ISAS Board Meeting Minutes

February 10, 2005


President John Conley called the meeting to order at 7:12 p.m.





No guests were in attendance.




The minutes from the October 19th meeting were approved as presented without objection upon the motion of Ed Hannevig, seconded by John Conley.




Cash on hand -- $31.83




John Conley attended the morning portion of the Community Foundation Meeting, which was focused on raising money for a community center.During the introductions portion of that meeting he provided attendees with an overview of the ISAS Board and itís directions.


John also reported on a visit with the Independence City Manager, Gregg Ellis, during which he was provided a copy of Charlie Reardonís letter concerning the lack of water for the new hangars at the south end of the Airport.Based on his visits with Ellis and the County Commissioner, this is really a non-issue.All it will take is for the city to agree to provide the water.John doesnít think this will be a problem.


Gary Van Horn reported that he had attempted to follow up on the suggestion from Andy Anderson that ISAS become involved in the Oregon Aviation Alliance.He found no website for the group and no phone listing.The group is not registered with the Oregon Corporation Commissionerís Office, either.Andy added that Mike Van Hoomison is the President of the group, which is intended as a watchdog group for legislation.Andy indicated that he was the groupís Secretary for Correspondence.John asked Andy to keep him advised of any issues.




Gary Van Horn provided an overview of the development of new Bylaws and Operating policies.Following detailed review on a section by section basis for Draft 3 of the proposed Board Operating Policies, some changes/additions were discussed and agreed upon by the group.By way of summary, the changes/additions to the policies as drafted included: maintaining funding during the foreseeable future through contributions from member organizations; agreement upon a schedule for regular meeting dates; and annual review for appointments of the Secretary, Webmaster and AOPA Liaison.†† The policies were approved without objection as amended, upon the motion of Ed Hannevig with a second by Dick Juve




As noted above, there was agreement on the job description and review date for the proposed AOPA Liaison, and upon accepting the individual selected as a volunteer by AOPA.The Chairman asked if there were objections to the appointment of Andy Anderson to fill this position.There were none, and the appointment was confirmed by the Chairman.




Andy Anderson provided a handout regarding a planning committee meeting for Memorial Day weekend activities.The meeting is scheduled for February 16th to address various issues associated with the annual festivities.Andy invited any interested parties to attend the meeting.


Gary Van Horn indicated that he had received an E-Mail message from Past IAHA President, Allen Wright, informing him that as of December 31, 2004 he no longer represented IAHA on the ISAS Board.John Conley asked Gary if he would continue as Secretary/Treasure pro-tem until the IAHA Board of Directors had confirmed a representative for ISAS.Gary agreed to the request.


The next meeting will be April 11, 2005.Gary Van Horn will check to see if that meeting and the following scheduled meetings might be held in Gableís hangar.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 on the motion of Dick Juve with a second by Ed Hannevig.


Respectfully Submitted, Gary Van Horn, Secretary/Treasurer.