ISAS Meeting Minutes - March 27, 2006


Meeting held in Gabel's Hangar

Attendance: Tom Ritchey, Chair; Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary; Dave Martin, IAHA; Pete Weber, OPA; Ed Hannevig, OPA; Paul Gilman, CAP; Larry Weber, ODA; and John Wilson, ODA. Meeting called to order by Tom Ritchey, Chair, at 7:15 pm with introductions. Minutes of February 27th planning meeting was approval by consensus as distributed. Andy reported on correspondence and placing ad about 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event, in IMAGE a new C of C quarterly event publication.

Discussed who will be available as keynote speaker, U.S. Rep. Darlene Hooley, Paul Evans, Iraq veteran, John McArdle, Independence Mayor and John Brunning, Military Historian. Tom will make invitation along with asking for all three city Mayors to participate in Memorial Wreath laying ceremony. Local pilots to be honored this year are: Myron "Buz" Buswell; Jane Roach, Lyn Erlwein and Mike Wylychenko. Paul Gilman suggested Jim Eckley, OANG, be added to list as local pilot who died recently. Tom Ritchey will contact Rep. Hooley's office in Salem to order the five flags and request person to present the flags to families.

Discussed aircraft to participate in Fly-By. Dennis Krummel was not present but has indicated he will lead the RV Missing Man formation at time of presentation of flags to families now scheduled at abut 11:20 am. Eileen Krummel will be asked to help in liaison with radio to help coordinate timing for RV formation. Tom indicated we are trying to cut back on time to keep the Flag Ceremony within 30 minutes.

Schedule for raising flag to full staff by Aviation Explorer Scouts is at 8 am. Al Cleveland is Scout Leader. Paul Gilman is to get confirmation from CAP to use their portable radio mast for the temporary flag pole and to be here on Sunday afternoon to have it rigged properly. Dave will provide pulley, halyard and cleat. The AMVETS will lower flag to half staff at 11 am and lead in Pledge of Allegiance. Susanne Bladow has been asked to lead in singing the National Anthem while AMVETS raise flag to full staff. Larry Weber will then give the Welcome for ODA, followed by Invocation by Reverend Bob Roach. Tom Ritchey will contact Keynote Speaker and Memorial Wreath presentation by Mayors of three Cities. The U. S. Capitol Memorial Flags will be presented to families next. Betty Plude will coordinate with families. Next is recognition of "Survivors" by Tom of Military Veterans that are present. John Pfaff, American Legion Post 33, has asked that double amputee veteran, Senior Airman, Dustin Simmons, Aerospace Propulsion Specialist be recognized at this time. The ceremony will conclude with sounding of Taps by High School Band student. Andy to ask for name of student. The U.S. Coast Guard helicopter from Astoria is scheduled to arrive about 11:30 am, land as static display and have rescue demonstration after lunch.

After helicopter is on ground, local pilots will participate in fly-by of Warbirds, Home & Kit built, Classic & Antique, Ultra-light and other aircraft. All pilots must attend pre-flight briefing at 10 am on porch of restaurant. Dave Martin will preside. Lynn McDonald will be asked by Dave Martin. to coordinate this local pilot Fly-By. Ron Hanna will monitor 122.8 Unicom frequency. Taxi frequency will be 122.75. The safety officers, Gerry Pryce and Pete Weber will designate tiedown areas for RVs and other aircraft in Fly-By to mitigate possible rotor wind problem near helicopter pad.. Pete will send suggested tiedown pattern to John Wilson, ODA. He will also designate one-way taxi direction for entering and leaving ramp.

Support Functions - Who Will Do What and When:
Andy will ask Harry Malette for use of FBO car parking area for emergency vehicles, use of FBO restroom, tie-down and grass area to set up chairs for Flag Ceremony.

Andy will asked Louise Parson on status of request for donated Port-a-Potty and ask Bobbi Muis for use of restaurant restroom if Port-a-Potty is not available.

The Community Picnic Lunch, by the PCOPA, will start at 11:30 am go to 1:30 pm. Cost is $5 adult and $2 for child under 12. Dave Martin & Marcia Noell are in charge.

Rod Gabel is working with Steven Springer for PA system and music during the lunch hour.

Pete Weber will ask Larry Kruljac to check on possibility for Salem OANG to have a Sherpa in Fly-By and static display.

Colin & June Powers have given permission to use their hangar and wanted to know when to have it open. PCOPA will help Rod to move chairs and table to Power's hangar for lunch and displays and would like to have it open on Sunday afternoon by about 2:30 pm.

Andy will get traffic cones from city for car parking and turn-around for shuttle bus on Friday. He will add 8 extra for use on ramp to save tie downs for RVs in Missing Man formation.

Paul Gilman and Al Cleveland will work with CAP Cadets and Aviation Explorer Scouts to park cars and aircraft. Red vests and paddles are in EAA storage.

Larry Weber will ask McMinnville FSS for NOTAM during Fly-Bys.

Andy will visit with IMAGE editor to develop poster based on ad information. If this is not possible, he will ask Central School it help with Poster design, using info on IMAGE ad. He will also ask for name of student for Taps and singer to lead National Anthem.

Andy will print and e-mail info letter and poster to all Oregon FBOs and request local pilots to take posters to FBOs on their flights around Oregon within 2 to 3 weeks before event.

John Wilson will add 2 or 3 line announcement of 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event on notices ODA will be mailing to all Oregon pilots to renew their registration. John will also post an electronic copy of poster on ODA Website.

Tom will contact Fred Compton in Fall City for new radio station (KPIE) and station (KWIP) in Dallas to cover Pilot Memorial event.

Need to have program layout for printing. Farnstrom Mortuary will print it for us but need photo ready copy at least a week before event. Suggested computer class at school might do it. Andy to ask Lois Martin to head up this project.

Dave Martin to contact M/I YMCA for shuttle bus and Andy to contact 1st Baptist Church for their bus. Marquis Spa has given permission to use their parking lot.

EAA Ch. 292 to provide chairs for Flag Ceremony.

Andy to draft letter for Tom to send to ODA requesting use of 7S5 with outline of program on when and how it will be used. This will be in addition to lay-out sketch Pete will send.

Larry to ask if ODA paint contractor will repaint lines on taxiways and helicopter pads.

Gerry Pryce to ask EAA Ch 292 for use of signs for parking at 7S5 and Spa Parking lot. Need signs made for shuttle bus stops and no parking in area for emergency vehicles.

Tom & Andy to make budget.

Louise Parson to bring 99s Kiosks for picture display.

Dave Martin & Lynn McDonald to help with YMCA Young Eagle display, Jim Hubele for judge.

Dave Smith to contact 7S5 Lessees for use of their space for aircraft parking if needed.

Other Items:
Larry Weber reported the drainage problem at Airport Rd and Hoffman Rd will be corrected to allow drainage to the east. He also reported the contractor for the new water main should have that project completed before Memorial Day. This will allow additional access on south end.

Annexation of remaining part of airport into city will happen on April 25th if there are no objections at the public hearing during City Council on April11th. Larry will write letter to all lessees and airpark homeowners that there will be a combination lock on the gate at restaurant parking lot. This will help solve problem of gate being left open.

Next planning meeting will be on Monday, May 8th at 7 pm in Gabel's hangar. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Submitted by Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary in absences of Recording Secretary.