2007 Memorial Day Event Planning Meeting, 02-12-07

The planning meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm by Tom Ritchey, Chair. Others in attendance were: Dave Baker, Michael Bishop, Al Cleveland, Doug Davis, Elaine DeVore, Gary DeVore, Harvey James, Paul Gilman, Dave Martin, Gary McCormick, Larry Weber, Pete Weber, Kelly Wilson and Andy Andersen, Acting Recorder.

The Minutes of the November 27, 2006 Memorial Planning Meeting were approved as corrected and will be posted on the ISASB Website, www.isasg7s5.org , along with a DRAFT of these minutes.

Tom opened the discussion of the proposed program, using last years program and the list of questions for suggested support functions Al Cleveland said he and the Aviation Explorer Scout Post 202 will raise the ceremonial flags to full staff at 8 am. Paul Gilman said the CAP will provide the portable flag pole and it was suggested the trailer be parked a few feet farther south from the fuel pump shed. Discussion on how to integrate the CAP Cadets and the two Scout groups in participation for the Flag Ceremony.

Dave Martin will hold the mandatory preflight Pilot briefing at 10 am on the deck of the Starduster Café. The local pilot fly-by sequence will decide and start their fly-by event at about 10:30 am. Larry Weber has asked the OANG F-15 for a Fly-By at 11 am but will depend on other commitments. Ron Hanna will be the air traffic advisor and will have UHF frequencies for communication with the Military and Coast Guard pilots to sequence flights. Al will check with Ron to be sure Dave Ruddiman’s portable hoist is available. It was decided the UH-60 and Coast Guard helicopter fly-by should be planned for about 11:05 am. The UH-60 will not be able to land for static display because of limited tie down space on the helicopter pads. After the Fly-By the Coast Guard Helicopters will land and have a rescue demonstration later as they leave after lunch at about 12:30 pm.

The AMVETS suggested the Scouts and CAP Cadets be included in the Flag Ceremony. As planned now, AMVETS will lower flags to half staff at 11 am. The CAP Cadets will raise the flags to full staff as the national anthem is being sung. Suzanne Bladow will be asked sing and if not available to have Alicia & Erik Brown ask for a school student. The Salem Scout Troop will then lead in the Pledge of Allegiance. Invocation will follow by Pastor Bob Roach.

Welcome will be by Bob Altemus, ODA Aviation Program Manager. Tom will ask Rep. Darlene Hooley to be primary speaker and if not available will asked John Bruning, local Military Historian, or Mayor John McArdle. It as suggested Governor Ted Kulongoski be asked. The Aviation Explorer Post 202 will be asked to lay the Pilot Memorial Wreath near the base of the flag. Andy will ask the Oregon Pines Chapter 99s if they will provide the wreath.

Andy read the list of deceased pilots and local aviation community persons who have deceased since our last Memorial Event. They include, Betty Wittmer, Secretary for OAA; Bea Genevro, wife of George Genevro, EAA Ch 292; Charleen Barrett, Airpark resident; Art Ptacek, former Airpark resident; and Robert L. Anderson, Pilot from Stayton. He read names of military pilots from Oregon: Capt. Harlan Moorman, Salem; Frank Weber, WW-II Glider Pilot, Klamath Falls; Martin Jurgenson, WW-II Army Air Corps, Dallas; and Daniel H. Owens, WW-II Fighter Pilot, Salem. John Sedey’s son who was pilot killed in Vietnam war should have been listed before, but because of Andy’s error was not included. It will be posted on the bulletin board this year. Jack Cook will be asked to help identify any other deceased pilots or MIA that should be listed.

Paul asked that Sgt. James R. Eckley, 30 year member of Oregon National Guard who died March 9, 2006 be added to the list. He was also active Blackhawk pilot in the Salem CAP. Tom will help in ordering the flags and Margaret Wilson will order the engraved vases or other momentum from Airpark Social Committee for the lady pilots and notify the families. The RV Pilot Missing Man formation, lead by Dennis Krummel will Fly-By at time of presentation, estimated to be at about 11:20 am. A representative from Rep. Hooley’s office will be asked to present the flags.

