ISAS Board Meeting

January 12, 2009


The meeting was called to order by President Ken at 7 PM.  Present were: Molly Kinyon, Debbie Draeger, Carole Gabel, Maurice & Robin Reid, Mike Billiar, Andy Andersen, Henry & Donna Bartle, Greg Smith, Kathy Roberts, Jim & Kathy Hubele, Pete Weber, Jan & Marilyn Husser, Lynn McDonald, Rita Ragerson, Bob & Kelly Schargh, Dale & Sandy Gallagher, Nola Rainey, Charles & Judi West, Ed Hannevig, Gary Van Horn, Ernie &Marlene Moreno, and Sam & Sandi Archer.  Most people were here for the first part, to hear the guest speaker.


GUEST SPEAKER: Before the meeting began, Rita Rogerson, who is the contract leasing manager for the ODA, gave a brief progress report about the ongoing agreement negotiations between the ODA and the Airpark Homeowners Associations.  The negotiations are essentially complete, and it looks like both the North and South agreements will be ratified very soon.  Among the differences between the new and old agreements, one is that each lot pays an ingress/egress fee whether developed or not (to insure that FAA requirements are upheld), and the other is that tail-numbers of hangared aircraft be logged (knowing how many aircraft are here, and making sure they are all registered, has a direct bearing on the Federal money that the ODA receives).  Stearman Street is now rolled into the IAHA agreement, instead of having a separate arrangement with the ODA.  The expiration dates for the North and South agreements are the same as before, coming up for renewal in different years.  Each agreement allows for a reassessment of fees every five years and a renewal of the agreement every ten years.  The FAA is going to look over the existing agreements and get back to us about their decision soon.


NEW REPRESENTATIVES: Board Members for the 2009 ISAS Board were named:

            IAHA: Herb Jolliff and Kelly Wilson

            NORTH ANNEX: Dick Wildman and Wayne Wineland

            HANGAR LESSEES: Jim Davis and Ken Hardwick

            FBO: Harry Malette and Dave Baker

            EAA: Bob Brown and Dave Martin

            OPA: Jim Hubule and Carole Gabel


                        OFF: Andy Andersen

                        AOPA: Norm Farb


OFFICERS: Nominations were taken for ISAS Officers for the new year.  Herb Jolliff nominated Ken Hardwick for Chairman and Carole Gabel seconded.  Carole nominated Dave Martin for the Vice Chair position and Andy Andersen seconded.  Andy Andersen nominated Robert English to continue as Secretary and Treasurer, and Dave Martin seconded.  The nominations were swift and the slate closed very fast afterward, keeping the same people as from 2008.

            CHAIRMAN: Ken Hardwick

            VICE CHAIRMAN: Dave Martin

            SECRETARY/TREASURER: Robert English


SECRETARY / TREASURER: The minutes for the August 11 meeting were read at the meeting. Dave Martin made the motion that the minutes be approved as read.  Herb Jolliff seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  The minutes for October 13 were read for information only since that meeting did not have a quorum.


The treasury still has the same amount: $42.83.


OLD BUSINESS: The urban growth boundary was the first item; the City Council has that item on their agenda for Wednesday night, January 14, at 7:00. 


Dan Clem has written letters to the FAA requesting that the 41 acres to the West be purchased for the ODA.


The legislative move for an "airport planning area," sponsored by the OFF and the OAA, is set to resume this year as the Oregon Legislature is now back in session.  This is a reworded attempt at setting a buffer zone around established airports. It will establish an Airport Planning Area with a 3-mile radius from the runway, around all public use airports to insure the local planning authority considers keeping the airport operational in the planning process.  We have been losing an average of 1 airport every 2 weeks in the nation, primarily because of urban sprawl.  The new bill will also define an Airpark, using the working in the Independence City ordinance, as a part of the ORS.  The bill is being reviewed by the Legislative Council to be sure the language meets the legal requirements.  We have a full time lobbyist to follow the bill.  Andy said that he would notify the ISAS when testimony for a sub-committee might be needed.


The Memorial Day Fly-By, to be held on May 25 this year, was also announced by Andy who stated that the 2008 event was successful enough that no major changes were planned.  He passed around copies of the old program from last year's event.  The next meeting to plan the 2009 event will be on February 2nd.


The Annual Proficiency Training ("APT"), sponsored by the OFF, will be held again this year on Saturday April 18th with a seminar in the afternoon. This year's event will be held "rain or shine."  The EAA hangar may be the seminar location, but approval from them is forthcoming.  More details will be provided as the date draws near.   


NEW BUSINESS: The goose cannon have been pulled back, since the City has passed an ordinance saying that no goose cannons would be allowed within city limits.  They are now only operating in the unincorporated area.  Folks in the North Annex are still suffering when the cannon goes off.  There are no noise ordinances governing this sort of thing at this time.  There is a State Law regarding a farmer's right to  maintain his farm in a profitable manner, but that can be variously interpreted. 


There was some discussion among attending members about whether County noise ordinances could eventually be used to hamper airport operation.  Andy again brought up his idea about a golf course which would serve as a buffer zone, but discussion implied that the geese would actually love a golf course.


The next ODA Board meeting is to be held at the Salem Convention Center on February 18th. 


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dave Martin made an announcement about a Federal legislative move by Congressman Barney Frank to withdraw loan guarantees from any company that owns a corporate private plane.  This could seriously impact FBOs and any organization that is directly involved with maintaining general aviation aircraft. 


He also made an announcement about ongoing efforts to find someone to shepherd a bill through the Oregon Legislature that would mandate ethanol-free premium fuel be available at gas stations were premium grade fuel is available.  Some gasoline engines for boats, old cars, airplanes, and some large chainsaws have difficulty with ethanol-blended fuels.  There is a 76 Union station in Monmouth that has promised to carry ethanol-free fuel should enough people request it.


NEXT MEETING: The next meeting of ISAS will be on Monday April 13, 7:00, at the Gabel's Hangar.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, assisted by Kathy Hubele and from tape recording made by Andy Andersen.