7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

April 6, 2009


The meeting was called to order by Tom Ritchey at 7:10 PM.  Present were: Andy Andersen, Robert English, Tom Ritchey, Doug Davis, and Jerry Pryce.


Andy moved that the minutes of March 9 be approved, and Doug Davis seconded.  All approved.


This meeting was to confirm and finalize the decisions that have been already made.  One F-15 and two helicopters from the Coast Guard are scheduled to appear, and the lunch in the Nutsch hangar is also confirmed.  Danielle Ritacco cannot make it this year to be the bugler, though she stated she would be able to do this in future years.  She designated another bugler named senior airman William Hatch.  An email has been sent but no reply has been received yet.  There is an alternate if Will Hatch does not want to do this, so one way or the other we will have a bugler.


Tom stated that he would like to have a WWII veteran come to speak since there are very few veterans of that generation still around.  A local resident, Dick Paridee, and the guy who used to run the Dallas tannery were mentioned as possible contacts.  The CAP can help with parking and flag-raising but no actual marshalling with the airplanes (there's a liability issue).  Al Cleveland, who did a good job last year, was mentioned as a likely person to do that necessary work.  Dan Clem said that Mitch Swecker has agreed to represent the ODA at the welcoming ceremony.   The 99s will be providing the wreath this year.  Harry Malette is still very ill and it is not known whether he has made the arrangements.


Recently deceased neighbor Sy Vaughan, who only just moved into the Pabo house before he passed away, may or may not be a pilot and therefore memorialized.  Until it is known for sure, he cannot be added to the list.  He can be added next year if need be.


Doug Davis probably should be added as Safety Officer though he is currently listed in the program as being responsible for the signs.  Harry Bladow said that Susan is in good voice this year and will gladly sing the National Anthem.  Steve Springer has said he would take care of the PA system.  There was a question about how many meals to prepare to serve and, based on previous years, the estimates fell somewhere between 375 and 500.   The art work is being done by Lois, and the YMCA & First Baptist busses will be driven by people from those respective organizations.  Those attending decided that email would be fine to alert people to any corrections that might need to be made before the event.  Tom thanked everyone for attending and helping to plan.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.