2015 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event, Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, 2014.

Planning Meeting, Wednesday, February 18, 2015 7 pm, Independence Library



1.      Attendees: Danny Jaffer, Margaret Cleveland, Paul Gilman, Robb Mage, Marcia Noell, Ken Hardwick, Kelly Cape


2.      Permission has been received from ODA to use 7S5 for 22nd Annual Pilot Memorial Event on Memorial Day, May 25, 2015, and use of beacon tower for Flag Ceremony.


3.      Fly-Over of F-15s by OANG at PDX is still pending based on budgetary restraints.


4.      Changes to the proposed 2015 program:


a.       Welcome will be by Paul Evans, Oregon State Rep, USAFR Ret, Maj.

b.      Tribute to Pilots will be by Kathleen (US Navy) or Paul Disney (US Army Ret)


5.      Singing of the National Anthem will be done by Steven Springer or his representative, change due to scheduling conflict.  


6.      Follow Up on Action Items from last meeting:


a.       Missing Man Formation; Airpark RV Pilots and Warbirds have provided fly-by. In process

b.      Recognition of Veterans present. In process

c.       TAPS: S/Sgt. Ritacco will perform

d.      Static display of aircraft on ramp as in previous years

e.       Fly-By of various aircraft: as in previous years

f.        Community Picnic Lunch may not happen this year due to location availability.

g.       US Coast Guard static display and Rescue Demonstration pending budgetary restraints.

h.       Open House Displays in EAA Ch. 292 as in previous years.

i.         Permission has been received from Marquis Spa for use of their Parking lot on Memorial Day.

j.        Baptist Church shuttle busses to airport from Marquis Spa parking lot arranged. Family parking pass

k.      Farnstrom Mortuary will print Program and Posters.

l.         Danny Jaffer will write News Releases.

m.     Volunteers are arranged to put up barricade along ditch, print signs for event and direction signs for parking.

n.       Volunteers are arranged to help park Aircraft and man the post at entrance to Airport Rd to control limited vehicle traffic to restaurant parking, Disabled and VIP parking. Boy Scouts and CAP have helped. Al Cleveland has provided leadership in parking aircraft in past.

o.      FBO, Marici & Robin Reid, will provide use of restrooms and to rent handy-cap Port-a-Potty.

p.      Brandt’s Sanitation will provide trash dumpster.

q.      EAA Ch 292 hangar will be available for use for Memorial Ceremony in case of rain.


7.      Next meeting: March 18. Room is reserved for third Wednesday of each month through June, 7:00 p.m.