7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

January 6, 2009


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Tom Ritchey, Robert English, Andy Andersen (OFF), Pete Weber, Mitch Swecker (ODA), Dave Martin (IAHA), Harvey James (AMVETS), and Deborah Plymate (99s).  Tralee Knapp (ODA) arrived later.


SECRETARY: the minutes from the July meeting were passed around and read by those present.  The minutes were approved with one correction: the spelling of Andy Andersen's last name.


CORRESPONDENCE: Ron Hanna will handle the Radio advisory, Chief Jason Cane of Fire District 1 will also be available, and Dan Clem of the ODA is in favor of the event for this year.  Paul Gilman of the CAP will have 8 cadets to help.  Bob Zafran will be available in uniform. Police Chief Wells will be available to handle traffic on Hoffmann Road.. Colin & June Power’s hangar is available again this year.


EVENT: There was some discussion about the Powers' hangar that is normally used for the luncheon, to also be used for the Memorial Ceremony in case of rain (like last year, when the EAA 292 hangar was temporary shelter to 200 people, making the event difficult).  It was decided that there was not enough room in Power’s hangar for both the lunch and the Ceremony.  A tent was suggested, if rain is forecast, but that would be too expensive. We just hope that the good weather holds out. Chances are favorable for that, as it has only rained twice in the 14 years that the event has been held.  There was also discussion about whether some of the honorees were actual military members, if this event was meant to honor only those who served in the military.  The tentative list of deceased pilots to be honored at the event will be discussed again at the next meeting.


Generally, people and organizations who did jobs last year are ready to do the same this year.  Steve Springer will handle the PA (saving us the rental fee) and is willing to lead in singing the National Anthem.  Pete Weber will write the request for the US Coast Guard helicopters; their response will depend on mission, weather, and maintenance.  Two helicopters were discussed, though there was some discussion about the logistics of flying in two of them at once.  Mitch Swecker will request Oregon National Guard at PDX to fly over with an F-15 around 11 AM (this depends on availability).  Farnstrom’s Mortuary will be contacted to print up the program again.  Andy and Tom will write up the newspaper articles.  Darlene Hooley is no longer in office, so Tom said he would contact the new US Representative’s office to see if her successor is available to provide the US flags for deceased pilots.  Looking over last year's program, to find if there was anything that might need to be changed in the schedule, the timing of the various parts was considered very close to ideal. 


Tom suggested that we meet once a month until the event.  The next one will be on Monday, February 9, 7:00 at the Gabel's hangar, and then try for the first Monday of each month until May.  


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Harvey James talked about "Operation Honor Flight," in April or May, which will fly WWII veterans to Washington DC all expenses paid for three days to tour the memorials (sponsored by the ODDA).  Applications should be out soon and available through AMVETS. The next local application site will be at the Elk’s Lodge downtown on Thursday January 8th.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.