ISAS Memorial Event Planning Meeting Minutes

February 27, 2006

The meeting was called to order by Tom Ritchey at 7:02 PM. Present were Dave Martin, Pete Weber, Andy Andersen, Robert English, Darrell Patterson, Paul Gilman, Jerry Pryce, Megan Pryce, and Ed Hannevig.

Minutes of Previous Meeting: After reading over the minutes, there were no corrections or additions.

The first draft of the Memorial Program was looked over, with the following items discussed:

Military Fly-Over: With the recent change-over at leadership at the ODA, there has been a delay in getting the OK form signed for the military Fly-Overs. There was lots of discussion about who was available to fly the missing man formation, and though no decision was made yet about who would be in it the anticipated take-off will be 10:50. The flight leader for the RVs is Dennis Krummel, and Lynn McDonald may be available to coordinate the others in the fly-by scheduled to start at 11:30 am.

Regarding the military aircraft: we will not be hearing back about our request for an F-15 until a month before the event. Possibility of getting a Blackhawk, C-23 Sherpa and C12 King Air from the Army National Guard is still being negotiated with Larry Kruljac’s help. Coast Guard aircraft such as a helicopter would be good, but there was no direct Coast Guard contact. Pete Weber said he knew somebody who might be a contact person.

The Marquis Spas have said their parking lot can be used, and the Baptist Church and the Monmouth/Independence YMCA shuttle busses are still in negotiation.

Signs are still needed for various locations. The Fire Department will have two emergency vehicles out on display.

Memorial Flag Ceremony: The flag can likely be flown from the rotating beacon tower, according to the new Airport Manager over at the ODA. There was concern about the flag being the appropriate height. The Guard has a pneumatic flagpole which can be used, but it may not be available. The rotating beacon tower will be the primary possibility with the Guard's portable unit being the alternate. Flying the State flag was discussed, and a new one is available this year.

Since Jane Roach has passed away and was a pilot, Bob (who gave the invocation last year) will be asked by Dave Martin to make sure he still wants to do it this year. The community picnic food will be along the lines of hot dog and/or Polish sausage with bag of chips, desert cookie, and a drink. It will br prepared and sold by PCOPA at $5 for adults and $3 for child under 12. There will be some discussion with new commercial hangar owner Wayne Nutsch to see if he will open his hanger for display purposes.

Support Functions: The static displays (full-size airplanes, etc.) still need someone who can be responsible for overseeing and coordinating that. Jerry Price asked for help at the next EAA meeting. We also need someone to write the newspaper article as well. Tom Ritchie said he would look into writing it. John Sedey has done poster design in years past, though he may not want the job this year. Publicity and mailing has in the past been coordinated with the PCOPA chapter's announcement of their pancake breakfast, but their dates have changed so different arrangements will have to be made. There was an idea of making a "poker run" to distribute posters to various airports in the region, and this was considered a good idea. Printing of the programs can be done by Farnstrom's, the same folks that did it last year. Chairs coming from the EAA (white ones) will be for the grassy areas and chairs & tables from Gabel's hangar will be used for the lunch in Power’s hangar. The EAA has some signs for parking markers, disabled parking will be next to the restaurant. Traffic cones can be brought over from the City shops like last year. The 99s have asked to use their kiosk for posting the pictures of KIA & MIA. They have asked to selling ice cream & water, and the opinion was that ice cream needs dry ice or a portable freezer to keep it from melting - other than that, no complaints. The list of names of pilots KIA and MIA will be displayed on bulletin boards rather than reading them. There's still no one available to play "taps" for the ceremony. Central High will be asked. The FBO restroom is going to be available, and two at the EAA, so this will reduce the need for only porta-potties this year, to be placed east side of Collin’s hangar and one by the FBO restroom is the plan.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:46 PM. The next meeting for this committee is Monday, March 27, at 7:00 in Gabel's hangar.

Respectfully submitted by Robert English, recording secretary