ISAS Group Meeting Minutes-April 9, 2012

Call to Order:The meeting was called to order by President Hardwick at 7:05 PM.A roll call of officers was held and there was a quorum present to conduct business.

Present were:Ken Hardwick, Dave Thiel, Norm Rainey, Don & Debbie Draeger, Keith Moes, Carole Gabel, Andy Anderson, Mark Matthews, Debra Plymate, Wayne Nutsch, and Gary Vanhorn.

Also present was Matt Maass from the Oregon Department of Aviation.


Minutes:The minutes of the previous meeting of January 2012 were reviewed. The minutes were approved as published.


Treasurer Report:The treasury amount remains unchanged at $42.83


Old Business:†† Matt Maass from the ODA updated the group on several issues.

-          CTAF:The request for a new radio frequency at Independence State has been sent in to the FCC.The FAA will also have to sign off on the change. Some discussion followed on the issue.

-          Security Gate: Matt reported that the money for a new gate is not in the ODA budget at this time. ODA will repair the current gate and place new signs at the entrance. Discussion followed on options for the gate.

-          Taxiway Painting:Matt reported that 7S5 will get the taxiways painted as soon as the weather allows. Everything is ready to go, just waiting for better weather.


Matt also updated the group on the Aurora tower and the Waldo Lake seaplane issue. There will be an ODA Board meeting on April 13th at PDX to further discuss the Waldo Lake issue.


There was some discussion concerning the new $50 fee charged at PDX just to gain entrance to and from the airplane parking area.


New Business:

-          There was some discussion on the recent flooding of the airport on both the North and South ends of the runway. The city will be conducting a meeting with all parties sometimes in the near future to address the water situation.

-          Gary Vanhorn gave the latest information update to the group on the TTF issue. The bill allowing TTF has passed congress and is now awaiting a written rule version from the FAA.



-          Andy Anderson gave a report on the APT day held at the airport on April 7th in the EAA Hangar.

Close to 125 people attended the seminar put on by the FAA.A very successful event.

-          Andy also gave a report on the upcoming Memorial Day event to be held on May 28th. The next planning session will be held on April 30th at 7 PM at the Independence Library. All are welcome.

-          The Vanís RV Fly In will be at 7S5 on August 18 and 19.


Group Area Reports: There were no specific issues to report from any group.


Adjourn:The meeting was adjourned at 8 PM.The next meeting will be held on July 9, 2012.


As Robert English was working this evening, the minutes were taken by Ken Hardwick.