ISAS Board Minutes

Annual Meeting

Jan 14, 2013


The Annual Meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by President Ken Hardwick. A quorum of Board Members were present. A large number of airpark residences and quests were also present for a total of 44. There were several quest speakers at the meeting.

Michael Danko, City of Independence - Mr. Danko gave a detailed update complete with charts on the flood issues at 7S5. He explained the work that has been done since the flooding last year and reviewed the work that is still to be done including a city contract to study the airport drainage system. Many questions were answered by Mr. Danko and his staff.

David Clyne, Independence City Manager Mr. Clyne was present to discuss the financial problems faced by the city and to explain the bond issue that will possibly be presented to the city residents for a vote. Mr. Clyne took the heat and also answered numerous questions.

Jim Hand, Macadam Forbes Real Estate - Mr. Hand and his associate Matt Adams are the real estate brokers that are working for Gary Gentemann, the owner of the property on the West side of 7S5. Mr. Hand updated the group on the current marketing plans to sell the 190 acres. Some questions were also answered from the ISAS group.

Matt Mass, Oregon State Airport Manager Matt updated the group on several aviation issues. Those issues include: 7S5 new radio frequency Drone activity in Oregon Recent aircraft accidents in Oregon Siletz Bay Airport improvements Pacific City Airport problems Aurora Tower update - Monthly meetings for ODA & Aviation gas tax. Mr Mass also took questions.

Previous Meeting Minutes - The minutes of Oct. 8, 2012 were read and approved as published.

Treasures Report - No change, $42.83

Pilots Memorial Tribute - Andy Anderson spoke on the upcoming event sponsored by ISAS.

APT Day - Andy Anderson also spoke on the pilot training day at 7S5 on April 6th.

New Business Because of the time constraints no new business was brought up.

Election of ISAS Officers - Board Officer elections were held for 2013. Elected were;

Chair - Ken Hardwick

Vice Chair Marcia Noell

Sec / Treasurer Robert English


ISAS Board Members The listing below contains the 2013 Board Members from the different groups.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM - Next meeting date is April 8, 2013 at the EAA Hangar.


2013 - ISAS Board Members

Independence State Airport Support Group

2013 - ISAS Board Officers

Chair - Ken Hardwick

Vice Chair - Marcia Noell

Sec / Treas - Robert English



IAHA South - Independence Airpark Homeowners Association

Gary VanHorn

Herb Jolliff


North Park - Independence Airpark Homeowners Annex

Norm Rainey

Jerry Pryce


Hangar Lessees

Ken Hardwick

David Thiel


Commercial Business

Debra Plymate

Marici Reid


EAA Chapter 292

Roger Weber

David Ullman


Oregon Pilots Assn. / Polk County Chapter

Mark Matthews

Marcia Noell


Associate Members (Non Voting)

AOPA, Debra Plymate

Flying Farmers, Andy Andersen