7S5 Pilot Memorial Meeting

March 9, 2009


The meeting was called to order by Chairman Tom Ritchey at 7:05 PM. Present were: Dave Martin, Andy Andersen, Pete Weber, Jerry Pryce, Bob Zafran, Al Cleveland, Tom Ritchie and Robert English.


Most of the items on the agenda are taken care of; just a few items to nail down and confirm.Pete Weber said he'd talked with the PA in North Bend and, as a result, there may be two Coast Guard helicopters.He also read a letter from a Coast Guard lieutenant about the possibility of expanding their role for their presentation and perhaps stay for a second day.†† Pete wrote back saying he would bring it up at the next planning meeting (this one).Bottom line is we will have at least one helicopter, with a possibility of two.


Bugler Danielle Ritacco, who lives up in Washington, will serve as a "plan A" for playing "Taps," and if she can't make it then another one can substitute so we will have one.††


The Powers family has sold their house and will be moving in April, so their hangar won't be available as a dining area as it has been in years past.The EAA hangar might be available to serve as a lunch area, but their Board would have to evaluate and vote on it.Jerry Pryce will bring it to the attention of the EAA Board on Friday.


Bob Zafran showed a newsletter from the ODVA that requested listings for Memorial Day events to list in their next newsletter.The deadline for that is at the end of March, so there's time to get an announcement for our event in the paper.


Andy passed around a newly printed list of those who will be honorees at the event.The list showed two new names; Bob Koenig and Cleo Lester Fletchall.The wreath will be provided by Farnstromís and the 99s.There was some discussion about who would focus on aircraft parking and head off potential problems.Al Cleveland said he could do that this year since his motorcycle would be fixed by then.He would get in touch with Paul Gilman to coordinate with the CAP.


Another meeting next month, to stay on track, was proposed.April 6th worked for all those present.It will be held in Gabelís hangar at 7:00 PM as usual.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:09 PM.Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.