ISAS 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

February 7, 2011


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by President Ken.  Present were: Dave Martin, Tom Ritchey, Ken Hardwick, Andy Andersen, Robert English, Wayne Nutsch,  Deborah Plymate, Harvey James, Bob Zafran, Danny Jaffer, Doug Birge, John Wilson, and Joe Winter.


The first item on the agenda was to replace Tom who is retiring as the chair of this event.  Tom spoke briefly, introducing the emcee-elect Danny Jaffer.  Danny went on to say that he would be glad to "learn the ropes" to chair the event in 2012, but would be glad to volunteer as emcee only this time around.  The discussion centered around who would occupy the chairman position.  The consensus was that two people, Andy and Danny, should co-chair the event so that if one is temporarily absent the other can fill in.  The formula of this event is pretty much the same for the last several years, which helps.  Ken then presented Tom with an American flag, supplied by the AMVETs, as a token of appreciation for the many years he has chaired the committee for this event.  Those attending responded with heartfelt applause.


Dan then proceeded to go through the agenda, starting with the ODA requesting permission to hold the event, and John Wilson (as rep for the ODA) granted that permission.  The F-15s need to have paperwork filed to request a flyover: Pete Weber used to do that, and Bob Zafran has been contacted to take Pete's place.  John said that the form needed to be filled out and got back to him in proper time.  Bob would also try to get the Coast Guard in as we have in years past.


The flag ceremony will be handled by the AMVETs reps, Harvey James and Doug Birge.  Suzanne Bladow may be interested in singing the Anthem, and Steve Springer (who has supplied the PA in years past) would also like to sing the Anthem; it was decided to check with Susan first then let Steve be the backup singer.  The Pledge of Allegiance involves the Boy Scouts and the Cub Scouts, and it was agreed to involve them in any way possible.  Robin Reid is the contact man for that.


Doug Hedland is the current interim director for the ODA, though he may not be before Memorial Day (at the pleasure of the Governor), and the intention is that one member of the ODA will officially welcome the event.  It will likely be Mitch himself, but the decision will be made by April first. 


Reverend Bob Roach is still on medication and will continue to be on one until March 3, still recovering from an operation.  Michael Parks from the Baptist Church, who is a pilot, is also on tap to provide the invocation.


The tribute to pilots will likely be presented by Stanton Rickey and John Bruning, who has also assisted in providing the memorial placards for MIAs. The 99s are ready to provide the memorial wreath as they have before.  Civil Air Patrol is out of touch, and Dan suggested the Salem area Junior ROTC though Bob said that they might be already committed for Memorial Day.  Calls will be made to find out.  The flag presentation this year may be assisted by Congressman Kurt Schrader as he is not campaigning as he was last year.  The current count for needed flags is approximately 20.


The missing man formation has been assisted by the RV pilots in the airpark, and either Dennis Krummel or Denny Jackson is the contact man for this.  John brought up the issue that Mitch Swecker had mentioned to him, that last year a few airplanes were at the same altitude as the F-15s and that could be dangerous.  Dave Martin said he would take care of contacting the RV pilots.


The recognition of Veterans present is going to be handled as it has been in past years by Steve Springer.  Dannielle Ritacco, who is now a Sergeant, may still be available to play Taps.  The static display of aircraft used to be handled by Doug Davis, and there were a few others who helped.  Dave said he would contact John Horn to see who else in the EAA may be available to help with this.  For the fly-by of other aircraft, Lynn McDonald and Dave Martin have assisted with that before.  Dan said that he was happy with whatever gets up in the air on that day, though too many is not good.


The picnic lunch has been the resource to help pay for the event, and it will start at 11:30 and end at 1 PM.  Wayne is providing the hangar space, and commented that the hangar is cleaner after the event than before so he looks forward to this.  The dumpster will be provided as it was last year, and the port-o-potty (the handicapped unit) should also be provided by the FBO; Robin Reid should be contacted to confirm. 


The shuttle buses from the Marquis Spa parking lot can be partially handled by Wayne with his bus, and Andy said he would contact the Church to assist with another bus.  The Marquis Spa will be contacted by Andy also.  The program, as usual, is to be printed by Farnstrom Mortuary, with Lois Martin supplying the artwork.  Andy said he would contact the mortuary.


The signs that were used last year have been mislaid, but they may be above the kitchen in the EAA hangar.  Dave said he would look for the signs tomorrow morning, and Dan suggested painting new ones if the old ones cannot be found.


Volunteers for directing traffic have been the CAP and Boy Scouts during previous events, though we need to ask and make sure that there are enough people to help with this.  Ron Hanna has handled the radio work, and Andy said he would contact him and ask him if he is available to do this again.


Date and place for the next meeting: the library is a good spot, and there is a room in the New City Hall that could be available if this room is not.  Andy said he would check on the library's schedule.  The next date is March 7, same time.  Next Meetings after that are April 4 and May 2. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.