ISAS Board Meeting

January 16, 2006


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by ISAS Board Chairman Ken Hardwick.  Present were: Dave Martin, Andy Andersen, Robert English, Mike Pongracz, Ed Hannevig, Ken Hardwick, and Dave Smith.  Also present were Alan Wright, Pete Weber, Carole Gabel, Phyllis Upright, Paul Beecroft, Pamela Domick, Fred and Carole Krieg, Norm & Rita Farb, Jim & Kathy Hubele, Chuck West, Rich Frost, Bonnie Ford-Binder, and Jack Johnson.


Ken introduced the new board members for 2006: the board member for IAHA is Dave Martin.  KenHardwick is the rep for the North Annex, with the alternate being Joe Zink.  The Lessees are being represnted by Dave Smith, and the alternate is Carole Gabel.  The Business representative is Harry Malette.  The EAA chapter 292 reps are Mike Pongracz with Al Cleveland as alterate.  The rep for the OPA is Ed Hannevig, with Norm Farb as alternate.


Andy Andersen read a previously prepared statement announcing that he can no longer continue his active involvement in airport issues, and his hope was that work on behalf of the airport would continue with others devoting the time.  He listed the people who are assisting to keep the Independence Airport active, and also listed the upcoming meetings which need to have ISAS representation.  Ken added that the purpose of the ISAS group is to keep the airport an active part of the community, if only because the residents represent a very large share of the tax base of the area.  There was a question from the floor about which activities on Andy's list were the highest priority.  Andy's answer was that these various tasks needed to be evaluated individually by the various organizations that make up ISAS.  Ken said that there would be more flyers being walked from door-to-door as the last one was about these issues.


SECRETARY: There were four sets of draft minutes posted on the web site.  There had been one correction of paragraph 4 of the December minutes, having to do with Measure 37, which was duly noted.  Mike Pongracz made the motion to approve the minutes as corrected.  Dave Martin seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


TREASURER: No change to the kitty, still at $31.83.


INVESTMENT CORPORATION: Alan Wright made a small speech about the Gentemann's property to the west of the airport and what it would take to acquire it.  The current asking price is $22,000 per acre.  Because the current owners took title in 1995 they may not have a valid claim under the Measure 37 statute, besides the land being within EFU (Exclusive Farm Use) that is very hard to change.  City policy states that no outside development can be tied into City services such as water and sewer without being annexed into the City.  The plot of land to the south of the runway is currently priced at $40,000 per acre and is zoned light industrial.  The FAA is preventing anything from being built there at the moment since it is right under the southern approach.  The land to the east is zoned heavy industrial and the City would like to keep it that way, but considering that there are houses being built along the railroad tracks on the other side casts some doubt on whether the City will change their minds.  The next point he brought up was that stakeholders within the airpark could pool their funds with the intention of purchasing the land around the airport.  The main purpose was to protect everyone's existing investment. Ken asked whether this needed to wait until Measure 37 is decided, and Alan responded by saying that this time is best:  the value of the land is more questionable with Measure 37 undecided in the courts.  The land is most likely to be developed at some point, though certainly not in the near future.  A question was raised from the floor about the adjacent 40 acres and whether Gentemann is willing to parcel this out.  Alan answered by saying that there had been some positive contact in that regard.  Mike Pongracz said that there was an offer on the table from the farmer who is currently farming the land, and the best solution for all concerned is for this land to continue to be farmed.  Alan gave some family history: Mr.Gentemann had been burned once before by someone buying land as farmland then developing it.  Discussion about Measure 37 and its ramifications followed.  Ken said that a final decision about this was not going to be made at tonight's meeting.   He asked if a motion would be made to further investigate the possibility to form an investment corporation.  Dave Martin made the motion, and the motion died for lack of a second to the motion.  Mike said he did not second the motion because he did not  want word to get back to Mr. Gentemann that there would be a viable offer in the works.


PILOT'S MEMORIAL: Ken showed the map that detailed the plan for a "Pilot's Memorial Park" around the S-curve in Hoffmann Road.  Phyllis Upright spoke about this, saying that she was having a meeting at her house on the 25th at 2:30 PM about the feasibility of this park.  Andy chimed in saying that the City suggested that there be a park around the S-curve, with the main intention that the land be cleaned up and kept clean. 


AIRPORT RESTAURANT: The "Starduster" is currently closed, and is up for sale.  Dave spoke about this, saying that it was difficult to have a destination airport without someplace to eat.  There is an upcoming meeting with the ODA at which the conditions of the lease can be discussed.


There was no new business before the Board, so the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, recording secretary