ISAS Board Meeting

January 14, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Ken at 7:03 PM.  Present were: Glenn Plymate, Pete Weber, Andy Andersen, Robert English, John Horn, Dick Wildman, Dave Martin, Ken Hardwick, Greg Guy, Tom Ritchie, Larry Weber, Dan Clem, Doug Davis, and Pam Domick.  Ken requested a roll call of the 2008 officers so that everyone could know who represented which organization.


IAHA: Herb Jolliff, Kelly Wilson

NORTH ANNEX: Ken Hardwick, Dick Wildman

LESEES: Greg Guy, Doug Davis

FBO: Harry Malette, Dave Baker

EAA 292: none (Pete Weber volunteered to talk to Bob Brown)

OPA: Dave Martin, Doug Davis


Non-Voting Members:

AOPA: Norm Farb



ELECTION: Nominations were opened by Ken.  For Chairman, Andy nominated Ken Hardwick, and Dick Wildman seconded.  For vice-chairman, Dave Martin volunteered after no one was nominated.  For Secretary/Treasurer, Dick nominated Robert English and Dave Martin seconded.  The nomination was closed with the following slate: Ken Hardwick as Chairman, Dave Martin as Vice Chair, and Robert English as Secretary and Treasurer.  Candidates were all unopposed, and were elected by unanimous voice vote.


SECRETARY/TREASURER: Minutes of the previous meeting were circulated and read by those present.  Dave Martin said that he did not say anything about the ODA having a certain amount of money, so that sentence was changed to read "there was a rumor" without any specific person quoted.  Dave Martin made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected, and Andy seconded.  The motion passed by unanimous voice vote. The treasury amount is still the same: $42.83.


GUESTS: Dan Clem, the new director of the ODA, thanked those in attendance, particularly Ken for attending the previous ODA meetings which had some rather spirited discussions.  Dan said he'd been invited to speak at the Memorial Day Fly-By event this coming year and was excited bout that.  He also spoke about the upcoming agendas for ODA meetings, particularly along the lines of getting Federal money for airport projects and maintenance.  Dan also spoke at length about ODA's role of protecting airports, how some Federal policies work against this goal (short version: the Federal and State views of residential airparks are not in agreement), and also about aviation fuel being exempt from the new regulations about blending Ethanol with gasoline: there was much discussion on this point in particular.  Ken passed out the year's schedule, which included the next one on January 23 and 24.  There was also some discussion about the ODA's budget as well as the process of evaluating what to charge lessees for hangar rent (adjustments every two years and hiring an appraiser to assess marketable rent).  Larry Weber said that there would be some maintenance on the rotating beacon, and thanked those in attendance for letting the ODA know.  The emergency drills and exercises for airport accidents were being coordinated with local police and fire departments, and Larry thanked Norm Farb for his input and being the coordinator for State volunteers.  Larry also spoke about the recent accident here at the airport, and reminded those attending to also notify the ODA in addition to police and fire departments.  Tom Ritchie spoke briefly about the upcoming Memorial Day Fly-By event, with the anticipated participation of the Air Force and the National Guard, and asked if anyone present wanted to volunteer to help out for this year. 


OLD BUSINESS: The City of Independence Urban Growth Boundry was the primary focus of discussion this evening.  Ken passed out some documents, including a photocopy of a newspaper clipping from the Itemizer-Observer about a study being conducted regarding the land to the west of the airport.  The City does not have the time or the money for such a study, however, and an email from Mike Danko made it clear that no plans were being made for this land.  That land is not on the Urban Growth Boundry.  Norm stated that such a study would normally cost in the neighborhood of $10,000 to $14,000, and he had found one person who was qualified to work on such a study: Aron Faegre, who studied this airpark back in 1997.  Dan Clem warned that it would take the City and the LCD to approve it, because if the study is not sanctioned it will have no effect. 

Andy brought up the Airport Protection Boundary bill that the Flying Farmers had sponsored last year and is hoping to push into legislative session again this year.  A copy of the new language was passed around for those attending to read.  One key change was removing the word "boundary" since that was a stumbling block the last time it was introduced.  Work on the language of the proposed bill is ongoing at this time.


NEW BUSINESS: Andy chimed in about the planning committee for the Memorial Day Fly-By event, and that their next meeting would be on Monday February 11 at 7:00 PM.  Pete Weber commented that the F-15 and Coast Guard helicopter were on to appear.  Andy also mentioned the "APT-day", that the Flying Farmers sponsor each year, which will occur on April 19th here at the airport from 8:00 AM until the day's over.  He also mentioned that he had been to Anaheim for the "All-American City Award", and Independence made it to the top 20, but not the top 10.  Andy also included a word about pitching the idea of a golf course to the north of the airport, and the mayor generally likes the idea.


GENERAL ANNOUNCEMENTS: Dave Martin mentioned that the OPA chapter will be meeting at the EAA hangar.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.  Next meeting was to be on Monday, April 14th, at 7:00 PM.  Location has yet to be determined.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, recording secretary.