Minutes of the ISAS meeting    -    January 26, 2015

Location – EAA hanger, Independence, Oregon

Meeting called to order at 7:00 PM by acting Chair Dave Ullman (at Ken Hardwick’s request)

The following areas had representatives in attendance:

            OPA – Dave Martin

           IAHA - Gary Van Horn

            NPHOA - Don Draeger

            EAA – Dave Ullman

            Hanger Owners – Dave Thiel

Regular meeting order of business was suspended for a presentation by city officials to explain City of Independence sewer and water fee and answer questions from Airpark residents.  This session was ended by action of the Chair at 7:50 PM so the board could continue normal order of business.

Minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurers report – no report. It was noted that the Board had acted at the previous meeting to donate the small amount of cash to the EAA for their youth program and it has yet to happen.

Reports of the ISAS Areas

            Hanger owners – No issues reported

            IAHA – Working on a dispute resolution process for the IAHA so there is an alternative to the only enforcement is by lawsuit.

            NPHOA – Legal Opinion letter on the enforcement provisions of the TTF agreement sent to ODA. Meeting that was held with the trucking company developing operation at old Boise site went well, good to have proactive information to help answer concerns.

            EAA – Youth activities will be 2nd week of February.  Hoping for good involvement from young people.  Fly in is scheduled for August 14, 15, 16 emphasizing antique aircraft and is unknown if Vans will be participating. Two subcommittees are working on the following projects: 1. Expanding the EAA building and,    

2. Creating a flying club.                                           

            OPA – The chapter has new officers with there now being co-presidents and vice presidents to share the duties of each office. The two money makers will be continued for this year.

Old Business:

Andy Andersen gave a handout and gave a history of the ISAS Board.  Everyone present thanked Andy for his work on this project.

New Business:

Dave Ullman presented to the board about the formation of the 7S5 Airport Emergency Response Team developed from need seen by the Community Emergency Response Team to develop knowledgeable members around the response to aircraft incidents.  ISAS needs to become the driver for this process ad find an individual from our organizations to be the leader of this process.

There was discussion of a localized drainage issue in the IAHA area and Gary Van Horn  will look into solution.

Election of Officers:

The members attending approved a motion to continue the current chairman and secretary in position until the filling of the officers can be addressed at the next meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

Minutes taken by ISAS Board member – Don Draeger, North Park