DRAFT Minutes:


February  13, 2013


The meeting place was Independence Library Conference Room and was called to order at 7:05 pm by Danny Jaffer, Chair. Others present were Mark Mathews, PCOPA; Al & Margaret Cleveland, EAA Ch 292; Mathew John Wilson, ODA; Ken Hardwick, Chair, ISAS Board; Paul Gilman, CAP and Andy & Connie Andersen, OFF.


Who Does What & When on the agenda was discussed as follows:


The agenda for this 2ndPlanning Meeting was accepted to use the January Planning Meeting Minutes as guide.


1)      John Wilson said permission to hold the 20th Annual Pilot Memorial Tribute at 7S5 was approved,  including use of the Beacon Tower for the Flag Ceremony.


2)      Mitch Swecker, Director of ODA, has requested OANG at PDX for Flyover of F-15s at beginning of Flag Ceremony on May 27th  John Wilson will be contact person at 7S5.


3)      Discussion of suggestion to include both antique aircraft and automobile display. Al said he had contacted Henry Bartle’s to help with contacting and parking of Antique and  Classic Aircraft  Al has also contacted a Auto Club for a display on vacant lot of  Robin Reed, but has not visited with Robin yet.


4)      Andy will contact Doug Birge, as Harvey James died of Coronary Arrest in February, to request participation of AMVETS to lower the flags to half-staff and raise them to full staff, while Steven Springer leads in singing the National Anthem. Danny has contacted  Steven and he has agreed to lead singing of National Anthem and will also use his PA equipment for the rest of the event. Steven will play his recording if a Medley of Military theme songs during recognition of Veterans present.


5)      Al Cleveland will contact the local Boy Scout Troup to participate in Flag Salute.


6)      Danny had contacted Representative Vicki Berger but she is not able to come so Danny has contacted Senator Jackie Winters to provide the “Welcome”.


7)      Andy reported Rev. Michael Parks who will provide the Invocation as last year.


8)      Retired Navy Pilot, Paul Huggins, member of the Oregon Aviation Board, has been asked to provide the Tribute to Pilots. Mathew Maas, ODA, has agreed to be on standby if Huggins is not available.


9)      Debra Plymate, President of Pines Chapter 99s, has be asked to provide the Pilot Memorial Wreath and  Capt. Paul Gilman said CAP Cadets will place the wreath and will help in presenting USA Flags to families. CAP Cadets will also help in parking cars and manning the traffic at corner of Hoffman & Airport Rd.


10)  Presentation of USA Memorial Flags. Danny has contacted Congrasman Kurt Schrader to provide USA Flags that have flown over the U.S. Capital for families of deceased men pilots being honored. 18 have been identified so far. One lady civilian pilot has been identified for her family to receive Engraved Memorial Vases. The Planning Committee agreed any pilots who die after this meeting be held over to be included in the 2014 Pilot Memorial Tribute.


11)  Andy will ask Bob Zafran, Flight Reserve Association (FRA) to help make the presentation of the flags to families as before. CAP Cadets may also help.


12)  Recognition of Veterans present. Steven Springer will lead the playing of a Medley of Military Music and each Veteran present will stand as the song of his branch of service is played.  


13)  S/Sgt. Dannielle Ritacco will be asked to play TAPS as she has in the past.


14)  Missing Man Formation. Dennis Krummel and Denny Jackson have been leaders for this Fly-By of Airpark Vans RV Pilots and will be contacted to lead again this year.


15)  Ron Hanna has been asked to monitor 7S5 radio frequency 122.975 mg for safety during the Pilot Memorial Tribute. Page 1 of 2


16)  Lynn McDonald will be asked to Lead Fly-By of various aircraft including: Warbirds, helicopters, powered gliders, home built, light sport, ultralight classic & antique aircraft. Al Cleveland will help parking in designated tie-down area.


17)  Mandatory Pilot Briefing for all pilots in fly-bys is required. Dave Martin has agreed to conducted the briefing on café porch at 10 am.


18)  Mark Matthews stated the PCOPA will plan the Community Picnic Lunch from 11:30 am to 1 pm, to be held in Nutsch Aviation Hangar. Planning Committee requested budget from proceeds  be used to buy an Oregon Flag to be use for the Pilot Memorial Tribute and for the Memorial Flag pole in front of the café for the rest of the year.


19)  . Danny has initiated request for US Coast Guard and the OANG in Salem for helicopter fly-by, static display and for a Rescue Demonstration at 1 pm.


20)  EAA & PCOPA has been asked  to place signs and barricades by Monday morning. Tables and chairs to be moved from EAA hangar to Nutsch’s hangar for Community Picnic and chairs to area near the temporary flag pole at the beacon tower.  Use of EAA Hangar has been requested for flag ceremony if it rains. EAA needs to know how many folding chairs and tables will be needed.


21)  ODA has installed pulley and halyard on airport beacon tower and has been maintained by Dave Martin


22)  Ceremonial flags will be raised at 8 am Monday, on beacon tower and Café flag pole by Al Cleveland.


23)  A volunteer is needed to develop an easel display of pictures and names of those from his area, who were Killed or Missing in Action, to be built for display in Nutsch’s Hangar during Community Picnic Lunch. Danny will contact Polk County Historical Society for help. Andy has an easel and some material from previous years. Perhaps the PCHS could also help in writing news articles.


24)  Marquis Spa has given permission for use of their parking lot on Memorial Day and Andy will ask Nutsch Aviation and Independence for Shuttle Bus with driver. The 1st Baptist Church has agreed for use of their Shuttle Bus with driver, to shuttle from parking lot to airport and return from 9 am to 2 pm.


25)  Andy will contact Cities of Independence, Monmouth and Polk County Commission  to request “Proclamation” to encourage attendance. This information is used with news articles.


26)  Farnstrom Mortuary has agreed to print 400 Programs with deceased pilot list for insert. Posters will also need to be printed. Lois Martin has been asked to design masters for Program and Posters. She has requested deadline for making masters, as she is planning a trip.


27)  It was suggested Open House displays be encouraged in the EAA Hangar and Nutsch Aviation Hangar to promote Aviation and for Pilot Memorials.  Marilyn Husser has been asked to contact John Sedey about a Memorial Table for Roberta Sedey.


28)  Restrooms are available in FBO, Nutsch Aviation, and EAA hangars. FBO has agreed  to provide Handicap Portable Restroom between two sheds at gas pumps.


29)  Volunteer is needed to write news articles for local Newspapers and organization newsletters.


30)  Jerry Pryce and Doug Davis will be asked to be Safety Officers.



Meeting was adjourned at 8:10 pm with suggestion next Planning Meetings be held on second Wednesday of, March and April, at 7 pm in Independence Library. Request has been approved by Library to reserve the Conference room.


Submitted by Andy Andersen, Acing Recording and Corresponding Secretary