ISAS  Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2014


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by ISAS Board Chairman Ken Hardwick.


Board members present were: Norm Rainey, North Park HOA / Herb Jolliff & Gary VanHorn, South Park HOA / Roger Weber & David Ullman EAA Chapter 292 / Marcia Noell & Mark Matthews, OPA Polk County / David Theil & Ken Hardwick, Hangar Lessee’s.  Andy Anderson represented the Flying Farmers.

Guests present were Paul Sieber and Charlie Lantus (sp).


Election of Officers.   The first order of business was to elect the ISAS Board Officers for 2014. The 2013 Officers were nominated and re-elected. Elected were: Ken Hardwick, Chairman, Marcia Noell, Vice Chairman and Robert English, Secretary / Treasurer.

There was no change to the 2014 Area Board Members.


Minutes. The July meeting minutes were approved as written. The minutes are on the website.

Treasures Report. No Change.  $42.83

Old Business:

Pilots Memorial Day Event. Margaret Cleveland was nominated and accepted as the Secretary to this ISAS sponsored event. Danny Jaffer is the Chairman.

Taxi way access Gate. A discussion was held on the possible replacement of the gate or at least better security features at this location. Most all comments were positive concerning doing something to limit unauthorized access to the airport. The discussion centered on the ODA as owners of the Independence Airport would have the final decision on any change to the gate. Paul Sieber was the lone opposition. He expressed his opinion that access should not be restricted and stated the ODA was “incompetent” to make those decisions and that the homeowners were “anal retentive”.


New Business.

Dave Ullman wanted to discuss the purpose of the ISAS group. The discussion focused on that ISAS was the official spokesperson to the Oregon Department of Aviation for all issues concerning the Independence State Airport. Andy Anderson volunteered to write up a short history of ISAS


Upcoming Events &  Announcements.

The Pilots Memorial Day Event is scheduled for May 26 at 7S5.

The Independence Fly-in is tentatively scheduled for August 17 (Schedule confirmed later to be from August 15 to 17).


Next ISAS Meeting

The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 14, 2014. 7:00 PM, EAA Hanger.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 PM. The minutes were taken by Chairman, Ken Hardwick.