ISAS Pilot Memorial Committee Meeting

March 26, 2012


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Chairman Dave Martin. Present were: John Wilson (ODA), Andy Andersen (OFF), Ron Hanna (OPA), John Wilson (ODA), Bob Zafran (FRA), Al Cleveland (EAA), Paul Gilman (CAP), Harvey James (AMVETS), Ken Hardwick (ISAS), Matthew Maass (ODA), Danny Jaffer, and Mark & Kelly Matthews.


LIST OF TASKS: Matt and John had filled out an application for the F-15 flyover, and it was going to be handed in Tuesday.  Dave said he had filled out the forms at the ODA for permission to hold the event and permission had been granted by Mitch Swecker.  Bob said that the form to request the Coast Guard helicopter has been handed in to the ODA and forwarded to the FAA.


Lois Martin has agreed to put together the poster and program for the event, and the photo has been taken for the program cover.  The flag ceremony is being handled by the AmVets and the CAP, and Harvey said his crew would be there to handle whatever was necessary.  The flag request to Kurt Schrader has been made, and 18 flags will be sent to Dave's house after which the Boy Scouts will be the ones to handle the folding before the official presentation.  Steve Springer has been contacted about the PA system, and Suzanne Bladow has also been contacted regarding the National Anthem.  If Suzanne cannot sing for any reason then Steve will sing it.  Staff Sergeant Dannielle Ritacco has agreed to play "Taps" this year.


Aircraft parking has been mapped out by Al as well as approaches for 16 and 34.  Further plans are contingent on whether the Coast Guard helicopter will be on the program or not.  All indications are at this point that they will be there.  Al went on to say that he is putting a crew together to handle the parking for aircraft which includes monitors policing for smokers as well as aircraft in the wrong place.  There was a question about free lunches, and the answer was that everyone would pay except for the Coast Guard crew who would get free lunches.  Lynn McDonald is recruiting pilots to participate in the Light Plane Fly-By.


Dave said he had tried several times to contact John Bruning, so he has asked Joe Smith to revise and expand his talk about the history of Memorial Day to fill out the program.  Parking for cars over at the Marquis Spa lot has been requested by Andy and approved.  The purchase of smaller flags has been accomplished; they are currently being held by Andy.   Some hand-held flags (approximately 3" by 4" with a wooden handle) can be ordered, as we had done for this event a couple of years ago, and the amount for that would be approximately $80.00.  There was some discussion about "passing the hat" to cover that cost.


The restaurant parking lot will be guarded from unauthorized cars parking there; the exceptions will be for handicapped, those who are eating at the restaurant, and people getting in and out of their hangars. 


There was some discussion about whether Congressman Schrader could be invited to speak. Dave said he would contact the Congressman's office to see if he can attend.  There was also a suggestion that either Merkley or Wyden could be invited if Schrader is busy.  That way we would have two speakers on the program as originally planned.  A military chaplain to give the invocation has been secured, and another local minister has expressed interest: Jean Mosier.  She can be kept as an alternate for next year.  


The latest draft of the press release was prepared by Bob, and Dave said he wanted to go over that so it could be sent out to the newspapers.  The Rieds have agreed to provide the port-o-potties again this year as they have in the past.  Brandts Waste Disposal may provide the dumpster for the event; this has to be confirmed.  The EAA has agreed to host the event in case of inclement weather.


ADDITIONAL ITEMS: The fire station has been contacted by email regarding the fire truck being able to park a truck at the event.  When the reply is received a copy of that can be forwarded to the ODA.  There is room to park the fire engine in front of the FBO so they could leave in case of an emergency, or west of the EAA hangar. A handheld radio for communication is planned to be provided to them. 


There was some discussion about who else besides military pilots should be memorialized at this event.  Civilian general aviation pilots and residents who have lived here (such as Gloria Beecroft) were discussed; in years past the 99s have made up plaques and/or glass vases for memorials to non-military personnel.  Dave reminded everyone that this is not really an "airpark event" but rather was originally limited to military aircrew, military pilots and general aviation pilots who were in the military at some point.  This year there are only three pilots on the list who were not military, so it is not that big an issue this time around, but how best to handle Gloria Beecroft's memorial was the focus of discussion.  Danny suggested a suitable mention during his speech as emcee about her contribution to the airpark community, and those present found that acceptable. 


The next meeting date was set to be the 30th of April, 7PM at the Independence Library meeting room, with an update of Dave's to-do list being sent out beforehand.  There would be time for one more meeting after that, but probably not more. 


The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 PM. Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary, transcribed from recording provided by Dave Martin.