2014 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event, Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2014.

Planning Meeting

 Wednesday, January 15, 2014 7 pm, Independence Library



In attendance were the following: Danny Jaffer, chair; Andy and Connie Anderson, Flying Farmers; Paul Gilman, CAP; Al and Margaret Cleveland EAA 292; Mark Matthews, OPA; Ken Hardwick, ISAS.


Meeting was called to order by Danny Jaffer. Minutes of the June 2013 were  meeting were passed out for review. No action was taken on these minutes as they had previously been accepted by email. Discussion was held regarding the success of last year’s function and suggestions for changes this year. See below for individual topic discussions.


Dave Martin brought up work excessive work Andy Andersen has put into getting family representatives be present for honors.  He suggested working on possible confirmation or not included in ceremony.  We have 4 flags still left from 2013.


ODA Permission: There was no ODA representative present. Danny Jaffer will ask ODA permission for use of 7S5 for 21st Annual Pilot Memorial Event on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014, and use of beacon tower for Flag Ceremony


OANG Fly-Over: There was no ODA representative present. Danny Jaffer will contact Mitch Swecker to see if this is possible this year.


Program: A copy of the program was distributed for review. We will follow the same format. Program Items:


·        Flag Ceremony: CAP and BSA will work together to present colors and lead the ceremony. Paul Gilman will contact the Scouts through Marici Reid to arrange participation. Danny Jaffers will contact Steve Springer for the national anthem, using a more upbeat version.

·        Welcome: Several names were suggested, with agreement of Paul Hudgins or Mitch Swecker, with RP Joe Smith as alternate. Danny Jaffers will contact these men.

·        Invocation: It was suggested to continue with Rev. Michael Parks. Danny Jaffers will make contact.

·        Tribute to Pilots: Several names were mentioned. Danny Jaffers will make contact.

·        Placement of Pilot Memorial Wreath: The 99s have agreed to provide a wreath again this year. CAP and BSA youth will place the wreath at the appropriate time.

·        Presentation of Flags and Memorials: Congressman Kurt Schrader’s office will provide the flags and certificates again this year. We will provide names of deceased pilots in time for certificate preparation. Cutoff dates were discussed. Mid February was thought to be too early, missing some who might die after that date and not be honored in a timely manner. We will adjust this on an as-needed basis if there is time to get flags and certificates for later deaths. Danny Jaffers will work with Schrader’s office if we need late entries. Margaret Cleveland will provide names to Danny.

·        Missing Man Formation: Airpark RV Pilots and Warbirds will provide this again this year. Dennis Krummel and Denny Jackson will lead this activity. Danny Jaffers will confirm.

·        Recognition of Veterans present: Danny Jaffers will work with Steve Springer to provide the medley of military music for this activity.

·        Taps: Dannielle Ritacco expressed desire to do this following last year’s event. She will be asked to provide this again. Danny Jaffers will follow up on this.



Additional Discussion:


1.      ISAS will provide individual American flags to be passed out by CAP and BSA youth.

2.      Ramp Activities: Margaret Cleveland will contact Patty Viall to act as tower control. Al Cleveland will lead parking of aircraft and safety on the ramp. A safety corridor map has been provided to ODA.

3.      Fly-By of various aircraft: Warbirds, helicopters, powered gliders, home built, light sport, ultralight, classic & antique aircraft. Lynn McDonald has been leader. Mandatory Pre-Flight for all pilots in Fly-By will be done by Dave Martin or Lynn McDonald.

4.      Community Picnic Lunch 11:30 am to 1 pm by PCOPA, held in Nutsch Aviation Hangar  Chairs will be provided by Danny Jaffers as last year. Proceeds of the luncheon are used to buy the flags that fly over the airport throughout the year.

5.      US Coast Guard static display and Rescue Demonstration will be requested. Danny Jaffers will work with USCG.

6.      In the past, a display of those killed or missing in action were requested. Due to lack of staffing, this is not an option. Danny Jaffer will ask Neal Haugen for a photo display of old planes instead.

7.      Open house will be held at the EAA hangar and at Nutsch Aviation following the event. Each facility will handle their own event.

8.      Permission will be requested to use the Marquis Spa parking lot. Margaret Cleveland will follow up on this.

9.      Shuttle buses from First Baptist church with driver has been requested. Use of Nutsch’s shuttle bus (with driver) will also be requested. Margaret Cleveland will follow up on this.

10.  Farnstorm Mortuary has printed program and posters in the past. Lois Martin has developed the program. She will not be available this year. Margaret Cleveland will work directly with Farnstorm to develop and produce the documents. There are currently eight names on the deceased list. Margaret will provide a list of names to Danny Jaffers

11.  The news release will be written by Danny Jaffers.

12.  Barricade placement and parking will be handled by EAA. Al Cleveland will facilitate.

13.  Porta-potti (Marici Reid) and dumpster (Brandt’s Sanitation) will be requested by Margaret Cleveland.

14.  Backup use of the EAA hangar is approved in case of inclimate weather.

15.  Lawn mowing will be arranged by ODA.

16.  CAP will raise the MIA flag on the restaurant flag pole at 8:00. Paul Gilman will facilitate. Al Cleveland will be back up.

17.  CAP will help park aircraft and man the post at entrance to Airport Rd to control limited vehicle traffic to restaurant parking, Disabled and VIP parking.  Due to safety concerns, scouts will not be able to direct traffic. The restaurant has been notified of the day’s activity and intent to protect their parking.

18.  Emergency Services will be requested to be on sight. City Police could also use this event as a good public relations event. Danny Jaffers will contact both agencies.


The next meeting will be Wednesday, February 19, 7:00 p.m., Independence Public Library. The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 p.m.