7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

May 6, 2008


The meeting was called to order by Tom Richey at 7:00 PM.  Present were: Andy Andersen, Dave Martin, Pete Weber, Lynn McDonald, Ron Hanna, Margaret Wilson, Deborah Plymate, Lois Martin, Robert English, Tom Richey, John Wilson, and Al & Margaret Cleveland.


MINUTES: Pete had one typo to correct: the title for Don Milligan should read USN FRA.  Tom asked for a vote to approve the minutes as corrected, and all approved.


CORRESPONDENCE: Andy said that he had prepared a story for the Statesman Journal, and all they need is pictures.  The Powers’ hangar is also ready.  The FBO (Independence Flyers) will be handing out balsa wood airplanes and flags to the small children again like before.  Dennis Krummel has said he could not participate in the fly-by after all and he suggested that Denny Jackson take the responsibility.


WHO DOES WHAT WHEN: The signs and barricades will be moved starting around 7:30 AM.  There will be a dedication downtown at around the same time so the AMVETS will not be able to help set out the “no smoking” signs: the EAA and OPA crew will post them while setting up the barricades.  After some discussion, some of these items could be moved into place on Sunday afternoon or early evening.  The ODA said the grass patch will be mowed the week before the event.  At 10 AM, the briefing will occur on the porch at the restaurant for those who have volunteered to fly.  Steve Springer will be bringing the PA equipment so there will be no rental expense for that this year.  Coast Guard helicopter is on schedule to appear (weather permitting) at around 10:15.  The F-15 will probably fly over before the program actually starts, and the helicopter should be on the ground well before that happens.  The proclamation from the County has been received, which will be used in the publicity campaigns.  The busses are on target to begin serving transportation needs starting at 10:15.  Pete said he knew someone with a P-34 who wanted to put his aircraft on display, and the north end of the ramp seemed to be the best place at this stage.  Automotive parking will be directed to the Marquis Spa parking lot and the shuttle will be taking them in the rest of the way.  The Police Chief for the City will be providing volunteers to help assist with traffic along Hoffmann Road (their pay will be a free lunch).  The CAP Cadets will be assisting with parking airplanes, and Deborah Plymate will be coordinating with Steve Udder regarding the automotive parking.  Traffic cones will be procured from the City - Al said that the tall traffic "candles" were not going to be available this year, but the City can make up for that lack.  Chairs will be no problem; there are over 100 available between the EAA and OPA. "Taps" will be sounded by Dannielle Ritacco, and the National Anthem sung by Suzanne Bladow.  The memorial flags and vases will be prepared in time, with the So and Sos will be providing the vases.  The chairs for the recipients should have their chairs labelled.  Keith Moes and his wife, as well as John Esch, are fresh military retirees and can still fit into their uniforms, so they may be called on to volunteer to help with some of the parts of the ceremony dealing with the Flag.  Some posters had been made up for the event already, and were passed around by Lois Martin. John Wilson said that if a PDF file of the poster and program is sent to the ODA, the file will be placed on the web site for two weeks of free publicity. Our speaker is on schedule to attend, though there was some concern about how long his speech would be.    The Alan Upright pilot memorial bench will be dedicated just before the flags are distributed.  Four separate groups will be presenting the flags as the names are read, in order to keep the swarm of people up near the podium to a minimum.  Better ideas will be considered as the event approaches.


FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER: There will be a convention of the Flying Farmers in Newport just before this event, and some acknowledgement of their assistance for this event would be nice to offer them during their convention. 


The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.  Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.