ISAS Meeting

June 11, 2007


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM by President Ken.  Present were: Dave Martin (IAHA), Andy Andersen (OFF), Pam Domick (North Park), Harry Malette (FBO), Dick Wildman (North Park), Robert English, and Ken Hardwick (North Park).  There was one guest present: Roy Barnhardt from Hillsboro.  We did not have a quorum this evening, as we were one voting member short, so business was limited to discussion with no actual voting.


SECRETARY: Minutes of the March 12 meeting were read by those attending, and they were accepted as presented.


TREASURY: There was a sale of ad space on the ISAS web site, to "Independence Bed and Breakfast", for $20.00.  This helped to pay for the renewal of the “” domain name, which cost $34.00.  The new balance is $42.83.


OLD BUSINESS: The legislative push for an airport protection boundary (APB) was updated.  It now has a number, HB 3183, which has unfortunately been gutted and rewritten by the Joint Land Use Fairness Committee as another measure altogether.  An existing law, called the "airport planning law", can be used to forward the same concerns that the original APB bill was supposed to address (provided that the definition of protected airports can be expanded to include "airparks").  The City is in favor of an airport protection zone around Independence Airport to be included as part of their new urban growth boundary.   The enlargement of this UGB has not happened yet, so the airport protection zone for Independence is theoretical right now, and such a decision will need County approval.  There is also some movement toward forming an LLC, consisting of people within the community who have enough capital to contribute, and the current owners of the 190 acres to the west are very receptive to this idea.  Andy ended his report by saying that there was a meeting tomorrow night at Independence City Hall, at 7:30, where the first phase of expansion of the urban growth boundary will be discussed.  Members of the community who are concerned about the establishment of the airport protection boundary are invited to attend that meeting.


ANNOUNCEMENTS: August 17th is the starting date for the RV Fly-In, and it looks like it will be fun.


The next meeting was agreed to be the 10th of September, same time and same place.  Tonight's advisory meeting was adjourned at 8:24 PM.


Respectfully submitted by Robert English, secretary