7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

March 19, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM by Tom Richey.  Present were: Andy Andersen, Tom Richey, Pete Weber, Ed Hannevig, Doug Davis, Kelly Wilson, Jerry Pryce, Linda Leach, Ron Hanna, Dave Martin, Robert English, Larry Weber, and Lynn McDonald.


MINUTES: no corrections to previous minutes.


EVENT: Tom ran down a checklist which included the signs, barricades, the flag pole, etc.  Preliminary items such as chairs and tables are taken care of, though we won't know for sure about what will be available until the Gabels return.  The flag is to be lowered to half-staff to honor veterans, the pledge of allegiance will be recited, and the flag will be raised again to full staff.  Suzanne Bladow has agreed to lead the National Anthem at that time.  Speaker is to be Darlene Hooley but there has been a change in personnel in her office so there have been some mixed signals lately.  Flags will be in honor of male pilots in the neighborhood who have passed away since last Memorial Day, and the etched vases will be in memory of the lady pilots who have passed on since last year.  The RV flyover will follow the presentation.  Danielle Rotago will be blowing "Taps" this year, as she did once before when she attended high school nearby.  Other than the Coast Guard craft, no "war birds" are expected at this year's event (though individual hobbyists with privately-owned war birds have yet to make up their minds).  The PA system was discussed, since last year's system was taken down and removed too soon, and members said they would contact the City and the high school to find out what might be available for little money.  Half-price lunch for people flying the light planes, with free lunches to the Coast Guard and emergency crews, was discussed and generally approved by those attending.  The 99s will be serving ice cream and bottled water.  Labels for the kiosks, under the pictures, were a problem since the ones printed up last year tend to fall off.  Dave Reverend will be on tower this year.  The Coast Guard rescue demonstration will come at this time.  The balloon lift-off was suggested before Fred Krieg fell and broke his back so this may not materialize: if there is a balloon, it should be early in the morning to take advantage of air density.  The Marquis Spa parking lot is available again as are the YMCA and Baptist busses for transport.  The wind-tunnel display should be set up statically in the EAA hangar that will be open.  Traffic cones will be coming from the City as well as ODOT.  Police departments are short-handed which casts some doubt on police presence at Hoffman Rd.  Harry Malette said the parking area and bathroom at his FBO could be used.  The restroom at the restaurant will also be open, unlike last year, but porta-potties are still a good idea considering the number of people who are going to be attending.  The “no smoking” signs were rumored to be supplied by Karen Brown, though she was not present at this meeting to confirm.  Andy said there was enough information now to write a press release for the local newspapers.  The flyer for last year’s Memorial Day was prepared by Alecia Brown, and the reaction was positive for her doing the same thing for this year's event.


The next meeting was agreed to be Monday the 23rd of April; same time, same place. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert Engish, secretary.