ISAS Meeting Minutes

April 11, 2016



The meeting was called to order at 7 PM by Chairman Ken Hardwick.


There was a quorum present with the following Board Members in attendance:

Gary Vanhorn, IAHA South -  Don Draeger, North Park Annex -  Ken Hardwick & David Thiel, Hangar Lessee’ -  Mark Matthews, Oregon Pilots Polk County.

Airpark residents in attendance were: Alan Wright, Chuck West, Lloyd Barnes, Brian & Diane Sinclair, Lee & Sherrie Nielson, Ann & Steve Scheck.


Previous Minutes: The minutes of the January 11, 2016 meeting were approved as written.


Treasury Report:  $0.00


Old Business:

The cannabis processing plant was again discussed. The property has been purchased by the developer / owner. It is now being cleared of the trees and brush on the property. It was discussed that possibly permits had already been issued. (It was later discovered that no permits have been issued and there has been no application to the City of Independence from the developer.)

After further discussion a motion was made to authorize Anne Scheck to be the person to attend the City Council meeting and to be the voice of the ISAS Group concerning decisions made on the Stryker Road

Cannabis plant. Motion carried.


Pilots Memorial Day Event. With the resignation of Danny Jaffer as Chairman of the group the Memorial Day Committee needs a new Chairman. Paul Gilman has volunteered to take the position and the ISAS Board unanimously appointed Paul.


AERT. No Report


Salem / Independence airspace change. Chuck West briefly updated the Board on the airspace grab by the FAA. Chucks request for information from the FAA under FOIA was heavily redacted. He has now sent in an appeal for a complete version. The FAA continues to make changes to the Independence airspace.  


Area Reports.

IAHA South – Gary Vanhorn reported on the long range plan for upkeep on the taxiways.

North Park – Don Draeger reported that the North Park is looking into a “Dispute Resolution Process”.

No report from other groups.



Pilots Memorial Day Event will be held on Monday, May 30.

Independence Fly-In / Van’s Homecoming will be August 12-14.


There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM.

The next ISAS meeting is scheduled for July 11, 2016 – EAA Hangar - 7 PM