ISAS Board Meeting

April 14, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Dave Martin, Ken Hardwick, Larry Weber, Andy Andersen, Robert English, Pete Weber, Glenn and Debra Plymate, Herb Jolliff, and Doug Davis.


A roll call was conducted based on the new list of officers that were printed.  There were only three voting members present, so there was no quorum.  This was designated an informational meeting only.


SECRETARY/TREASURER: Minutes of the January 14 meeting were passed around and read by those present.  No vote was taken to approve.


DISCUSSION: Larry Weber spoke, saying that his last day with the ODA will be May 1 and he thanked those in attendance for the support and guidance, and said it was an honor to work with ISAS.  

The temporary beacon in place now is to be replaced with a new permanent one at the same time as the flagpole goes up on the tower before the Memorial Day FlyBy event.  There is a crew mowing the grass a few times this year, and this will begin when the ground gets solid enough to support the mower.

The records for the runway here had three different figures for the length so a professional crew was hired to make a final measurement.  The official length now is 3001 feet.

Andy spoke about the OFF sponsored airport bill, saying that the language had been changed to "airport planning area" which includes 3 miles around the runway.  He passed around a draft of the summarized decisions by the joint committee of the Independence City Council and the City Planning Commission, concerning the local Urban Growth Boundary.  It looks as though designating a boundary west of the airport on 41.1 acres will be included in the UGB for airport expansion recommended by ODA. This will be in addition to the 45 acres proposed earlier. This will not interfere with the City's plans to allow housing growth to the West and Southwest.  Ken asked if the draft flyer could be shared with the representative groups and Andy said yes. 

He also spoke of another OFF-sponsored training day that will incorporate a safety seminar to be held in the EAA hangar on the 19th of this month.  The F-15 will be here during the Memorial Day event at around 11 AM "unless something happens."  The next planning event for the Memorial Day event will be on the 6th of May.

Dave Martin said that the IAHA meeting will be on the 24th, next Thursday.  Ken said that the North Park will also be having a meeting on Saturday the 19th about a proposed fee increase for maintenance purposes.  There was also some discussion about the goose cannon going off all hours of the night: all local parties point to the County offices as being the responsible entity, and that the cannons don't really scare the geese anymore anyway. 

Ken also proposed, for discussion this time, a change to the By-Laws to allow two people from each group to vote and mandate that six be the required number for a quorum.  Several options were discussed.  A committee will have to be formed to look into whether such a change would be beneficial.

There was also some discussion about House Bill 1079 that allowed off-road use of non-ethanol gas (which includes airplanes).  The Lebanon airport currently has premium mo-gas available without ethanol added. 


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 7:52 PM.  The next meeting is scheduled for July 14, Monday night, 7 PM at the Gabel's hangar.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.