2015 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event, Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2014.

Planning Meeting, Wednesday, January 21, 2015 7 pm, Independence Library


Meeting Minutes


1.       Attendees: Danny Jaffer, chair; Margaret Cleveland corresponding secretary, Paul Gilman, CAP; Marcia Noell, OPA; Bob Zafran, FRA  


2.       Danny Jaffer will ask John Wilson, ODA, for permission to use 7S5 for 22nd Annual Pilot Memorial Event on Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, and use of beacon tower for Flag Ceremony. Danny Jaffer will ask Mitch Swecker if the OANG will be available for a fly-over of F-15s from PDX


3.       The 2014 program was distributed and discussed. The same format will be used with minor changes:


a.       Welcome will be done by Paul Evans and will be a welcome by the State of Oregon, not just ODA.

b.       Rev. Parks will give the invocation as before.

c.       Tribute to Pilots is now Tribute to Aviators, name yet to be determined.

d.       Placing of Pilot Memorial Wreath; donated by 99s, presented by CAP, Scouts.

e.       Presentation of Flags and Memorials by Bob Zafran; Congressman Kurt Schrader has been contacted to start process to obtain flags and certificates. There are 24 obituaries so far. April 1 is cut-off date.

f.        Missing Man Formation; Airpark RV Pilots and Warbirds have provided fly-by. Dennis Krummel and Denny Jackson will be contacted to see if they would like to continue this service.

g.       Recognition of Veterans present: by MC and Medley of Military music by Steven Springer.

h.       TAPS: S/Sgt Dannielle Ritacco will continue this service.


4.       Static display of aircraft on ramp and safety. Allan Cleveland will continue this service and ask that Patty Viall again assist as tower control.


5.       Community Picnic Lunch 11:30 am to 1 pm by PCOPA. Held in Nutsch Aviation Hangar last year. Request budget from proceeds for Oregon Flag to use for Memorial Service and for flag pole at OT Memorial marker in restaurant parking lot for use year around.  Holly Wright, PCOPA President and Wayne Nutsch. Marcia Noell will follow up on this. Static RC display to honor deceased pilots will be placed in luncheon area as last year.


6.       Additional items for follow-up:


a.       US Coast Guard static display and Rescue Demonstration, 1 pm. Danny Jaffer

b.       Fly-By of various aircraft: Warbirds, helicopters, powered gliders, home built, light sport, ultralight, classic & antique aircraft. Lynn McDonald has been leader.  Mandatory Pre-Flight for all pilots in Fly-By, by Dave Martin or Lynn McDonald. Margaret Cleveland

c.       Open House Displays in EAA Ch. 292 and Nutsch Aviation Hangars. Marcia Noell

d.       Need permission from Marquis Spa for use of their Parking lot on Memorial Day. Margaret Cleveland

e.       Shuttle busses to airport from Marquis Spa parking lot. Request use of busses from Nutsch and 1st Baptist Church (with drivers). Margaret Cleveland

f.        Ask Farnstrom Mortuary to print Program and Posters. Margaret to contact Ben Farnstrom.  Margaret has Masters for Program and Posters. Margaret Cleveland

g.       Need volunteer to write News Releases. Danny Jaffer (Bob Zafran has also asked for a news article for March)

h.       Need volunteers to put up barricade along ditch, print signs for event and direction signs for parking. EAA Ch 292 has provided volunteers and signs in past. CAP/Paul Gillman

i.         Need volunteers to help park Aircraft and man the post at entrance to Airport Rd to control limited vehicle traffic to restaurant parking, Disabled and VIP parking. Boy Scouts and CAP have helped. Al Cleveland has provided leadership in parking aircraft in past. Al Cleveland/Paul Gillman

j.        Ask Steve Springer to lead singing National Anthem, for use of his PA system and to provide tape of Military music. Danny Jaffer

k.       Ask FBO, Marici & Robin Reid, for use of restrooms and to rent handy-cap Port-a-Potty. Margaret Cleveland

l.         Ask Brandt’s Sanitation to provide trash dumpster. Margaret Cleveland

m.     Request use of EAA Ch 292 hangar to use for Memorial Ceremony in case of rain. Frank Noell, EAA hangar manager. Marcia Noell


7.       Any other comments or suggestions?


8.       Set dates and places for next Planning Committee meetings. Room is reserved for third Wednesday of each month through June, 7:00 p.m.