2017 7S5 Pilot Aviator Memorial Event, Memorial Day, Monday, May 29, 2017.

Meeting Minutes, Tuesday, January 17, 2017 7 pm, Independence Library


Attendees: Jeanne Wildman, Program Co-chair; Margaret Cleveland, Secretary; Ken Hardwick, ISAS; Steve Moser, BSA Troop 38; Evan Sorce, Rep Evansí Office


1.       A round table of introductions was held. As this is the first meeting for Jeanne Wildman, Margaret Cleveland explained the process of the planning committee and helped lead the meeting.

2.       ODA has given permission for this body to use 7S5 and use of the beacon tower for Flag Ceremony for Annual Aviator Memorial Event on May 29 per John Wilson. John is also requesting the Fly-Over of F-15s by OANG at PDX.

3.       The 2016 program was shared and discussed.

4.       Participation in Flag Ceremony will be the same as last year with Steve Springer being asked to lead singing of the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance by the Boy Scouts.

5.       Ken Hardwick is attending the ODA Board meeting this week and will arrange for one of their members to handle the Welcome.

6.       Rev. Michael Parks has agreed to do the invocation.

7.       It was suggested to ask Danny Jaffer to do the Tribute to Pilots. Jeanne Wildman will contact him. 

8.       As in the past, the 99ís will be invited to provide the Pilot Memorial Wreath with the CAP Cadets placing it near the podium. Margaret Cleveland will contact Debra Origer to make arrangements.

9.      Congressman Kurt Schrader will be contacted again this year to provide Honorary Flags and Certificates for families of deceased men. Obituary dates are March 1, 2016 to March 1, 2017 in order to allow for processing flags orders. Steve Moser is researching the obituaries to be sure we cover all eligible pilots. He will have all copies of obituaries to Margaret Cleveland by January 26th. Deb Kelly has stepped up to call families for participation. Margaret will pass all available information to her to have her complete calls by March 1st. All flags must be ordered by March 15 in order to be received and certificates proofed, allowing for replacements if necessary.

10.   Missing Man Formation has been led by Dennis Krummel and Denny Jackson, Airpark RV Pilots in the past. They will do this again this year.

11.   Steve Springer has provided a musical medley recognition of veterans present in the past and will do again.

12.   TAPS will be played by Scooter Reid, timed with the missing man fly over.

13.   Static display of aircraft on ramp will be allowed again this year although it will not be staffed.

14.   Fly-By of various aircraft including warbirds, helicopters, powered gliders, home built, light sport, ultralight, classic & antique aircraft will happen before and after the event. Lynn McDonald has been requested to step down this year as leader. We are looking for a new leader. There is a mandatory pre-flight for all pilots in Fly-By, possibly by Dave Martin or other.

15.   The Community Picnic Lunch 11:30 am to 1 pm will again be done by BSA Troop 38. The location is yet to be determined as there may be construction around the Bartle Hangar this year. As time approaches, we will need to verify this.

16.   Jeanne Wildman will contact Marquis Spa and El-Kay Cabinets for use of their Parking lot on Memorial Day.

17.   Jeanne Wildman will contact Marici Reid to make arrangements for the shuttle busses to airport from the parking lot(s). The bus is owned by the Assembly of God Church.

18.   Lois Martin has stepped up to help with the program. Farnstrom Mortuary prints the Program and Posters. Margaret Cleveland has the Masters for Program and Posters.

19.   Jeanne Wildman and Margaret Cleveland will jointly write the News Releases.

20.   Need volunteers are to put up barricade along ditch, print signs for event and direction signs for parking. EAA Ch 292 has provided volunteers and signs in past.

21.   Need volunteers to help park Aircraft and man the post at entrance to Airport Rd to control limited vehicle traffic to restaurant parking, Disabled and VIP parking. Boy Scouts and CAP have helped. Al Cleveland will provide leadership to whoever is placing the signs.

22.   Steve Springer has agreed to lead singing National Anthem, using his PA system and to provide tape of Military music.

23.   Jeanne Wildman will contact FBO, Marici & Robin Reid, for use of restrooms.

24.   Jeanne Wildman will contact Brandtís Sanitation to provide trash dumpster. They donate service, delivery and pick-up.

25.   EAA Ch 292 hangar approved use of their building for Memorial Ceremony in case of rain. They have also approved use of their chairs, tables, and podium.

26.   Next Planning Committee meeting will be March 8, 7:00 p.m. Independence Library.