7S5 Memorial Planning Meeting
May 2, 2011, Independence Library

Only 3 persons attended: Danny Jaffer, Ron Hanna and Andy Andersen.

No formal meeting was called but each item on the suggested agenda was discussed starting at 7:10 pm. Lack of attendance was attributed to the success of previous planning meetings and the work of those responsible for specific tasks.

The DRAFT Program, written by Lois Martin, was distributed along with the Suggested Agenda, Minutes of March 7 meeting, DRAFT News Release and list of deceased Aviators.

As MC for Event, Danny asked for an estimate of time for each of the items on the program as there are only about 50 minutes estimated for all the program. It was suggested the Flag Ceremony, including the National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance and Invocation will take about 12 minutes, with everyone standing. Another 5 minutes for the “Welcome” by Joe Smith and 10 minutes for “Tribute to Pilots” by Mitch Swecker. It should not take longer than 5 minutes for the CAP Cadets to place the Memorial Wreath which leaves about 15 minutes for the distribution of 20 USA Fags to families, 3 minutes to recognize surviving War Veterans, with the Medley of Military music by Steven Springer, 2 minutes for TAPS and 3 minutes for closing song by Melinda Carlson.

Ron Hanna will be in radio contact for the “Missing Man” formation that will be during the distribution of USA Flags and followed by the Fly-By of local aircraft. The PCOPA Community Picnic is open at 11:30 in Nutsch Aviation Hangar which will accommodate those on the ramp and not attending the ceremony, leaving room for those attending ceremony to eat after the ceremony and before the Helicopter demonstration at 1 pm when the Picnic Lunch closes.

Danny asked for a meeting of the Boy Scouts, Junior ROTC, and Cap Cadets at about 10 am to organize the group to lead the Pledge of Allegiance. He will visit with Marici Reid, Paul Gilman and Junior ROTC leader (Bob Zafran has name of leader) on where to meet.

Andy is advising the families receiving USA Flags to be at the Marquis parking lot or meeting place at airport by 10 am and will ask So-n-Sos to have reserved seats for the 20 families in front with family members name on the seats like last year.

To save time, Danny suggested volunteers be found to fold the 20 USA Flags into triangles for presentation along with the certificates before the Event starts. There is a picnic table near the building by the beacon tower for them to be stored to be handy for the presentation by FRA & So-n-Sos.

Andy asked for help with bulletin board for display of deceased and MIA pictures and lists. His hangar will be available on Sunday afternoon, May 29^th, at 2 pm for this work.

Ben Farnstrom will print programs and Ron suggested same number of 400 like last year. Ben will also print the poster if needed but will wait until middle of month to prepare master when Lois returns. Connie & Andy will distribute posters to downtown Independence and Monmouth and take them down after the event. The posters and brief news release will be e-mailed to select FBOs and Newspapers.

Andy had copies of DD2535 from FSDO asking that direct request be made to OANG for time and altitude of F-15 Fly-Over at 7S5 on Memorial Day. Andy has informed John Wilson and Mitch Swecker. Bob Zafran needs to call U.S. Coast Guard at North Bend and or OANG at Salem for Helicopter participation. Ron asked if F-15s will have 122.8 for contact. It was suggested ODA ask area FSS to announce 7S5 event that morning.

We need volunteer to recruit, organize and coordinate the static displays. Andy will have traffic cones from city to help block off areas. Larry Kruljac has helped in past so he will be asked to do that again this year and to include his planes that are towable.

Al Cleveland has volunteered again to raise flags on both the restaurant and beacon tower at 8 am to be ready for ceremony. Dave has tested the halyards to be sure they are working.

As there was no further discussion, except ‘Hangar Flying’, the meeting was closed at 8:07 pm.

Submitted by Andy Andersen, Corresponding Secretary from tape recording and notes.