ISAS Meeting

January 10, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 8:10 PM by President Ken.  Present were: Ken Hardwick, Dave Martin, Herb Jolliff, Robert Engish, Andy Andersen, Deborah Plymate, Roger Weber, and Dave Thiel.


The first order of business was to figure out who the representatives were present and whether we actually had a quorum.  Dave was still the OPA representative, and Deborah was stil the Business rep.  Herb Jolliff represented IAHA, Ken is the Lessee's rep, and Roger Weber is the rep for EAA chapter 292.  With five representatives we have a quorum.


Roger made the motion that the officers for 2010 be kept on for 2011.  After some discussion, the voice vote was unanimous in approval.


Those present read the minutes printed out from the web version.  Dave moved that the minutes be approved as presented, and Herb seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


The amount in the treasury is still the same, $42.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Gary Van Horn could not be here tonight to give a brief presentation about the current state of TTF, which favors us right now since the Airpark is "grandfathered" as far as the FAA is concerned. The property west of the airpark is still for sale, and the ODA has no money with which to purchase it.  The insurance policy minimum amount for leased hangars has been boosted to a million dollars as of 2011, there's talk of raising the tie-down rates, and the maintenance work is subcontracted out.  The next meeting of the Board of Aviation is January 27, from 10 to 2 during the day, in Portland at the Chinook Conference Room. 


Dave mentioned the drainage ditch issue which the IAHA has decided to do nothing about it.  Roger, being a member of the Water District, said that the real ditch problems are located beyond the airpark boundary, so if any work is done on the ditch within the airpark it would not cure the problem.


NEW BUSINESS: Andy handed out copies of last year's program for the Memorial Day fly-in, and spoke of plans for the 18th annual event.  Sixteen people who have passed on are being weighed as to whether they meet the criteria.  Tom Ritchey has bowed out of the chairman position due to his health, and he has said he would recommend someone but we don't know who it is yet.  Andy said he would contact ODA to get the groundwork started for May.  Andy also mentioned the Flying Farmers APT flight review on April 16th, which is a free seminar with two CFIs: Denton Honbeck and John Horn.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Andy mentioned that the California chapter of the Flying Farmers has disbanded, so the members are now part of the Tri-State region of Flying Farmers.


Next meeting date is scheduled for April 11, and the EAA hangar has already been scheduled for that date at 7:00 PM.


ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.