor glider, local sport, antique, Nieuports, ultra light, and home built aircraft be made after the F-15 Fly-Over at 10 am and before the RV Missing Man formation at the end of the Flag Ceremony. It was emphasized that all pilots participating in the Fly-By must attend the pilot pre-flight briefing, possibly as early as 8:30 am. Ron Hanna has agreed to be the Unicom traffic advisor again this year and will make arrangements with Salem Tower for both VHF & UHF radios.

With the spectators in the grass area, they will be able to see and hear the aircraft taxi and tiedown activities on the ramp as well as the Fly-Bys. Dennis suggested as much activity as possible be done on the ramp, including preparations and departure for the Fly-By flights. CAP and Aviation Explorer Scouts will be asked to direct taxi activities and park cars. Gerry Pryce or another person in EAA will he asked to be the designated Safety Officer and assist ramp activities. The Marquis Spas parking lot is available again this year to park cars and shuttle people to the airport. Louise will continue to solicit donation of use of portable restroom to supplement those in FOB and EAA buildings.

Static aircraft displays are encouraged. Dennis, Rod and Andy will encourage static displays including aircraft under construction and designate a display area. Dennis suggested contacting the U.S. Weather Service for demonstration and display of weather balloons and equipment. This would be of interest to general public as well as pilots. Model aircraft display and demonstration was also mentioned.. Lynn McDonald has a large twin flying model he has constructed that would be a possibility. Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) and other dealers will be encouraged to have a commercial display and demonstration flights.

Polk Fire Dist. #1 Fire Chief, Darrell Paterson, has said the Emergency Vehicles and volunteer staff will be available and would like a designated area to park the vehicles that is available to the airport as well as Hoffman Rd in case they are call away from airport. Because they are volunteers and it is a holiday, I have suggested they be provided a lunch for their service.

Farnstrom Mortuary has indicated they will print the program if photo ready copy is available to them to allow time to print. John Sedey as made the copy in the past but will need info for program content early. Another job is to design and print a poster for mailing to Oregon FBOs and distribution downtown. Perhaps the info on the program can be sent to FBOs and media by e-mail and save postage. Tom & Andy will work on the program and report to next planning meeting.

Next meeting is planned for Monday, February 27th at 7 pm in Gabel’s hangar. Meeting adjourned at 8:25 pm.

Minutes written by Andy Andersen, Acting Recorder.