ISAS Board meeting

April 10, 2006 - Draft Minutes

Meeting called to order by Ken Hardwick, Chair, at 7:05 pm. Those present: Ken Hardwick, Chair & NPAHA; John Horn, IAHA Chair; Mike Pongracz, EAA Ch 292 Secretary; Ed Hannevig, PCOPA; Carole Gabel, 7S5 Airport Lessees Assn. (ALA); Andy Andersen, AOPA 7S5 ASN and acting Recorder. Guests: John Wilson, ODA Airports Manager; Bob Schwarzler, EAA Ch 292; Norm & Reta Farb, PCOPA; and Pete Weber, Pilot Memorial Event Planning Committee.

Ken asked John Wilson to comment on his new responsibilities as ODA Airport Manager for 7S5 & Aurora. Larry Weber is new ODA Airports Manager, taking Tom Franklin's place for all 28 airports owned by ODA and John assists as manager for 7S5 & Aurora for which 40% of his time is for managing 7S5. His phone number is 503.378.2521.

The 1st item on agenda was report by Ken on the 7S5 "walk around" with John Wilson & Larry Weber, the Friends of Pilot Memorial (FOPM) and 7S5 Users. Larry Weber had asked for the opportunity to get first hand what development had been done and what needs to be done here at 7S5. Repainting the runway/taxiway lines is one need. John said there are only two ODA employees for maintenance for 28 airports and will take time but it is on the list. Question was raised on application for another FBO at 7S5. John said 7S5 received FAA grant funds and can not refuse granting FBO status if land is available, meet FAA and ODA standards. It does not need to be economically viable. Wayne Nutsch has applied for 3 tie-down spots and above ground tanks for fuel dispensing near SW corner of his commercial hangar. Question was asked if there will be an opportunity for public comment on an additional FBO and John said there is no provision in the FAA rules for such public comment. This is vicinity of the painted compass rose and question has been raised as to access if fuel facility is installed. John said Compass rose is not certified and might need to be painted over but ODA would like to keep it in place at present. John Horn suggested ODA should use 7S5 as an example and insist the airport Master Plan and Layout Plan take into consideration specific locations for fuel and other FBO functions on the future to avoid the problems here at 7S5.

Another item in the "walk around" was the FOPM proposal for a Pilot Memorial Garden to include area from the flag pole across the grass area north to Power's hangar. This to be an area for lawn, low shrubs, a walkway and benches to take advantage of the view to the west. There is a Pilot Memorial Monument at the flag pole and one near Power's hangar. Additional memorials could be established for other local pilots. John suggested a written request be made to ODA of what is proposed and how it would be maintained. He also suggested a letter of agreement would likely be used instead of a lease. The vacant area SW of S curves on Hoffman Rd was also suggested as a Memorial Garden but there is no access at this time so that development has been postponed.

Question was asked regarding the vacant lot from Rulo taxiway to parking lot. John said a request for a hangar has been submitted by Jake Thiessen and Jim Trudeau. An issue was raised as to safety for hangar in this location because it would block vision of both aircraft pilots and auto drivers at crossing of Rulo taxiway and access road.

Another issue was about airport security locks for access gates. Suggestion that all access gates be planned to be self closing as leaving the gate open is big problem in keeping auto traffic off taxiways. John said when water pipe is installed for fire hydrants on east side of Airport Rd., new access gates with combination locks will be installed on new access on south end and for existing gates on north end. Page 1 of 2

Construction of water pipeline is contingent on annexing all remaining part of airport into city. A public hearing on the annexation has been scheduled at City Hall on May 9th and 7:30 pm.

Old Business: Minutes of January 16, 2006 quarterly ISAS Board meeting was discussed and Mike moved they be approved as published. Seconded and pass by voice vote. Other old business included report by Ken on his attendance at the OAB meeting in Roseburg. This included discussion by the OAB on the financing the waterline for fire hydrants and requirement of annexation of 7S5 to city. OAB agreed funds will be provided by ODA for 7S5 but would not be considered in future.

Ken reported ODA is planning four more tiedowns at Pacific City which is of interest to 7S5 users. Lakeside Airport has now been turned over to City of Lakeside. and will be used by city to irrigate with treated city sewage effluent. The agreement stipulates that if the city does not maintain the airport as an airport, ODA will have 1st opportunity purchase it back for $1. He will attend the next OAB meeting in Salem on April 19 & 20 at 9 am.

Question was raised about the drastic turnover of personnel at ODA which has lost much of the historic characteristics and functions of ODA, making it difficult for pilots and airport users to know how to obtain services and information. John explained the turnover has been difficult but is now in process of reorganizing to be more efficient to provide the services for aviation in Oregon that users need.

The Bonneville power line on north end of runways 16/34 at 7S5 is possible hazard and question was asked if markers or lights could be installed or placed underground. ODA will research the possibility.

New Business: Andy presented information on three items. 1) Suggest changing AOPA 7S5 ASN Volunteer for airport. Norm Farb is considering appointment by AOPA on Andy's resignation on May 4th. AOPA will request the new ASN to be appointed as non-voting member to ISAS Board as liaison with AOPA. 2) Andy will meet with Oregon Flying Farmers (OFF) board to request non-voting appointment to ISAS Board as liaison for OFF. 3) As follow-up to 7S5 Users Information Forum last December regarding Measure 37 and the sale 190 acres west of 7S5, Andy is recommending the ISAS Board and members of the 7S5 aviation community, be proactive by involvement with the larger community of city and county organizations. He distributed a list of those organizations and contact persons for such proactive activity. He requested the list be distributed to the user organizations represented on the ISAS Board for consideration by their members and report back to the next Board meeting.

Pete Weber reported there is a new 100 watt radio station at Falls City and Dallas on channel 94.3 MH. It is owned and operated by former 7S5 FBO Fred Compton and his wife. He has asked Dave Martin to be "Anchor Man" for an aviation program every two weeks called Plane Talk. The program is being sponsored by Harry Malette. This is another way our aviation community and 7S5 can inform the public on the importance of 7S5 to the county and state. The 2006 7S5 Pilot Memorial Event will be broadcast live on this new station.

Next quarterly meeting of the ISASB Board was set for Monday, July 10th at 7 pm in Gabel's hangar. As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

P.S. E-mail from Robert English, ISASB Recorder/Treasurer stated ISASB has $51.83 in cash account as of April 2, 2006.

Minutes recorded and printed by Andy Andersen, acting Recorder.