7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

April 23, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:07 by Tom Ritchey.  Present were: Pete Weber, Dave Martin, Ron Hanna, Lynn McDonald, Deborah Plymate, Jerry Pryce, John Wilson, Paul Gilman, Linda Leach, Robert English, Tom Ritchey, and Andy Andersen.


MINUTES: one correction to previous minutes: Dannielle Ritacco (spelling corrected) is to play "Taps" on the bugle.


EVENT: Tom held up a draft program and asked everyone to look it over.  The arrival of the Coast Guard was not listed, while their airlift demo was, so that item was added for between 10:30 and 11:00.  The timing was discussed, since the 2006 event was interrupted by the Coast Guard's arrival.  Pete said he would re-email them and see if they could arrive at 10:45, which was agreeable to everyone.  The community picnic lunch start time is 11:30, and not 12:00 as stated on the tentative schedule.  Everyone pays $5.00 for lunch (scratch the part about children under 12 getting a lower price).  The 99s will have ice cream and bottled water available, and will be setting up at 9:30 in the morning.  The timing for the rescue demonstration was also discussed: it was set for 1:00, to coincide with their departure.  The Blackhawk is still not firm since John Esch was not present at tonight's meeting.  The B-17, which Dick Wildman and Ron Hanna were looking into, is on an open-ended schedule - anytime it arrives is fine.  The special flag pole is going up the night before.  The flag is to be put up in the morning by the scouts, about 8:00, and lowered to half-staff at 11:00.  Susan Bladow sings the National Anthem while the flag is raised.  Bob Altemus is to deliver the welcoming speech, and John Bruning is to deliver the address in tribute to the pilots.  Darlene Hooley may be here, as she has been in the past, but that is not firm.  Steve Springer may have a family event on the same day, and will be here if that falls through.  A sound system rental for $108.00, available from "A to Z Rental", was suggested so that we did not have to depend on Steve Springer.  Recognition of each branch of services is to be done during the missing man formation.  The proper order of branches was discussed, with the Marines definitely being first, and Dave Martin said he would look up the information to be sure we get the order right.  "Taps" is to be sounded at 11:30.  Marquis Spa parking is going to be used, with a driver still being sought for the YMCA bus which will be used as a shuttle in addition to a second bus from the Baptist Church (there is a driver for that one).  Farnstrom's Mortuary will print the program up for the event if we get the photo-ready artwork to them in time (about two weeks).  There is still no firm commitment about the "no smoking" signs, since smoking on the "ramp" (aircraft parking area) is something we don't want, but there are some available at Harbor Freight.  A note was made to put that statement in the program, saying "no smoking near the aircraft".   After discussion, it was decided not to have a balloon demonstration this year as there is enough activity without them and possible flight hazard.


BUDGET ITEMS: The flags were here at tonight's meeting; the MIA flag and the new Oregon flag will be flown (these are replacements for the ones currently on the pole since they've been up all year).  Harry Malette will be here in time for the event, but the call needs to go in for the porta-potties within the week.  It needs to be a different company since there was trouble with the billing last year.  While there doesn't have to be a huge number of them, there should be some to take pressure off of the restaurant restrooms.  The IMAGE advertisement went in late, which cost an extra $40.00, but the ad will go to every household in Polk County so it will be worth it.  Andy's son Rick could be the one to operate the sound system in the event that one is rented.  Approximately 50 posters were printed, with the FBOs getting theirs by email (which saved money). 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:25 PM.  The next meeting for this committee will be the evening of May 15, 7:00 PM, at Gabel's hangar.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary.