ISAS Board Meeting

January 9, 2012


The meeting was called to order by President Ken at 7:00 PM. Present were: Ken Hardwick, Robert English, Herb Jolliff, Andy Andersen, Roger Weber, Norm Rainey and Gary Van Horn. Jerry Pryce, David Theil, and Deborah Plymate arrived later.


ELECTION OF DIRECTORS: Before roll call, Ken asked if there were any changes in representatives.  After asking around the table, there were no changes in any groups.  Ken then asked if there were any volunteers for directorship of ISAS.  Gary Van Horn moved that the slate continue into 2012, and Herb Jolliff seconded.  After a brief discussion, all approved by voice vote.


SECRETARY: minutes of the previous meeting were passed around for perusal.  There was a correction about the language in Gary Van Horn's synopsis, that it should read as follows: the FAA cannot use the existence of residential TTF agreement as evidence of non-compliance for grant assurances.  Herb Jolliff made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected, and Roger Weber seconded. All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: The treasury amount is still the same, $42.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Gary Van Horn summarized the outcome of the question about a parallel grass runway here at 7S5.  It would have to be on the 41 acre plot to the West, as there needs to be a certain distance between parallel runways, and the purchase of this plot of land is not in the budget. The synopsis is that it won't be on the agenda again unless that land becomes part of the airport.


The documents for Change in Frequency have supposedly been turned in for FCC evaluation, but Ken hadn't been updated on it. Deborah had said she had corresponded with John Wilson on November 26, after our meeting, and she had some specific recommendations: 123.075 and 122.975. With everything that is happening in Aurura, though, it is likely that this is on the back burner and nothing has happened with it.  Ken said he would send him an email and ask about progress on this point.


The security gate issue also needs to be followed up on, since Mitch said it was a good idea and security is a high priority. Ken said he would also ask after that.


NEW BUSINESS: Andy spoke up about the OFF ground school seminar. Neil White has responded favorably about coming back to do the seminar, as he stepped in at the last minute last year and did very well.  He also spoke about the upcoming planning meeting for the 19th Annual Memorial Day Event.  The committee meeting will be Monday Feb 6 at the Independence Library. There are eight or ten pilots on record that will be honored this year, and Kurt Schrader will be asked to provide the flags as he has in years past.  Last year's co-chair is currently employed in Texas but thought he would be able to be a speaker at the event.


Norm brought up the fact that Flightcraft International at Portland Airport, recently purchased by Atlantic Aviation, now charges a $50.00 fee. Ken showed the flyer for the OAB meeting which is due to be held on February 9 at the Salem Conference Center. One of the members is currently running the Port of Portland, and this meeting is a perfect opportunity to gripe about this new fee at Flightcraft.  It starts at 10:00 AM and usually ends at 2:00 PM.


GROUP REPORTS: Each group was asked to report anything new in their particular groups.  Aside from the North Annex's ongoing taxiway work, and the EAA's plans for the fly-in and youth outreach program, there was nothing to report. Deborah, on behalf of the 99s, said that she had reported last year about various stripe painting that needs to be done on various taxiways and has had no action on it.  Ken said he would send an email about that to see if something can be scheduled for that.


ADJOURNMENT: The next meeting is scheduled here at the EAA hangar for Monday April 9.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.