ISAS Board Meeting

January 8, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Ken.  Present were Ed Hannevig (Polk County OPA), Andy Andersen (OFF), Ken Hardwick (North Park), Robert English, Mike Pongracz (EAA), Joe Zink (North Park), Dave Smith (Lessees), Larry Weber (ODA), Dick Wildman (visitor), Richard Koida  (visitor), Norm Farb (ASN AOPA), Dave Martin (IAHA), and Arleta Thiel (visitor).


UPDATE OF OFFICERS: A listing of the 2007 representatives was compiled at this meeting, and they are as follows:


IAHA: Dick Martin (alternate: John Horn)

North Annex: Ken Hardwick (alternate: Joe Zink)

Lessees: Dave Smith (alternate: Carole Gabel)

Business: Harry Malette (alternate: Dave Baker)

EAA Ch. 292: Mike Pongracz (alternate: Bob Brown)

OPA, Polk County: Ed Hannevig (alternate: Ron Hannah)

Non-voting Associate: AOPA: Norm Farb

                                Flying Farmers: Andy Andersen


The attending representatives then elected the ISAS Officers for 2007, and they are:


Chairman: Ken Hardwick

Vice Chair: Ed Hannevig

Secretary / Treasurer: Robert English


Larry Weber gave us the news from ODA: beginning on the first of February, ODA will be managing the Mulino airport having reached an agreement with the Port of Portland authority.  Their plan is to have that airport self-sufficient within 2 to 3 years.  There are now 28 airports in the system, and currently the Independence Airport is the only one paying for itself.  The next ODA board meeting is next week at the Shiloh Inn.  Anyone interested in attending this meeting should call the ODA to confirm: 503-378-4880.


SECRETARY / TREASURER: The minutes of the previous meeting were read by those present.  Mike Pongracz moved the minutes be approved as published and Dave Smith seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  The amount in the treasury is still the same: $56.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Don Jensen has decided not to buy the 190 acres, but there are two other interested parties who are going to be looking over the parcel.  There were emails circulated from the City to the effect that there was a "buildable land survey" to be conducted, as they are supposed to do every few years by law, and no zoning change can be discussed until that survey is completed.  The discussion that ensued included reminders that there were several roadblocks to any development of that land.  Groups that are interested in preserving any and all protected farmland (of which the 190 acres is currently part) will guard against any capricious change to zoning.


Andy brought up the "airport growth boundary" initiative that he is currently forwarding: the purpose of the “airport growth boundary” is to limit the use of any land around airports to airport-compatible use only.  A proposal is currently being drafted to bring before the Legislature and the "Big Look" Committee, and Senator Betsy Johnson (who used to be a director for aviation) is a likely person to carry this forward, though she won't be contacted until the proposal is drafted.  The draft will be presented to several groups for their approval, including ISAS, before being presented to the Legislature.  Ken said he had sent some letters around the North Annex to get an idea of possible support for an airport growth boundary, and a slim margin of respondents were in favor.  There was some concern that if that parcel of land was "fast-tracked" that nearly every law could be circumvented, and this possibility was discussed.  The question before the board at this time was simply to look at the proposal, not whether to approve it or not, and the majority of people present agreed that looking at the proposal was a good idea while some insisted that airparks be specifically listed as an approved land use under the “airport growth boundary” proposal.  Dave Smith moved that the term "residential airpark" be added to the draft of the “airport growth boundary” proposal as an approved use for land around airports, and Dave Martin seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


COMMITTEE REPORTS: Flying Farmers were in the process of planning their "training day" ("APT Day") on April 21, which takes care of the biennial exam, and the seminar is from 2 to 3:30 PM at the EAA hangar.


Dave Martin has made up signs barring automotive access to the taxiways, and the ground is starting to get soft enough to drill for the postholes.  A power auger is going to be rented for the job, and underground pipes and cables will be spotted before drilling.


The Memorial Day Fly-By planning is going well, with an F-15 to appear and Eagle Scouts to help out.  February 12th, at 7:00 PM, is the next planning meeting (with an alternate on February 26th).  OPA's Board has approved offering the $5.00 lunch as they did at last year's Memorial Day Fly-By, with a sign nearby for those who want a regular sit-down meal at the restaurant.


NEW BUSINESS: none to report.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: Historic Trail-Flyers will be flying to Montana to visit the Lewis & Clark Trail from the 10th to the 14th of September.  There was also an announcement for the RV-12 aircraft being featured at the February meeting of the EAA (on the 10th). Later in the year, the 24th and 25th of August are the dates for an OPA Convention at the Albany Airport.  Look on the OPA website for details (


Fred Krieg was working on the roof of his hangar and fell off the roof, breaking his back, and is currently in rehab at the Mt. Angel facility.  Those wishing to send a get-well card are welcome to do so.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.  Next scheduled meeting will be on March 12, same place at same time.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.