ISAS Board Meeting

March 12, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Ken.  Present were: Mike Pongracz (EAA), Craig Cowles (subsitute, IAHA), Andy Andersen (OFF), Ken Hardwick (North Park), Pete Weber (visitor), Ed Hannevig (Polk County OPA), Joe Zink (North Park), and Robert English.


SECRETARY/TREASURER: Minutes were passed around and read.  Andy moved that the minutes be approved as read, and Mike Pongracz seconded.  All approved by voice vote.

Treasury amount is still the same: $56.83.


OLD BUSINESS: Ongoing discussion about the "airport growth boundry" issue continued.  Andy passed around copies of a synopsis of HB-3153, a bill to establish an AGB.  One point that was made firmly tonight was that this bill is not an attempt at zone changing.  It is actually an attempt to keep zoning around airports the same.  The main issue before the Board was to see if this was legislation that ISAS wanted to attach its name to.  Andy stated that there would probably be amendments to this as it goes through the legislative process.  Some discussion centered around the two boundries, one within the other: the inner boundry is proposed to be 1,000 ft with the outer being 3 miles.  Some in attendence considered that inner boundry figure to be too low, that it needed to be something along the lines of 2,500 ft.  Some were discussing how long some bills spent in committee before being heard on the floor, and the figure was 3 to 4 years.  There is also some movement on the Federal level to impose land use restrictions around airports, though no details were given.  Ken asked if there was enough to make a motion on approval, and Mike said that they needed time to inform their constituents about this bill.  There was some discussion about re-wording the synopsis that Andy passed around, making it more understandable to the folks here at the Airpark.  The next meeting was scheduled for May 14, by which time the greater membership should have time to be informed about the legislation.


NEW BUSINESS: Ken had some notes from the ODA meeting on January 17: the Mulino airport is now under State management and it will be fully owned by the State after it has been made profitable to run.  There are plans to modernize it with underground gas tanks and four rows of "T" hangars.  Fees will go up accordingly.  Salem airport is undergoing some renovation, including the National Guard hangar, to improve security.  The "Connect Oregon" proposals, that allows some State lottery money to be used for airport improvements, has taken up most of the ODA's time with presentations from various airports giving reasons why they needed the money.


New Signs: The signs here at Independence Airport for the ends of the taxiways have been put in.  Some discussion centered around the gate near the restaurant, since some people still leave the gate open.  The gate itself has some issues with bolts pulling out of the wood. 


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Mike said that the RV fly-in on August 17-19 will be a semi-official "homecoming" this year, and it will be hosted by the EAA chapter here.  There will be some publicity going out about this soon.  The number of planes vs. the number of tie-down spaces was discussed; one idea was to park some of them next to the fence along Hoffmann, but there was some doubt that it would be legal now. 


April 21st is a proficiency test for the Oregon Flying Farmers, held in the afternoon here at Gabel's hangar, and May 28th will be the annual Memorial Day Fly-By.  The next planning meeting for that will be next Monday night at Gabel's hangar. 


Next meeting will be on May 14, 7:00 PM at Gabel's hangar.  The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.