Tom will ask Steve Springer if he will have recorded music and the PA system for the recognition of the "surviving" military veterans that are present. The last event will be sounding of TAPs and Jerry Pryce will be asked to find a bugler from school.

Dave reported the PCOPA will serve the Community Picnic again this year and he has visited with Dave Baker to avoid confusion as the restaurant will also be open for breakfast & lunch. Baker is ordering additional picnic tables that he will setup on the grass on north west corner of restaurant grass to provide additional seating for his customers outside. The PCOPA picnic will cost $5 and be served in Power’s hangar so should not be a problem. They will give 20% of the profit from the picnic to the Pilot Memorial Planning committee for funding the event. The 99s will sell ice cream.

Pete reported Harry Malette will provide a Port-a-Potty this year in addition to his FBO restroom facilities. The EAA has offered the use of their two restrooms which are handy capped accessible. These plus the two in the restaurant should be sufficient for the estimated 400 persons. Aircraft static displays will be encouraged by Dave Martin and will ask for help from Larry Kruljac. The EAA will provide stanchions and tape to set up barricades to control public on the ramp. Al will get several stands for signs to supplement sign stands from EAA. Andy will get 20 traffic cones from city and Elaine DeVore will print some no-smoking signs for the ramp area.

The EAA will provide chairs for event and help PCOPA with moving chairs and tables from EAA hangar, Gabel’s hangar to Power’s hangar, seating area and back again to where they were. There was discussion on how to keep the ramp open for visitors but prevent damage to aircraft and injury for persons. Doug Davis and Jerry Pryce, Safety Officers, will work with volunteers to set up tape barricades.

Hot Air Balloons were discussed and suggested an early morning balloon launch might be desirable and possible tethered balloons if suitable area can be found. Fred Krieg, airpark resident, will be contacted to get his assessment. Balloons were a successful event for the Hop & Heritage Festival last fall. Dave Marin suggested Dick Wildman, EAA Coordinator for the EAA B-17 flight, be asked if he could arrange for the EAA B-17 to Fly-Over 7S5 on Memorial Day on its way to Salem for display the next day. Two years ago this committee made arrangements with EAA Oshkosh and the pilot to fly over 7S5 on Memorial Day on way to Eugene and was approved. Unfortunately the B-17 had problems with landing gear at Van Nuys, CA so all flights were cancelled until this year. The flight of the EAA B-17 over 7S5 would be great, no matter what time it flew by.

The Marque Spa has given permission to use their parking lot and Dave Martin will ask M/I YMCA for use of their shuttle bus. Andy will also ask the Baptist church for their shuttle bus. Paul suggested the CAP has a wind tunnel demonstration to show air currents over airfoils that could be available to the EAA if they have an open hangar for public that day. This idea will be presented to Bob Brown, EAA President. The Scouts and CAP Cadets will help with taxiing aircraft and parking cars. Hand paddles and red vests are available at EAA. Special training is being provided to CAP Cadets for helicopters.

Andy will contact the new Fire Chief, Jason Cane, for emergency vehicles and crews, as they were not available for planning meeting as they had a Fire Dist. #1 Board meeting. Harry Malette has offered use of his driveway to park the emergency vehicles which is readily available to the airport and to Airport Road if they have an emergency call.

Paul asked if it would be appropriate to have CAP put on an ELT exercise during the Memorial event. This could probably be done just before the Coast Guard rescue demonstration.

The next 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning meeting is scheduled for March 19, 2007 at 7 pm

in Gabel’s hangar if it is available. Tom and Andy will draft an ad for the IMAGE for their next edition.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Minutes submitted by Andy Andersen from tape recording and notes by Dave Baker.