Memorial Day Pilot Memorial Planning Meeting

April 5, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by Tom Ritchey.  Present were: Debra Plymate, Wayne Nutsch, Lynn McDonald, Pete Weber, Elaine Devore, John Wilson, Andy Andersen, Dave Martin, Al Cleveland, Robert English, Tom Ritchey, and Jerry Pryce.


PREVIOUS MINUTES: There were two spelling corrections: Robin Reid and Mitch Swecker. There was also a misunderstanding about the readiness of Wayne’s bus (see under “old business”).  Everything else looked fine.


OLD BUSINESS: Andy had a more complete list of deceased pilots, which currently number 18.  There is still no information about Ed Newton, who may or may not have served in the military.  Andy's been successful finding families for six of those people, and requested help from anyone else in attendance to track down the remaining family members.  Dave said that the OPA meeting would be an ideal place to ask for this kind of help, and their meeting will be held on the 15th.


Most of the details are nailed down and we just ran down the list to make sure.  Tom talked to Stanton Rickey who is writing a book about his experience as a B-17 pilot, and he seemed very pleased to be given the opportunity to speak again at the event.  Regarding the National flag: Andy said he already had one, so the AMVETs won't have to buy it.  The State flag still needs to be procured, though, and Andy said he would get one after Dave said there would be enough money for it.  Suzanne Bladow is available to sing the National Anthem, with Steve Springer being available if Suzanne can’t do it.  Steve will provide the PA as he did last year.  The paperwork has all been signed to bring in the B-17 and the Coast Guard helicopter, according to Mitch. 


Senator Schrader may not be able to show up, as he is attempting to be in 14 places at once that day.  Hopefully a staff member can serve in his stead should the Senator be unavailable.  Dave will organize the supplies for the picnic, and Lynn McDonald will be the one to brief the pilots pre-flight.  There is a T-28 at Salem airfield and Al is trying to get it over here for the event.  He said it leaks quite a lot but it does fly.  Pete Weber said he knew of another one, and Al said he would get in touch with the owner to see if that one can make it out here.


Wayne said the bus is not ready to go; it needs to be licensed first.  Once it is licensed properly it can be used.  The hangar will be available for the community picnic, and the tug is available for the Coast Guard helicopter if they bring their towbar.  The bus from the First Baptist will be available also, and the parking lot for Marquis Spa is also available for people to park their cars.  Debra said that she was in doubt about whether the Scout Masters are even interested in being there on Memorial Day, and suggested that the parking duties and other jobs that the Scouts were doing can be handed over to the CAP cadets.  This seemed workable.


Ron Hanna will also be available to handle the radios this year, and Wayne said his hangar has an antenna that is better than the smaller one he had last year.  Jerry Pryce will serve as Safety Officer with Doug Davis being a second.  Andy said the signs we need are in a locked room in the FBO so they won't be a problem.  He'd also get the cones for traffic.  Debra said that there were nine WASPs still alive in Oregon, aged 89 to 93, and the 99s were ready to volunteer drive-time to bring as many of them as possible here for the ceremony.  All in attendance said that was a great idea.  Debra will write something short for the ceremony.


AMVETS requested that a table be set up for them like last year, so they can sell the white clovers and T-shirts as well as membership applications for AMVETS.  There was no problem with that.  It was suggested that the table be next to the doorway where people go in to eat, out of the direct sun.  Dave suggested an announcement about lunch, as not everyone goes in to eat.


GOOD OF THE ORDER: The new director of ODA is Doug Hedlund; he'll be there for a year when the new governor appoints a successor.


The next meeting will be held on May 17th, to touch base one last time before the event.  It will be at 7 PM here at the library.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:01 PM.   Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.