7S5 Pilot Memorial Event Planning Meeting

May 15, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM by chairman Tom.  Present were: Andy Andersen, Doug Davis, Bob Altmis, Ron Hanna, Harry Malette, Pete Weber, Robert English, Tom Ritchey, Deborah Plymate, Wayne Nutsch, Al Cleveland, and Margeret Wilson.


MINUTES: Copies of the draft minutes, as posted on-line, were passed around.  Bob Altemus had one correction; he will not be giving an invocation, but rather a "welcome" speech after the invocation.


CORRESPONDENCE: Andy went through some correspondence; the mayor could not be here this evening, Larry Weber will be at the OPA meeting in Lebanon with Dave Martin.  Jake Thiessen will be filling in as the fourth man in the RV missing-man formation fly-by.  The radio station will not have a live broadcast coming from the event this year, though they will advertise the event as a public service.  The police chief said he would help with the traffic, even though he could not be here this evening.  The fire chief had his budget committee meeting this evening, so he could not be here.  The license for this event has been granted from the ODA.  Dannielle Racatto said she would be glad to play "taps" for us, and Pam Domick said she would repaint one wall as requested.


EVENT: The sound system may not have to be rented after all, but Andy already reserved a rented system just in case.  The barricades will be set up first thing in the morning.  The "no smoking" signs will be delivered, and the mobile flagpole will come the Sunday before.  Ceremonial flags will go up, with Andy raising the ones on the main pole (including the MIA flag).  Weather hasn't been a problem for the last ten years, though a hasty plan "B" would be to open up the Powers' hangar to fit folks in there.  The chairs and tables come over from the Gabel's hangar to the Powers' hangar during the morning, and the EAA chairs to the grassy area, which will occur around 8:00.  The fly-over of the F-15s was next on the agenda: Lt. Yeats had written wanting to know where 7S5 was, and he was told to look for the drainage ponds to the south of the runway.  They will be flying over at around 1200 ft.  The helicopters will have a larger blade reach than the available helipads are built for, so they will probably be using another part of the tarmack for landing.  The ceremony begins at 11:00.  There's supposed to be four AmVets, at least three, to lead the pledge of allegience and raise the flag.  This could be a joint venture with the boy scout troup; that will be determined later.  There could be a CD player with the P.A. equipment for the vocalization of the Star Spangled Banner; Suzanne Bladow is to do the vocalizing.  Bob Roach will do the invocation and Bob Altemus will make the welcoming speech.  Hooley's office has said that the flags will be here in time for the event.  The deceased "crop-duster" pilots' families will receive the memorial presentation.  Margeret Wilson will make the presentation.  The "missing man formation" will be at around 11:20.  "Taps" will be sounded by Danielle Ritacco after that.  The OPA will open the hangar out for lunch shortly after, with the meals going for $5.00 with 20% to go toward the organization of the event.  There will be a bulletin board with a list of the deceased similar to last year's display.  The B-17 will be on seven-day notice as to whether they will be able to make this event or not.  Marquis Spa has provided their parking lot for us, and the bus from the Baptist Church will be available.  The shuttle should start at around 10:15, and was originally scheduled to end after the last demonstration (1:15 PM or so) but it was suggested that 3:00 might be better.  Depending on how many people are actually taking the bus, we may send one of the busses back to its barn earlier.  Harry Malette has also provided his parking lot for emergency vehicle usage.  The porta-potties will be there just adjacent to the FBO restroom (thanks, Harry).  ELT exercise may or may not happen; that will be determined later.  The posters are being made by Alecia Brown, and Lois Martin has made up the program which will be printed up by Farnstrom's as they did last year.  Drafts of the program were passed around and evaluated.  The program should be finalized within the week.  There were only a few minor changes suggested to the draft as presented.  A drawing for free rides was suggested, and Harry said he would provide the fuel if others supplied the rides.  The restaurant will stay open during the ceremonies.  Keeping people from sitting on the wings of airplaines will be a full-time job for voluntary security personnel.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:58 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, ISAS secretary.