March 17, 2008


The meeting place was changed to the EAA Hangar at the last minute and was called to order at 7:10 pm by Tom Ritchey, Chair. Others present were Pete Weber – PCOPA; Paul Gilman – CAP; Al Cleveland – EAA; and Andy Andersen – OFF.

Minutes of February 11th Pilot Memorial Planning meeting was approved as printed.

E-mail and phone correspondence was reported by Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary.


Who Does What & When on the agenda was discussed as follows:

Signs and barricades will be placed by EAA & PCOPA on Monday morning.

Tables and chairs will be moved from EAA hangar to Power’s hangar for Community Picnic and chairs to area near the temporary flag pole at the beacon tower. 

ODA to install pulley and halyard on airport beacon tower.

Mandatory briefing by Dave Martin at 10 am on Café porch for all participating pilots.

Ceremonial flags to be raised at 8 am on beacon tower and Café flag pole by Al Cleveland

Arrangement for PA to be made by Tom Ritchey and Andy Andersen. A person is needed to set it up PA by 10 am Monday.

Fly-Over of F-15 and U.S. Coast guard has been requested by ODA and Pete Weber.

City & County Proclamations being requested by Tom and Andy.

Marques Spa parking lot available for parking and two shuttle busses are available from 10:15 am to 2 pm.

CAP Cadets will help taxi and park aircraft.

Scout Troup 38 & volunteers will help park cars and place Memorial Wreath to be made by Pines Chapter 99s.

List to be made by Tom & Andy of deceased Pilots since 2007 Memorial Event. List to include Military Pilots to receive Memorial Flags and civilian pilots, whose families will be present, will receive Engraved Memorial Vases or otherwise recognized during Ceremony.

Restrooms available at EAA & FBO hangars. Harry Malette to order Porta-Potty.

Poster to be designed by Lois Martin, printing and posting by Andy.

Farnstrom Mortuary to print program like last year. Master to be made by Lois & Andy.

News articles being written by Trish Hanna and Andy.

Safety Officers: Jerry Pryce, Doug Davis and Pete Weber.

Flight Advisor will be Ron Hanna, assisted by Debra Plymate, on Dave Ruddiman’s portable tower.

PCOPA to plan and serve Community Picnic in Power’s hangar Monday Morning.

(Need name of chair of Community Picnic for June Powers.)


Tentative Program

MC – Tom Ritchey, Polk County Commissioner, who will announce events.

AMVETS to lower Ceremonial U.S. Flag to ½ staff and lead in Pledge of Allegiance, followed by raising flag to full staff while Suzanne Bladow leads in singing the National Anthem.

Invocation by Reverend Bob Roach.

Welcome by Dan Clem, Director of Oregon Dept. of Aviation.

Military Historian, John Bruning, to speak on Tribute to Pilots.

BSA Scout Troup 38 to place Pilot Memorial Wreath, made by Pines Chapter 99s, at base of Ceremonial Flag Pole.

U.S. Flags, that flew over the Nation’s Capitol, presented to Military Pilot’s families, provided by U.S. Representative Darlene Hooley. Engraved Vases, provided by Airpark So-n-Sos, presented to families of deceased lady pilots.

Recognition provided to families of all other deceased civilian pilots.

RV Missing Man Formation Fly-By, lead by Dennis Krummel or substitute.

Medley of Military songs, by Steven Springer, played as attending veterans stand in recognition of those who survived military conflicts.

TAPS presented by Central High School Band member or Danielle Ritacco, SrA.

Local and other private aircraft Fly-By, lead by Lynn McDonald.

PCOPA Community Picnic at 11:30 am to 1 pm in Power’s hangar. Ice Cream sold by Pines Ch. 99s.

Bulletin Board on display all day listing names and pictures of deceased Oregon KIA and MIA Military pilots.

M/I YMCA Airplane Model Builders display & judging in Power’s hangar at 1:30 pm.

U.S. Coastguard Rescue Demonstration at 1 pm on taxiway.

Next Pilot Memorial Event Planning meeting scheduled for Monday, April 7th at 7 pm in Gabel’s hangar or EAA Hangar as alternate.


Submitted by Andy Andersen, from tape recording, Acing Recording Secretary