ISAS Board Meeting

April 11, 2005


The meeting was called to order at 7:08  by President John Conley.  Present were John Conley, Dave Martin, Ed Hannevig, Andy Andersen, Greg Guy, Mike Pongracz, and John Horn.  Robert English filled in as secretary for this evening.  John Conley officially welcomed John Horn to the Board, as this was the first time that the membership of this Board had changed since the new ByLaws were adopted.


SECRETARY: Mike Pongracz moved that the minutes from the last meeting be approved, and Ed Hannevig seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


Treasurer: there’s $31.83 in the kitty.


New business: the first item was the Board appointing a new secretary.  John’s understanding was that it had to be a member of the Board, but after reviewing the documents it was found to be someone who would serve “at the pleasure of the Board”.  John then requested that Robert English serve as secretary, and this was accepted by all concerned.  Mike Pongracz made the motion and Ed Hannevig seconded.  All approved by voice vote.


Next item: research on the proposed zone changing for the property east of Stryker road.  Ed Hannevig said that there had been no new information available at the City offices and no one knew anything about it.  Mike asked about the new storm drains being put in, as there would not be tangible work unless something was happening.  Dave Martin said that there were some new apartments proposed (74 new homes).  The driveways for these units are proposed to empty out between Skyraider and Stearman.  The State is interested, as they haven’t heard about this proposed development either.  This plot of land on which this is planned to be built is zoned as heavy industrial, and that there would no doubt be objections to this proposed development.  Discussion followed, though there was very little information to work with at this point.  The ongoing purchase by the State of 41 acres adjacent to the airport to the west was also discussed.  John asked that tangible information be passed to Robert for posting on the web site, perhaps in the form of a survey.  The consensus of the discussion was a general one – that the ISAS is monitoring the situation about the land around the airpark, and that its priority that any development that may take place be airport-friendly.   John entertained a motion to have ISAS submit a letter to the City indicating our opposition to any residential development to the east of the airport and west of the railroad tracks.  Mike Pongracz moved same, and Andy seconded the motion.  All approved by voice vote. 


Andy spoke up about the new house bill HB 3254 which is before the State legislature about applying a luxury tax to plane ownership.  Discussion followed about which representatives to contact about this.  Dave said his research indicated that it seemed to be primarily aimed at aviation despite the other language that is in it.  Currently the bill has had its first reading and is on its way to the Ways & Means Committee.  John said that he forwarded the information to Lars Larsen a short while ago and it was discussed on the air.  Andy read the sponsors of the bill.  John Horn asked about the chances of this bill going anywhere, and the consensus was that it would not.  It was suggested that a purely factual announcement be made about this bill on the web site.


Andy also said that membership in OAA (Oregon Aviation Alliance) was now open to the ISAS, with the $100.00 fee waived (due to our volunteer status).  John asked if there was any reason why ISAS should not be a member of this organization, and there was none.  John then entertained a motion to accept the invitation.  John Horn made the motion and Greg Guy seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  John told Andy to forward his name to OAA as contact and that he would attend the meeting.


Security: John Horn had an interesting story about a twin turbo (not a King Air) that pulled in to the pumps after dark and shortly after this a truck pulled up & started loading white sacks into the aircraft.  The discussion was redirected toward reforming a security committee, since Bill Francke was the original chair and he passed away a short while ago.  The consensus was that this should be an ISAS function.  John Conley suggested assigning an appointed position, and the description would be up to the individual.  Ed Hannevig made the motion to appoint a new head of security.  Greg Guy seconded.  All approved by voice vote.  The list of volunteers that Bill Francke worked with will be passed to John Horn for his use, and he will present a write-up about the nature of his position.

Next meeting’s agenda is to include the land use issues (west and east) and the description of the security appointed position.


For the good of the order: Andy put together a history of the airport and of ISAS, and passed some copies around.  The suggestion was made to post these on the web site, and Andy said he would forward soft-copies to the webmaster.


Meeting was adjourned at 8:36 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary