Memorial Day 2013 Planning Committee

April 10, 2013

Independence Library


Meeting was called to order by Danny Jaffer. Due to scheduling conflicts, Robert English is unable to attend meetings. In attendance were the following: Danny Jaffer, chair; Andy and Connie Anderson, Flying Farmers; Paul Gilman, CAP; Al and Margaret Cleveland EAA 292; Kelly Cape , AmVets 1776; Ken Hardwick, ISAS; and Mark Matthews, PC-OPA. The committee voted to appoint Margaret Cleveland recording secretary.


ODA has given permission to use 7S5 for 20th Annual Pilot Memorial Tribute on Memorial Day, and use of beacon tower for Flag Ceremony.  Permission has been granted to use the airport and beacon tower. The US Army is not ready to commit yet due to budget cuts. The Air Force has cancelled activities for publicity, meaning we will probably not have the F15. Andy Andersen will work with Lynn McDonald for a possibly a fly-over by other aircraft.


Car club contacts: Al Cleveland has contacted 2 car clubs. Neither were interested unless he attends the meeting in person in Portland . This has been tabled until another year.


Program Discussion


1.      F-15 Fly-Over to start the Ceremony at about 11 am. John Wilson will be liaison for the F-15. 2) Discuss Program: (Distribute 2012 program)

·        Due to federal budget cuts, this may be replaced by other aircraft.

2.      Participation in Flag Ceremony: AMVETS; Fleet Reserve Association; singing of the National Anthem, to be lead by Steven Springer; Pledge of Allegiance, CAP and/or Boy Scouts?

·                      Al Cleveland will contact BSA for follow-up.

3.      Welcome by  Paul Hudgens, retired Navy Pilot..

4.      Invocation by Rev. Michael Parks as in past.

5.      Tribute to Pilots by Senator Jackie Winters.

6.      Placing of Pilot Memorial Wreath; Debra Plymate, 99s President, will provide wreath and CAP, Scouts or other youth will be asked to make presentation.

7.      Presentation of Flags and Memorials; Senator Kurt Schrader will provide flags for families of deceased pilots.

·                      There are 20 obituaries so far for men and 1 lady pilot.

·        Bob Zafran will not be able to attend so we will have to have another person to do so, possibly Paul Gilman or someone else in uniform. Bob is providing small personal flags – John Wilson was to pick them up from Bob.

·                      ISAS has made a decision is to maintain flag presentation for pilots or military veteran only this year. They are requesting a written presentation on this committee’s thoughts for changes next year.  ISAS is also requesting input for rules in writing to establish future years.

·                      Andy Andersen also asked the wives of the Flying Farmers for their opinion on this issue. The “Chicken Club” as they are called, agreed with the decision of pilots or military recognition only.

·                      Discussion has been tabled this year for additional recognitions. ISAS will follow up with discussion throughout the next year to resolve this issue.

·                      The cut-off for this year’s recognition  has passed. This past week we have lost Bill McMichaels, a very prominent Salem pilot/former Marine. We are waiting for response from the family to see if they wish to be included this year or wait until next year. The committee has agreed to allow this case to be included if the family wishes.

·                      The CAP members will fold the flags in the approriate manner in advance of the ceremony. Denny Jaffer will provide the flags to Paul Gilman.

8.      Missing Man Formation: Airpark RV Pilots and Warbirds 

·        Dennis Krummel and Denny Jackson have provided leadership in past. This will continue for 2013.

9.      Ron Hanna to monitor radio 122.975 mg. for 7S5 traffic.

·                      This will continue for 2013.

10.  Recognition of Veterans present by MC and Medley of Military music by Steven Springer.

·                      This will continue for 2013.

11.  TAPS:

·                      S/Sgt Dannielle Ritacco has agreed to provide TAPS again this year.

12.  Static display of aircraft on ramp.

·                      Al Cleveland has coordinated this part of the activity. This will continue for 2013.

13.  Fly-By of various aircraft: Warbirds, helicopters, powered gliders, home built, light sport, ultralight, classic & antique aircraft with Lynn McDonald as leader.

·                      This will continue for 2013. Additional pilots may be included.

14.  Mandatory Pre-Flight for all pilots in Fly-By.

·                      Dave Martin has agreed to do this again.

15.  Community Picnic Lunch 11:30 am to 1 pm by PCOPA.

·                      This will be held in the Nutsch Aviation Hangar like last year. Request budget from proceeds for Oregon Flag to use for Memorial Service and for flag pole in restaurant parking lot for use year around. Mark Matthews, past PCOPA President will organize the Picnic Lunch this year.

·                      This will continue for 2013.

16.  US Coast Guard static display and Rescue Demonstration, 1 pm. Danny Jaffer has made initial contact.

·                      Based on current budget issues, they are hoping to participate. This would help fill the gap due to the sequestration and federal budget issues.

17.  Names and Picture display of those killed or MIA on easel. Who will take leadership?

·                      There is no current program on this. The museum is not able to provide this. They are going to put together a display on military of Polk County . They will provide any information that may be available on MIA/KIA. They will set up their own display.

18.  Open House Displays in EAA Ch. 292 and Nutsch Aviation Hangars. Who will take leadership to plan and develop.

·                      EAA 292 has agreed to provide their building. Denny Jaffer has 150 folding chairs available for use in Nutsch’s hanger.


Other discussion


Marquis Spa has given permission for use of their Parking lot on Memorial Day.

This will continue for 2013. CAP members will be stationed at the Medallion Cabinet factory to refer parking to Marquis Spa to maintain good relations with the cabinet maker.


Shuttle busses to the airport from Marquis Spa parking lot and return will be busses by Nutsch Aviation and the First Baptist Church .


Farnstrom Mortuary will print Programs, Insert and Posters. Lois Martin will make masters.

A copy of the poster was shared for review. Farnstorm Mortuary has requested program ready for printing by May 15.


Need volunteer to write News Releases. Danny Jaffer and Andy Anderson will help.

Danny Jaffer is working on this.


Need volunteers to put up barricade along ditch, print signs for event and direction signs for parking. Al Cleveland has contacted EAA Ch 292 for volunteers and signs. Gerry Price and Allan Clevelandare coordinating this.  “No Smoking” signs will be requested from ODA. It is now unlawful to smoke on state property.


Need volunteers to help park Aircraft and man the post at entrance to Airport Rd to control limited vehicle traffic to restaurant parking, Disabled and VIP parking. CAP will help.

This is set and ready to go.  Al Cleveland will provide leadership in parking aircraft and provide a safety map for ODA.


Danny Jaffer has contacted Steve Springer to lead singing of National Anthem, and for use of his PA system and to provide tape of Military music.


Marici & Robin Reid, FBO, will be providing use of restrooms and rent handy-cap Port-a-Potty.


Brandt’s Sanitation will provide trash dumpster for Picnic Lunch.


Gerry Pryce, EAA hangar manager, will provide use of EAA Ch 292 hangar to use for Memorial Ceremony in case of rain.


Deadline set as Friday, April 12 for information for Program, Insert and Poster for Lois to make Masters.


May 15, 2013 will be the final planning meeting for this year’s activity.